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NPC: Tendarei

By Wyngrew
Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon STATS Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon

Name: Tendarei Rellik
Pronunciation: Ten-DAR-ray
Gender: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: August 10th
Form: Bump Nose, Quad
Location: Wynsiph
Known Upgrades: Unlimited Clothing | Cheek Fur | Body Fluff | Brow Changer | Royal Mane | Teeth | Long Horn | Slit Pupil | Classic Ears | Tail Fur | Forked Tail Tip | Dual Pointed Elbows | Leaf Pattern | Colored Sclera
Quirks: Strong, Courageous, Always Busy, Organizer, Serious, Humble, Honorable. 
Accessories: His mayor's robes, embellished with the town crest. 

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon RELATIONSHIPS Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Ivy (Mother)

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Lasso (Sister)

Bullet; PinkBullet; Purple Coraline (Fiancee)

Bullet; Yellow Spallazani (Sister In-law)

Bullet; BlueBullet; Yellow Russell (Good Friends)

?? Huepoe (Father In-law)

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon MAGIC Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

Tendarei never had time to even think about magic, as well as the fact that Wynsiph didn't have a magic teacher until Mrs. Netty came back from school. Although he appreciates and admires it, there are more important matters to take care of. 

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon HISTORY Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon

Born into a family of leaders, Tendarei, even as a child, has always been a strong, confident leader among his peers. As the eldest son of his family, he took his role very seriously once his father past away when he was just a boy. Especially since his older sister Lasso was completely disinterested in leadership, rather pursuing an intense farming life. 
His mother and father led the town of Wynsiph together, and with his mother taking sole reign of the town, he was determined to help her in any way he could. Proving to be an excellent organizer, even at a young age, Tendarei would often help set up events for his mother and keep them running smoothly by overseeing the whole thing.
It was no surprise to anyone when the lad took the official role of mayor himself, since everyone looked to him as one even before that. Tendarei leads with strong certainty in making Wynsiph a good community with a strong backbone in farming. His sister Lasso owns the biggest ranch in Wynsiph, after all!
The family is easily the wealthiest in town, although very humble in nature and never exploiting their wealth.

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon PERSONALITY Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon

Strong, bold, and courageous, Tendarei has always had that leader aura. Although he will make a civilized chuckle every once and awhile, he is very much a serious character that takes everything very practically. He takes his role as mayor with great honor and never abuses it.
This lands him at the butt of a lot of pranks by his family and other older NPCs that dare to make a mockery of his mayorship. Tendarei has made many complaints to the town sheriff because of this, (too bad because Russell is usually in on most of these pranks himself!)
His mother Ivy calls him a “big stiff that needs to stop working so hard and settle down already”, but alas, Tendarei is always too busy to socialize for more than a few moments at a time. You’ll likely only be able to get a few words of wisdom from him if you run into him, before he needs to be off on some other important task.

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If he elbowed you, you would die
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>is 35
>looks 60
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How is this man 35
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Not trying to be rude but I've been watching EnamoredGhost for a long time and they was the one who made the original - I remember it I saw it and faved it! Please give them credit :/ its only basic human decency after all. I love the group and don't plan to leave at all as I know a lot of the stuff peeps are saying aren't 100% accurate. But its obvious she made this design, I'm sure other members saw it too, just saying, you should show respect to the original artist. 
Wyngrew's avatar
Tendarei was created with the sole purpose of crediting the original artist concept, but when he was being uploaded, we could not locate the NPC entry as they had deleted the deviation and the artist could no longer be found. If the original artist were to resubmit the original concept and contact us, we are happy to give credit. This was stated in the NPC rules that we were able to use any entries, winners or not as we liked, and to not delete entries! 
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Oh good! Huh, perhaps there was some miscommunication somewhere then? They said they had contacted you about it before? Well, regardless I'm glad to hear! I'll let EnamoredGhost know so they can contact you about it and hopefully get the proper credit up. 
Wyngrew's avatar
Unfortunately no, we were not ever contacted, otherwise we would have added credit! Let her know to note the group so we can!
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did nestly make the original concept, or somebody else? i love the design!
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The original concept was done by EnamoredGhost
Wyngrew's avatar
Tendarei was created off of a concept submitted through the NPC contest we had a while back. However, once he was being finalized, this concept had been deleted and the original artist could not be found. 
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"Friends, what are friends?"
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This man shares the same birthday as my dad. Hes my new dad now 
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it is crushing my soul to draw him
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I thought he was a girl this entire time oml
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oh fck its my dad
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EEEEEEEEEE He looks awesome!
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:OO woa i love him
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in the upgrades it doesnt say colored sclera
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i love him 
so pretty
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I love how his quote is about leaves and he has the leaf markings, very clever there ;)
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