HeartKindle! - Month of Love! [EVENT CLOSED]

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By Nestly
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We may take out one day of the year to celebrate love, but Wyngrew use the entire month to flourish in the feeling! Let’s face it, February is a lame month. It’s still so cold, the holidays are over, and it’s back to work/school.

Wyngrew got tired of this fact as well, so it became very clear that February needed a pick-me-up. Thus, the celebrated month of love, nicknamed "Heartkindle", slowly came about! This is the time of year Wyngro couples take some time off from their busy lives to spend with their significant other. Planning romantic getaways and fun activities to do with each other. Meanwhile, young Wyngrew are growing up and discovering crushes and experiencing awkward conversations for the first time! (Yes, even those oblivious ones too!)

Wynglings (baby Wyngro) can also participate in Heartkindle by giving gifts to their family and friends and indulging in all the sweet treats floating around. Love comes in many forms!
Sometimes gifts are given out of admiration or support. Sometimes to get someone’s attention, and perhaps even to express deep feelings.

Does your Wyngro have an eye on another Wyngro? Whether for interest, true love, friendship or respect! This is the time of year when surprise gifts from secret admirers are everywhere! So how can you join the fun?

We have a handful of default drawn gifts that you can see below!

Item - Big Bunch of Red Roses by Wyngrew Item - Box of Assorted Chocolates by Wyngrew Item - Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Wyngrew Single Rose by Wyngrew Heart Shaped Steak by Wyngrew Cute Wyngro Plush by Wyngrew Candy Coated Bugs by Wyngrew Frostbloom Lily by Wyngrew Fancy Pen and Ink by Wyngrew Candy Pun Hearts by Wyngrew Glowstone Pendant by Wyngrew Teeny Terrarium by Wyngrew Bundle of Books on Magic by Wyngrew Flame Scarf by Wyngrew Lavender scarf [CUSTOM] by Wyngrew Bronze Leaf Necktie [CUSTOM] by Wyngrew

Your Wyngro can send another Wyngro (owned by a different artist) an anonymous Heartkindle gift! (And a secret message! All you have to do is fill out this form:

Name of Wyngro (sending):
Name of Wyngro (Receiving):
Owner of receiving Wyngro:
Personal Message:

Once the form is completed, note it to the group!
**If your gift is for a Wyngro owned by STAFF: Send to any other staff member personally and they will deliver it for you! (We promise not to blab!)

:iconnestly: :iconascynd: :iconjemanite: :iconticticai: :iconknux33: :iconfeligriffin:

Once we receive your gift instructions, we will deliver the gift and message ONLY to that artist. Your Wyngro’s name will not be revealed! (Ohhhh, so secretive!)

It’s up to you whether your Wyngro wants to reveal themselves later on. You can even try to be subtle with drawings! ;)
And if your Wyngro does receive a gift, try to draw their reaction to it so your receiver can see! 8D

Anyone who sends out a gift during the month of February will receive this exclusive sticker!

Wyngro Sticker - Heartkindle Event [Retired] by Wyngrew

Don’t see any gifts that stick out to you?
We can draw you a CUSTOM GIFT that will be uploaded secretly to the Wyngrew account and can be used by anyone. Please note the group with your idea and any references you want. We require a $5/500 points fee for custom gifts. :heart:
We may be uploading new gifts as well throughout the months so check back to this journal often!

We hope you all have a lovely month as well, and enjoy the event!
As always, thank you for supporting Wyngro and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

**This event runs during the month of February in order to obtain the sticker!

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© 2016 - 2020 Wyngro
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Fallbirdo's avatar
Wait it's march, is this still open? :0
Nestly's avatar
Nope! This ended in February-- I just forgot to edit the title. Sorry about that! Look forward to an event in April though!
Fallbirdo's avatar
oooooh april is going to be so hype u v u I'm already looking forward to it!
Nestly's avatar
I'm glad!! 8D
ThaaDogg's avatar
That Frostbloom lily looks freaking majestic
Nestly's avatar
Hahah it does!
Brisle's avatar
Chip wants to send a lot now!
Nestly's avatar
You still got time!!
Brisle's avatar
x3 Well time to send a few to Chip's friends. I realize now that Chip has only made a few friends since I got busy >.<
Nestly's avatar
Hahaha it's okay-- it's just a group to pass the time and draw! ^w^
Brisle's avatar
Welp I found quite a few so I guess she isn't as forever alone as I thought xD Is it okay if it is a big note?
Mini-Prince-Cutie's avatar
My Bloo might be gay but she still will send a gift to make someone feel better about how they look <3!

Question are we allowed to draw our character sending a gift?
Nestly's avatar
Sure you can if you want!
(And no worries, many Wyngrew aren't sending them out to be romantic, haha)
Mini-Prince-Cutie's avatar
Hahahaha Question has Wymble gotten a lot of Heartkindle gifts? I read that poor little guy's picture where he was sad about his scar and the Heartkindle month
Nestly's avatar
Yes he's gotten PLENTY don't feel bad for him, haha. XD (He's a popular dork)
He hasn't even sent any out yet Nymble you're as ASS.

Characterexpressions Nymble Happycrysmol by Nestly Nymble: I'm working on it I promise!!
Mini-Prince-Cutie's avatar
Oh I didn't know that........ oopps
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((I get the feeling that neither of mine will get anything beside the sticker...
Reef seems pretty happy with the sticker though. He has a lot of stickers now!))
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Nevermind. My feeling was wrong. XD))
Chocolate-Bunnie's avatar
((He..really likes books despite being a derp XD))
RabidWuff's avatar
Phew. My copy pasting hand had a work out. XD
I hope they like the gift Swifty sent them~

Swift: "....It's not like I like them or anything..."
Nestly's avatar
Oh come on Swift I know there's at least ONE you like. ;D
RabidWuff's avatar
Swift: >////> n-no I don't!

Riiiiiight~ //wiggles brows mischievously
n-a-t-t-e's avatar
Love 2-13-16 by Imaginaful  
Pine: I have a crush... but I don't know if I should send one or not... What if they don't like me?

Poor little Pine doesn't know what to do, haha!
Nestly's avatar
Awwww! XD well that's why these are anonymous! Risk free! ;D
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