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Where do we get wynglings approved now?

Wyngro now mandates the use of Discord! Please click the button below to join us there!

Check the channel #Bred_Approvals and read the pins to know how to get your wyngling approved!

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We no longer do approvals through journals! Please use the channels in our Discord to get wynglings approved, thank you!

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Hi there, Cork is looking super cute and congratulations on being motm! There's just a few things to change before we can get him approved:

-The small defined claws are looking a bit too much like retractable claws. They should look more like little triangles.

-The mouth placement is a little too short! For that placement, it should go up to the second notch of the mouth.

-For the arm fins, each spike should be smaller than the last, with the bottom-most spike being the largest. Hopefully, this redline helps illustrate the edits that need to be made!

-On the last arm fin spike, there's a little dark grey placement. I am unsure if this was intentional or not, but could you please remove it?


Thank you, please reply to me here once you get those edits made so we can get him approved!

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thanks! hows this? :0

c o r k
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Looks great! Thank you for making those edits.


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Peach is looking peachy keen! However, there's just a couple quick edits that need to be made to get her approved~

-Don't forget to include the wing and shell type in the description, as it's required for quills.

-I love what you're going for with the back marking and heart stamp, however it should overlap like the example here.


Reply to me here once you get those fixed up and we can get her approved!

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Fixed! Overlaping placements are even better :-D

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Perfect, approved!

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Panthesilea is adorable! That is a beautiful purple color. There is just one thing before she can be approved:

-Looks like Pan is missing her magic gland! Just add that on and she's good to go!

Once the edit is made, reply back to me so we can get this baby approved!

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oops! she should be all fixed now~!

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Looking good! Approved Thumbs Up SPN

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Hello! Miu looks adorable, but is going to need a few changes before she can be approved.

-The body placement needs to come up to the mid-back and taper down to the bottom of the tail

-The tail is looking a little too long for a wyngling, make sure it tapers off like the below example

-The arm fins on a finn look a bit different than webbed wings do and are thicker near the bottom, tapering up towards the body

-Make sure the gills come to a point upwards towards the chin, as seen below in the example image and my edit

Finn Wyngling Round Bump

-For spots markings, make sure they don't become too small to where it becomes hard to even see the coloring. My edit helps show the appropriate size.

-Finn eye colors need to be vibrant. I had heard you were planning to use the accent blue color if this did not pass but unfortunately it is a bit too light colored still. I've made a suggestion as to what would work on the edit below.

I've made an edit to help you on some of these points as well as some general anatomy help. You're welcome to make similar edits on your own or upload this edit instead if you'd like.


Please reply back to me here when these changes have been made, thank you!

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I have made some edits! Thank you for the help!

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Looks great! I'll just need you to remove the blue color blobs. We ask that nothing extra is added onto the application. Once that is done Miu will be good to go!

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Sorry about those. I usually add them so I don’t mess up the colors because they tend to pixilate a lot when I go back to use the eyedrop tool and the color changes. I fixed it though!

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Wonderful, thank you! Miu is all approved and ready to go!

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Rage baby!!! Gosh, what beautiful colors. Super excited to see where she goes!

You're all good to go! Approved sparkle emote

Wyngro Sticker - Gold Star Approval
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Thank you so much!

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I always love seeing your art! Creek himself is looking very mellow. There's just one edit needed before we can get him approved:

-The back leg placement is too high. The example image below is what the placement should look like.

Left Stocking

Once that leg placement is edited, reply back to me and we can get him all approved!

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