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Happy birthday! … Whenever that is! Say, you should really tell us eh? :D

Some of you may have noticed we’ve added a Calendar to our website! We were hoping to add your birthdays to this calendar, so that all your friends in Wyngro know when to celebrate your special day!

Simply comment on this journal with your birthdate (Month/Day) and we’ll add you to our birthday calendar!

You don’t have to tell us your birthday if you don’t want to, that’s fine!

If we find your birth-date is inconsistent/false/duplicated/etc. We will remove it permanently.
(No birthday for you!)

If you haven't posted a deviation to the group in 1 year, you will be removed to make room for displaying more active members!

Once you've commented and your comment is Featured, that means your birthday has been added to the calendar! Huzzah! Feel free to double-check our calendar once it's been featured to make sure it's correctly placed!

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CLA5HESStudent General Artist

6th June

Doetoons was my old account which isn't a member anymore, so to tidy things up, that can be removed.

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PettyMaskHobbyist General Artist

May 22nd :'D

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CryptidmickleStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
july 19th, finally got around to putting this here <:0
NautilusRoe's avatar
NautilusRoeHobbyist General ArtistFeatured

may 31st :D

DantesWings's avatar
DantesWingsHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
November 19th :3
Possibbly's avatar
PossibblyHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
August 14th : D
Carterpocoa's avatar

Oh mine is the 30th of September ❤

Sugar-Foxes's avatar
Sugar-FoxesHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
It's kinda last-minute this year, but my birthday is March 29!
FeatherOfFourSeasons's avatar
I have changed my username. It use to be TheLittlePonyGamer. I am in the calendar but I want my username in it to be changed so there aren't any confusions

March 2nd
Nestly's avatar
NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Have you noted the group about your name change?
FeatherOfFourSeasons's avatar
Yes, but I checked today and saw that my old username is still in the calendar
CherryTrabbit's avatar
CherryTrabbitProfessional Digital Artist
Sorry about that, if they don't get updated with username changes they will at the start of each month. I've gone ahead and updated yours now though!
FeatherOfFourSeasons's avatar
Thank you so much! <3 <3
mothfeets's avatar
mothfeetsHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
it's been three years and I forgot to do this lol

October 21st
Ladyurod's avatar
LadyurodHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
My birthday is December 23
TheMunstacat's avatar
TheMunstacatHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
My birthday is February 13th c':
TheoBoy415's avatar
TheoBoy415Hobbyist General ArtistFeatured
My birthday is April 15th!
KriemiX's avatar
KriemiXHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
February 14th
KAYREDUUU's avatar
KAYREDUUUHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
July 25th!
Chiarat26's avatar
Chiarat26Student Digital ArtistFeatured
Umm I don't think my birthday was added onto the calendar so I'll just comment on here again: January 26th
Elusive-Paradise's avatar
Elusive-ParadiseStudent Digital Artist
December 17th!
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CherryTrabbitProfessional Digital Artist
It doesn't appear that you have submitted art to the group in over a year, as per the rules stated in the journal your birthday will not be added currently to make way more active members. Sorry about that! 
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rosebossyHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
October 26 here!
Beanie-Kween's avatar
Beanie-KweenStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
January 4th! 
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