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Wow, it’s hard to believe that the month of spooks is right around the corner! Behind the scenes here we’re working hard to get that ready, it should be a hair raising experience! We’re in our second month of the Cranny too! Remember that you can either add a new ‘gro to the Cranny or upgrade your room!


primal Beak smol

The primal beak steps from the mega fauna of old to allow your wyngro to live its dreams of eating really big leaves! As a reminder, when you apply this upgrade to a wyngling, the top half must be the baby spot color! Patrons in the 15$ tier gain access to adding this upgrade to ONE of their adult wyngro free! In addition, they may gem this upgrade onto as many other wyngro—wyngling or not-- as they wish!

Sign up for our $15 tier to get them this month only!

As a reminder, non-patrons may gem this upgrade onto ADULTS ONLY.


Kalypso is taking Earth Class and needs YOUR help to graduate! Everyone in the group is able to help Kalypso pass, even if you don’t have an adult wyngro! Each week, Kalypso needs four pieces of magic homework done for her to pass!

For every 10 pieces submitted for her, we will be raffling off 1 Basic Magic Ticket. One person each week will be chosen by staff to get a Basic Magic Ticket as well! Those of you in magic class may still participate, but will not be eligible for the magic ticket raffle! We will be ensuring that there are no duplicates between weeks as well, however winners will not be announced until the end of magic class!

For more information on this and the full details of the contest, check out our Discord Server Announcements!


The Cranny has entered its second month of use! Those of you with a wyngro already in the Cranny may either choose to upgrade your room or add another wyngro into the Cranny!

As a note, please wait until your art is accepted into the cranny gallery BEFORE submitting your form in the discord server! It helps speed the process along.


A new quest has appeared on the website, and it looks like it’s all about helping out the town carpenters, Chester and Maple! And check out the reward for this quest: A new upgrade!

Woodland Ears

Check out the website for more information on quests here!

Check out the new quest here!


Imp Nose Colors Smol

While we know it’s a niche upgrade, this one has been a long time coming! Imps now can have colored noses!


At the beginning of each month, the staff will select one artist to nominate for this feature!

Members are chosen on the following aspects: Activeness, being friendly to staff and other members, helpfulness, support, creativeness with their characters and ideas, and so on! We want to show that we DO notice you guys and how hard you work to improve your art and your characters, and we appreciate the time and attention you give to this group!

MotM winners are rewarded with the following prizes:

Featured on the front page all month with incentives for members to draw them gift art!

3 Novas!

Exclusive sticker!

1 Breeding Ticket!

One month of Patreon server access all month!

They will also be displayed under the red color role of MotM on Discord all month!

So please give warm congratulations to our current Member of the Month...


garbagefactory garbagefactory garbagefactory

We love Benji’s strange, yet wonderful sort of humor. Between his interesting and unique plots and character design--He even has a Wyngro design based off of a yittle if you can believe that! He is continually going above and beyond with his crafts and comics. Take a look and see what we mean!

Acquire Green Bean Beeb (GIF)
Bad thoughts give you bad dreams
Novo art doll

Which brings us to the next part of MotM...

Earn potential novas for drawing giftart for our Member of the Month! Drawing Garbagefactory’s wyngrew this month and submitting the images into this folder:


enters you into a mini-contest where the staff picks their favorite entries. These entries are then given +3 Novas!! More entries mean more pieces are chosen to get novas!

Here is our pick from last month:

+Wyngro - Stand glass+

Congratulations and enjoy your novas! Thank everyone for making such thoughtful art for our MOTM!


At the beginning of each month, our staff picks out some favorites from the previous month to celebrate their efforts! These can be picked out by art skill, creativity, humor, story, character development, mood, etc!

Screaming at the rain (Wyngro)
[1-15C] A New Neighborhood
Fashion Watercolour
Admiring the view
Vengabus Pixel
Growing up
Kindrin Jumpscare (Wyngro,Blender,GIF)
[1-5A] First Sprouting
found a dirty man

In addition, here are our picks from the monthly prompts!

Word Prompt

WP: Shark of the Lake

Lore Prompt

[wyngro] lore mp: wibble

Art Medium Prompt

Acrylic Card Repaint - Monthly Prompt - Art Medium

Palette Prompt

You Yell At God

Doodle Prompt

WYN: Glade

Congratulations! If your deviation was posted here, that means a nova has been added to your bank!

You can see all of the art that was chosen for this month’s showcase HERE:


See you next month, everyone!

© 2020 Wyngrew
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13BatScorpion95Hobbyist Digital Artist

Congrats garbagefactory!

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AislynnDavisHobbyist General Artist

Congratz to MOTM!!

Also, thank you so much for the art feature. It means a lot to me!

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mothfeetsHobbyist Digital Artist

jimmy bEANS