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NPC: Russell



Star STATS Star 

Name: Russell Karmik
Gender: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: September 21st
Form: Round Nose, Quad
Location: Wynsiph
Known Upgrades: Earth Spikes| Teeth | Fluff Tail | Slit Pupils | Small Back Spikes | Cheek Spikes | Jagged Mouth | Rattle Horns | Broken Horn | Fuzzy Folded Ears | Elegant Hair | Dual Pointed Elbows | Scar | Goatee |
Scars: On right side: Across his face, eye and shoulder. Received from the Deelagun Attack of 2018. The chaos happening meant that a Healer was not available. (Thus, making the scars more permanent looking) He is also missing the pinky of his right front foot during the investigation of the Pelt Prowler of 2021. (Claims a wither bit it off)
Quirks: Steadfast, Prideful, Stubborn, Hothead, Workaholic, Serious, Easily Frustrated, Boisterous, Self-Sacrificing. 
Accessories: Red necktie.
Location: Wynsiph


Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Red Ash (Younger Brother): Middle Karmik son, always butting heads with Russell (sometimes literally). Although their father put Russell in charge of the Rattle's Rest when he died, Russell put it under Ash's name to run once he realized it did not suit him. Being the sheriff, Russell would often pardon Ash for incidents of inappropriate behavior. Arguments on how the Rattle's Rest was run was often a big topic of debate. In the end, they did not leave off on good terms when Ash moved himself and Dusty to Last Notch. 

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Yellow Dusty (Youngest Brother): Youngest Karmik son, Dusty has always been on the meek side, often overshadowed by the big personalities of his brothers. Russell never had a very strong bond with him, due to their vast differences. When he was younger, he'd often push Dusty to do things he didn't want to do, as was the way their father raised them. Russell cares very deeply for Dusty, but often doesn't understand him.

Bullet; Red 
Lasso: Ex-girlfriend. They used to date on and off as teenagers up to young adults. Most townsfolk their age recall their relationship as "turbulent", very hot and cold. Eventually they went their separate ways as friends, but there's always been something tense and judgmental between them, due to their past. Lasso often mocks Russell to his face and behind his back, where as Russell mostly just avoids talking about her all together. Due to their positions in Wynsiph, they must interact quite often, so they've learned to just accept the way they are at this point.

Bullet; Blue Kalypso: Russell is rather close to Kalypso due to their many interactions in the past few years. As Kalypso isn't always the best at asking for help, she'd often get herself into trouble living so far from the nova tree. Russell would often find her passed out in the woods and have to help her, despite her begrudging attitude towards that help. They are both a little stubborn, often teasing each other or trying to inflict some sort of competition from each other. Russell has even helped Kalypso learn some earth magic, and took one of her runeboos as a companion, helping him to appreciate pets more than he ever had before. During the Pet Contest of 2021, Russell  and Kalypso collaborated on the event. They are two of the only residents that have had close encounters with the so-called "wither" as well. 

Bullet; Blue Tendarei: Tendarei is probably Russell's closest friend, due to their brief recruiting mission when they were much younger. Neither will talk about what they did during this "mission", but it seems to have affected them greatly. Russell is incredibly loyal to Tendarie as his leader, and just might be the only one he respects in such a way. Although their interactions are mostly kept professional, Russell will always use an opportunity to poke fun at him in private. 

Bullet; Red Azoth: Russell does NOT trust Azoth, as he is a marked wyngro that came into town not too long ago and lives mysteriously outside of the Wynsiph border. He will use every opportunity to investigate the man and make his life inconvenient. Similarly, Azoth will do the same when he is able to subtly. 

Bullet; Red Nymble & Dryft: Although not as suspicious as their uncle, Russell is constantly having to deal with these hooligan boys and all their shenanigans. He realizes they're mostly harmless, but that doesn't mean they absolutely get under his skin with the shit they pull. 

Bullet; Red Novo: Russell made sure that when this mysterious potion seller was lurking around Wynsiph, that he needed to do his trades outside of the border. Although the shady man never stepped into illegal territory, Russell had a gut feeling he was trouble. During his encounter with the wither, he knew he was right. 

Star  MAGIC Star

Russell's best mastered ability is the "tunnel" ability in Earth. He's so well versed that he can create tunnels from yards away, entrapping an escaping convict with the ground underneath them, holding them there until he arrives. He can manipulate earth, as well as sense vibrations, but he's not as good at them. He has all the basic knowledge of Earth magic in fact, but is a bit rusty on most of the abilities. 

Wyngro Earth Pixel Element  Earth | Level: Intermediate 

Star  PET Star

Gourdian the Runeboo: Given to Russell from Kalypso as a barter for her to take earth magic, Gourdian is a fierce boo that isn't afraid of anything. He will growl, bite and attack anything he finds offensive, whether it be a cabbage that looks suspicious, or someone's tail. Although their relationship was shaky at first, Russell has come to rely on Gourian (he calls him Gourdy), and the two are always seen together nowadays. 
Read the intro story here!

Runeboo: Galloping Gourd by Wyngrew

 Star HISTORY Star 

As the oldest of the Karmik brothers, Russell was set to take over his father's business at the Rattle's Rest. Unfortunately, Russell is not a business man at all. He's much better at working with wyngrew in a more personal way. (If by personal you mean beating them up!) Yes, Russell was a big bruiser in his early years, picking a fight with everyone due to his short fuse and reactiveness to absolutely anything. 
Although Russell didn't much care for The Rattle's Rest, he sure did have some things to say about Ash running it when he took ownership. They often butted heads about their ideas. Russell, being the eldest, had a hard time taking orders from Ash. He was so abrasive with the customers that Ash decided to make him the security guard when things got too out of hand at the tappery. 
Needless to say, Russell was very good at keeping everyone in line. So much so that the previous sheriff noticed this and offered him a job as a town guard. 

After many years of working right under the town's previous sheriff, Russell was proud to take up the reigns himself once his mentor was getting older and wanted to retire. It was easily the proudest day of his life. 
He wears his badge with pride and is a wonderful sheriff. Although he never did learn to read or write very well, so his secretary duties are always done by wyngrew under his order. 
He's also a bit of a slob, and his guards are constantly nagging for him to clean up the sheriff's office and stop leaving half-eaten puckoo salads all over the desk. 


Russell is a big grumpy hothead with a secret mushy interior. He's a true cream-filled hard candy. 
He has a lot of energy all the time and uses it to focus on his work as sheriff, always on the move and always running around to take care of the town's problems. 
With a gro as busy as him, he doesn't have a lot of down time, and that's just the way he likes it. Sadly though, this does cause him to burn out and take his pent up sleep-deprived anger on everything around him at times. (Which is good because most of the gros he deals with are right to be angry at!) He's much easier on the wynglings of course, and just can't stay mad at them. 
Russell can be a bit heavy-handed with his brother Dusty, often trying to encourage him but usually ends up ranting at him about his life choices instead. He also butts heads with Ash often, especially when it comes to relationships. (Ash is a bit of a player, while Russell is far more old fashioned) Although despite their extreme personality differences, the brothers have a weekly dinner where they all get together to share their recent happenings and enjoy themselves. 

F2U | Golden Star  Special Thanks to Anyachilla for the Original Concept via NPC Contest!
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