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Wyngro Color Pallets 2.0

Here are all the different pallets you can use on your Wyngro!
<--Check out our guide on how to make a Wyngro!

  • Base Colors: Are the little "Wyngro heads" displayed here!

  • Secondary Colors: Are the little squares inside the base colors

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i can't download the pic help :'(
XAKALAX's avatar, i mainly do traditional art,but am going to try digital for Wyngro ,how do i get the exact colors? Because i have never done digital art before........
pie-lord's avatar
if the program you use has an eye dropper you can use that to get the exact colour. Just hover the dropper over the colour you want and click.
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Foldable's avatar
can these change as they grow up?
DJMIXX20's avatar
I am not a mod however u can change it once it grows up with the tint changer (heres the link for color guides)
Foldable's avatar
thanks! this is very helpful ;v;
Fishtrout's avatar

Me and my friend would like to join the group and community, however, my friend can only make traditional art and she can't give her Wyngro the exact same colors as here then. Is there any other possible ways for her to have a Wyngro?
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Yes, this is all explained in our FAQs section of our group! 


Please direct all questions there, as this is a resource account and not meant for answering questions so I'd hate for you to get missed! 

Traditional artists are welcome too!
Fishtrout's avatar
Thank you so much! I'll check it out!
Phony-Prince's avatar
Okay, I have a question; so, say I wanted to make a Wyngro with the blue palette, but I wanted to tweak it slighty so it would be like a more greyish blue main, would that still be okay, or is that not okay?

Like, a grey blue that's not too different from the palette above, but isn't as different as like a purple. When I get my computer working, I could make an example if my wording is weird ^^;
Wyngrew's avatar
You may not tweak the palette at all, wynglings don't have much variety, but when they grow up you can get the tint change upgrade.
Phony-Prince's avatar
Okay, thank you!
un-sweetapplesauce's avatar
Is it weird I've seen many Wyngro's nit using the color pallet?
Wyngrew's avatar
They might be special ones from events, or older ones, or have upgraded past the pallet. ;)
Dragon-Burn's avatar
if a friend made a wyngro for someoen as a gift, would it count as one of the 5 aloud or be one that won't have to be added to that?
cherryktikat's avatar
((I'm a tiny bit confused

((Do you have to use the colours in these pallets or can you use any colours? Sorry if i seem a bit stupid, I kinda wanna make mine green blue and maybe white or yellow, but i was ye confuuuused
xMooshx's avatar
You pick 1 pallet from here and one only. you can only use those colours for the body but any colour for the accent and eye colour
cherryktikat's avatar
That's. ...still confusing and kinda unfair actually. And it took you days to reply...

Yeeaa I'll pass with making a wyngro
xMooshx's avatar
I'm not a staff member

It's easier on the staff actually and I think it's fair.
It's easy if you actually read the MYO rules and find out what to do
cherryktikat's avatar
waaaait ye i'm back and rethinking my decision not to make a wyngro. so by only those colours for the body and any for the accent and eye do you mean that i can use any colour not on the pallet for accent and eye or no? just wondering
xMooshx's avatar
For the accent and eye, yes, any colour
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