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Travel NPC: Larissa



Name: Larissa Whipthorne
Sex: Female
Flavor Trait: Creamy
Upgrades: [ Pupils ] [ Teeth ] [ Brow Changer ] [ Marbled Markings ] [ Elegant Hair ] [ Unlimited Clothing ] [ Naked Ears (cropped) ] [ Antlers ] [ Thumbs ] [ Odd Wings ] [ Dual Pointed Elbows ] [ Leaf Markings ] [ Spot Markings ] [ Small Back Spikes ] [ Barb Tail Tip ]

Description: Larissa (“Lizzie”, to her family and friends back home) is a well seasoned farmer doing research on differences between different crop strains all over the territory. She’s seeking out the best of the best produce seeds in order to strengthen her stock back on her home farm, where her many kids are waiting and taking care of things while she’s gone. She has a fascination with beebs, and loves using them to better her crops!
Larissa warms up quickest to any gro who knows their way around farming, but respects anyone who’s no stranger to good solid labor. Her children love to decorate her horns with flowers when she's back home. 

Magic Element: Earth Wyngro Earth Pixel Element 
Proficient Ability: Earth Manipulation

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