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Under construction, but welcome!

All info below is outdated.


If you are interested in what is seen here, make sure to first check out our official group there.

What can I post in this group?

If you are already a member in Wyngro, please keep submissions for that group there.
This group is where you can post anything that normally would not be allowed in the Wyngro gallery, such as lore breakage, concepts and ideas, wacky MEMES, unofficial NPCs, characters, and so on!

Feel free to make suggestions if you have them! We have a lot of exciting things planned.

Things to come:

➤Contests for NON-members to get into the group!
➤Looking for moderators who can help keep things clean and filtered
➤An icon artist because my icons skills suck ass
➤A coder to make the group pretty because I also suck ass at coding
➤Other cool shit

We’re still under construction, but here’s what you can do so far:

➤Join! Anyone can join!
➤Use the gallery folders to keep things organized please!
➤Post all your crazy fanart here as you’d like!
➤No drama, salt, guilt tripping, negativity, acting like a butthole please.
➤No overly sexual themed art, use filters when necessary
➤No advertising commissions/YCHs/trades/ect. We have a commission journal Here you can use.

Small Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind that anything submitted to this group is going to be assumed its purpose is to expand and elaborate on the Wyngro group as a whole, and by posting any concepts/ideas, you are giving us permission to use it officially if we like something. (We're not dicks, and will provide credit if we do use something) Please also keep in mind that if something official is posted after an idea/concept was submitted by a user, it does not always mean we used said idea, as many concepts are tinkered with months/years in advance and kept secret until they are revealed.

TLDR: Be cool about us using what you post as inspiration, and don't kick up a fuss later/get salty/dramatic/expect to be paid if we do. If we use something, we'll give you credit. If we don't, it means it was already planned. Thanks!




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