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Wyngro Size Chart

By Wyngrew
Update: Brimbees added - 3/16/18

Remember that Wyngrew do not vary in size very much like we do. So they should never look significantly shorter/taller than each other. 
For a more accurate look on that, click here!

Adult Height Guide by Wyngrew
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Beebs should be added to this!
Interdemensional's avatar
I aspire to be a gurp
BurgerRainbow's avatar
Are imp biped and imp quad a sub species of wyngro?
immemorialOddity's avatar
Yes, go here for more information about them.…
BurgerRainbow's avatar
Oh cool thanks lol
Dark-Spirit-Wings's avatar
What is a rattle cow?
subwooferz's avatar
I think it's a new unreleased farm animal like the spoodle, iv'e seen it before in Nestly's live streams :'3
OverlyEnthused's avatar
im... im gonna make one of my boys herd rattle cow.... holy heck I'm excited???
ThePurpleGriffin's avatar
Wyngrew are much bigger than I thought xD
SnowHuskii's avatar
Yep, they sure are!
SERVPHIM's avatar
I'm so hyped for the rattle cow :00
FesteringFascination's avatar
they.... they said there would be mounts.... so maybe *stares wistfully at rattle cow shadow*
Bunni-x's avatar
A wyngro riding a rattle cow...

galacticpink's avatar
Dragotan's avatar
SarahJaneMatthee's avatar
Those Rattle cows look so awesome!!!
I cannot wait to see them!
Been wanting a cow creature for a while now.
One of my wynglings live on a farm so this is pretty
important :D
Zuzu-is-Creative's avatar
I actually love the idea of a wyngling living on a farmDance Till You're Dead 
SarahJaneMatthee's avatar
Yeah! Its great fun for a wyngling to run around there and stuff.
But Wynnie(the one who lives on the farm) also has many chores to
do and has to help her mom look after the animals and plants.
But she really enjoys helping out :D
Zuzu-is-Creative's avatar
Yet again i actually LOVE the idea 
It just feels better than most for me,
I like the idea also of her/him helping  
her/his mother Clap 
SarahJaneMatthee's avatar
It is a somewhat heart warming idea I guess.
Thanks :D
red-anteater's avatar
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