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A Nova is a very rare mineral in Wyngro society that is highly valued as a trade item. Wyngrew love the pretty colors and unique shape, and since old times has been a prized form of currency.

Group Use: Think of Novas as a substitute for real money.
Whenever there are cash only options, such as auctions, Runeboo purchases, and purchasing store items, you may use Novas instead! (1 Nova = $1)

Example: Say you really want to enter your Wyngro in class, but slots fill up so fast or you’re not awake when registration goes up! Unfortunately you don’t have $5 to spare for a Scholarship voucher, but you’ve collected 5 Novas within the last few months from monthly prompts, so you can now get a spot in class! Nice!

Please Note: Novas can not be used for Donated Designs. If Novas are used in place of real money when it comes to YCH auctions, the winner will be awarded the special upgrade and can add it to their Wyngro! However an artist will not draw their Wyngro in the YCH fashion unless real money is paid. (Otherwise we cannot pay our artists for their hard work!) Please keep this in mind!

This amazing pixel was drawn by Pannzilla!!

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where do you go to get one?