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Where do we get adults approved now?

Wyngro now mandates the use of Discord! Please click the button below to join us there! 

Check the channel #Adult_Approvals and read the pins to know how to get your grow up apps approved! 

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This journal is closed until further notice. Please check our official Discord for more information!

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Looking all good, Ink! Excited to see what you do with him as an adult!


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Hi there! I love Akira's colors and I can't wait to see what you do with him as an adult. There's just a few things we need to adjust before we can get him approved!

- For the wyngling, make sure the accent color is on the toes only.

-On the adult, the tiny horn looks like it connects into the bump nose. Let's separate two and help define the nose horn a bit more like you did on the wyngling!

-On the adult, the back of the eye placement is looking too thin. Let's thicken that up!

-On both the adult and wyngling, the leg placement is a bit too high. Let's bring that down so that it only barely comes up past the belly line!

-On the adult, the last nub should be smaller when compared to the second nub, so make sure to shorten it a bit!

I drew a redline to help visualize these points.


Once these edits are made, reply back to me so we can get Akira approved. Thank you!

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My apologies for the delay, but I just finished making the edits and uploaded the updated picture. I think I got everything right? But if not, just let me know Facebook Thumbs Up Icon

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No worries about the delay, thank you for making those edits!


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Varian is absolutely adorable! You don't need to edit this here, but just for the future keep in mind tiny back wings should be further up on the shoulders and a little smaller on the adult. Thanks!


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Oh my gosh, Astrid looks adorable! There are just a few things that need adjusting before she is approved:

-The line for the front leg needs to be extended past the chest placement. This is so it doesn't look like the placement is bleeding into the arm!

-The bump nose on the adult is a little too undefined. Just adjust it so it is shaped like the wyngling's and we're good to go!

This doesn't need to be edited now, but in the future remember to make the wyngling tail just a little thinner.

Once you've finished, please reply here so we can get Astrid approved. Thanks!

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Hello! So excited to get Brooklyn all grown up! First off, I noticed her baby application image has shrunk, making it difficult to see.

Brooklyn application (WYNGRO)

Eclipse might have messed this up. Please go into the edit section of that deviation and make sure it's at full size. You can find the drop down menu for the Display Size here:


We will need this full size image in order to approve her properly, and will help you with the process. Once it's a bit bigger, we can start working to approve her! Thank you!

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Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience, I was unaware of it. But when I try to change the display size, it only gives me the option it currently is at, so I can't change it.

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Thanks for the reply! Since you cannot make the file on deviantArt a bigger size, see if you can find the original application file on your computer somewhere. If you can, please re-upload it to replace the current file size.

Please also keep in mind that the baby applications are very important to your wyngro, and normally modifying them after they are approved could completely void the character. This would mean your slot for that character could be locked, and your wyngro would not be official anymore. This is why it's important to find that original file and get it back up. Right now it's too difficult to identify any of the colors or see things clearly at all. See what you can do and let me know!

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The original application is on my mother's computer, so I will see what I can do. May take until this pandemic is over due to it thpugh.
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No worries! We were able to recreate your application image to the appropriate size. If you could re-upload this version in place of the current one, we can get started in your adult application. Thank you!

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Hey there! Ezra is looking really happy to grow up! There are just a few changes to make before they can get approved:

- The face placement on the wyngling needs to come up a bit more under the eye. On the adult, it also needs to reach the end of the mouth there.

- The tail on the adult needs to be just a tad longer

- The leg placements for both also need to be curving downwards rather than upwards.

We've drawn up a handy redline you can reference for your edits:


Once you make those changes, please reply back to me here and we'll get Ezra approved! Thanks!

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Thanks very much! This image fought me a bit, was having issues with my tablet- did some admin on the laptop and doing better now but anyway, got it updated and hopefully it's correct now! Excited to get this fella allll grown up lol.

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Thanks for making those edits! However, it still seems that the face placement on the adult is still only reaching the first mouth notch. Just extend it to the corner of the mouth there like you have on the wyngling. Please reply back here once you make that final edit. Thanks!

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Thanks! Should be good now. For some reason it wasn't clicking what you meant by that even having the redline, but then when you explained it with like, one extra word somehow it made more sense (brains, man).

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Thanks for making that change! You're all good now!

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