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A tally mark for counting your Wyngro art! Collecting Wyns on your art allows you to get upgrades! 

Remember that every deviation needs a wyn count to look like this!

2/56 wyns 

or you can use this icon!

2/56  Wyn by Wyngrew

the first number (2), represents the wyns you earned on this specific deviation! 
The second number (56), is your now CURRENT total! 

They also count per artist, NOT per wyngro.

For more info on how to count wyns, CLICK HERE!
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Here, I'm just gonna-

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Wyn by Wyngrew Oh... what have I done  Wyn by Wyngrew
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So, say I have, around 100 wyns or something. I buy an upgrade that cost 50 wyns. I would still have 100 wyns?
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Wait nvm, I forgot to read the whole thing. 
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Wyn0/0 (I'm just try it :D )  
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I remember when it was weins. Good old days
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do i get coins if i do YCH?
and is there a rule that i cant make my own wyngro till i get coins ?
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I dont get the coin system..... 
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this is very late, but, the purpose of the Wyn system is to purchase upgrades for your Wyngro, hope this helped at least a bit..! ;;
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how do i use this? ouo;;
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Click the "add media" button on the bottom of your comment dialog space as you type.
A sidebar will come up, and in the search bar type "Wyngro" to find the coin. ;)

Otherwise you can just copy/paste it from other peoples descriptions. Like this:

Wyngro Coin 1/10 <--example
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