Greymoor Estate Escape - Prompt 1

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The Greymoor Estate, such a creepy building, what with its trillions of spider webs, eerie cracked exterior, and haunting aura. The main door is chained shut, but Wyngrew rumors say there are all sorts of ways to sneak in. Cracked windows? Through an open cellar? Perhaps a secret entrance through the dizzying hedge maze in the back gardens? But what in Wynsiph would cause a Wyngro to venture in?

This Week’s Prompt!

Somehow, the 4 Wyngrew in your group managed to get trapped together in a creepy room within the mansion! But we want to know the story of HOW they came together! Did one Wyngro drag them all there on a dare? Did they all sneak in on their own and bump into each other in the mansion?
Did they know each other before this or are they meeting for the first time?
Draw a picture of all 4 teammates together in the mansion. You don’t have to write a story, but it must be explained and figured out between your groupmates on how they formed an unlikely team!

You have one week to complete this prompt! Timer will be on the front page!
To see who's week it is, CHECK HERE!

How to figure things out:

Comment below and tag your teammates if you haven't already been tagged.
You can discuss what your character would have been doing. Are they the type to get dragged along? Did they go solo and run into the rest of the characters?
Remember the personalities of your teammate's characters! Express your ideas and have fun coming up with something interesting!


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lol amiibo would just follow somebody hes in being the creepy creeper he is.