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NPC: Wenn

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Arrow left Name: Wenn Gumbuckle
Arrow left Pronunciation: When
Arrow leftGender: Female
Arrow leftCurrent Age: Teen
Arrow leftBirthday: April 25th
Arrow leftSpecies: Standard Wyngro
Arrow leftForm: Round Nose, Bipedal
Arrow leftLocation: From Last Notch (Currently in Wynsiph)
Arrow leftKnown Upgrades: Finn Ears | Colored Paw Pads | Gradient | Teeth | Pure Paws | Brow Changer |
Arrow leftQuirks: Curious, Nosy, Intrusive, Wanderer, Morbid, Odd, Tactless, Socially Awkward, Easily Excited, Emotional, Illiterate, 
Arrow leftAccessories: Her iconic jacket, hood and goggles.

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U NPC RELATIONSHIPS Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U

Arrow leftFather: [ Huepoe ]
Arrow leftMother: [ Tal'baa ]
Arrow leftSiblings: [ Bull ] [ Barney ] [More]

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U MAGIC Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U

It is unknown whether Wenn has any skills in magic. 

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U HISTORY Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U

Wenn is a young daughter of Huepoe, known for her strange appearance and dubbed the "Royal Weirdo" of Last Notch. 
She apparently has a rare sensitivity to light, a sickness that caused her to molt all her feathers as a wyngling and thus, caused all her feathers and hair to fall out.
She was poked and prodded a lot as a baby, and the surgeries of her childhood only caused her fascination with the subject. 

Due to her illness, she dresses with a coat and hood, as well as tinted goggles to cover her sensitive eyes. She also gets cold very easily, so most gros have never seen her without her garments. She even sleeps in them. 

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U PERSONALITY Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U

Wenn is.... strange. She laughs at inappropriate moments, and is extremely awkward in social situations, especially in groups or if more than one gro is confronting her. 
One of her biggest fascinations is in death. She is not bothered by seeing it, and can sometimes be found poking dead bodies or collecting them for later dissection. 
She often is a bit inappropriate with asking too many questions at the wrong time, or just lacking general tact. She's used to following orders from others and doing as she's told, for the most part. She usually shrinks up during confrontation and cries a lot. 

Wenn has never read a book in her life, and was never taught to read and write as a wyngling, due to her illness. Her doctors claimed that it would only put more pressure on her to learn such things, and so she's had more of a "practical" approach on learning the world. She's used to slinking around in the background and observing things from afar. She's spent a lot of time with Bull and watching him beat gros up. Sometimes you can even see Wenn in the background collecting teeth. 

Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U RELATIONSHIPS  Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U

Bull: Bulbrax is often seen as being unkind and emotionally abusive to Wenn, but will protect her for his family's behalf no matter what. So although he is a constant dick to her, she often clings to him as a source of safety. 

Barney: On the surface, Barney sympathizes with Wenn and her illness, but she's heard him call her a freak of nature behind her back more than once or twice. 

Tal'baa: Tal'baa is protective of Wenn, almost obscenely. Due to her sickness, Tal'baa rarely lets Wenn outdoors to mingle with the town, and has the family keep close tabs on her. Wenn's sickness has visibly disturbed her mother, but despite this, she continues to care for her closely. 

Huepoe: Huepoe is often too busy to give her attention. It's no secret that he leaves her out of conversations of his children and promoting them. When brought up, he often declares that he will stop at nothing to find a cure to her illness one day, but is rarely seen doing anything about it. 

Artist: Nestly
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mothfeetsHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm like 90% sure she is a finn from either huepoe or his wife being unfaithful lol (or adopted and they don't want to admit it?)

and her parents make her hide her gills and arm fins with the shirt and her eyes with the goggles

and just tell everyone she has a "condition"

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DrowsyInsomniaStudent General Artist
finns are also noted to have sensitivity towards bright light
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mothfeetsHobbyist Digital Artist
it's all coming together,,,,
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DrowsyInsomniaStudent General Artist
not to mention the pure paws as opposed to a Quill's pure claws Eyes 
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BluefeatherGaming General Artist
poor thing
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WarriorBreviStudent Digital Artist
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Dragon-BurnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't forget purepaws ;3 
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13BatScorpion95Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is her tail a standard one? Or a whip?
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MacyGracieHobbyist General Artist
I've always imagined Wenn's voice to be like Entrapta's... She's the one with the grabby purple hair
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SpiritOfTheLilysHobbyist Digital Artist
that voice is so perfect for wenn! i love she ra too!
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Tama1313Student General Artist
What was her form before she became a "Story npc"?
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She is a brand new character!
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Tama1313Student General Artist
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist

Thats my daughter
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saladssHobbyist General Artist
The most precious bean
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Mysti-crowHobbyist General Artist
Pure paws?
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SoRealSurrealHobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder why she has what looks like a baby spot. :O
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she might not be fully grown! much like how some people slow grow their wyngrew, she might have gone through the same thing and is possibly just stuck in between the two stages!

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RogueTidesStudent Digital Artist
Blue tailed skink child
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Frostbite-The-BatHobbyist Digital Artist
Why Am  I Like This BUT TRUE by Frostbite-The-Bat
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saladssHobbyist General Artist
NILLACRAFTStudent Digital Artist
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Blue-Kit-KatHobbyist Digital Artist
strongly agree
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SpiritOfTheLilysHobbyist Digital Artist
i love her and she deserves the world
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