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NPC: Rudy

By Wyngrew
Beeb Seed STATS Beeb Seed

Name: Rudy Ataru
Gender: Male
Current Age: Young Adult
Birthday: June 7th
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Hair tuft | Pupils | Thumbs | Brow Changer | Pointed elbows | Stripe markings | Clover pattern | Long Curl Tail | Curl Horns | Tutti Frutti Ears | Teeth | Unlimited Clothing | Small Defined Claws | Deelaglands
Quirks: Scatter brained, mathematical, realistic, clumsy, indecisive, social, needy
Accessories: The signature family red and white shawl
Location: Wynsiph


Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Mom: [Alma]

Beeb Seed MAGIC Beeb Seed

Rudy has passingly tried several different types of magic and just can't seem to find his niche. He's a bit all over the place and can never make a decision, so he has a hard time remembering how to preform any of the abilities he's tried to learn.

Beeb Seed PAST Beeb Seed

Rudy was born in the Nook, his mother being the owner/Hatchery mom. Rudy was a very, very needy child, although he blames it on it always being so crowded at the Nook and he never got enough one-on-one attention from his own mom. (Since Alma has so many other children to tend to) Rudy is the youngest of all Alma's children, and is quite a bit younger than the rest of his siblings as well. Most of them were adults when he was growing up. 
Alma constantly blames Rudy for her "perma-pouch", saying he wouldn't leave the pouch for anything and eventually her body just gave in and kept it forever. As he grow older, Rudy could not think up what to do for a profession, despite Alma's guidance. Alma loves him unconditionally, despite the fact that he can be a hot mess. 

After juggling many different life choices, Rudy finally settled on a basic, "everything" store where he could focus on selling a bit of everything that wyngrew needed. He owns his own convenience store in Wynsiph where you can find groceries, supplies, and many house hold items! (As well as basic accessories, specifically ones for Wynglings!)

Beeb Seed PERSONALITY Beeb Seed

Rudy is scatter-brained and a daydreamer, but surprisingly good with numbers and does a good job keeping his business afloat. he's extremely frugal and will not replace anything unless it's in a pile of dust. 
He's also extremely clumsy and constantly breaking his own merchandise. You can be sure that every day will have some sort of half broken discount item on the shelf. 
He has a lot of charm and charisma as a shop keep for basic supplies, and does very well interacting with customers. He's genuine and wants to engage with the town, but he won't give you a deal easily so make sure you pay him! Struggling to make a name for himself his entire life, Rudy is determined to do well and revels when he gets praise or attention. He's a very good listener, and often banters to his customers about their daily lives, but if you ask him about his life he'll tear up with joy. 
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This was reposted and/or stolen. 
Npc  Rudy By Wyngrew-db1kweb by kar-ttuol-yk-piphopl
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update: my mom now calls him rudabaga. please help.
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this is my husband
don't touch him
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i some how relate to this child on a spiritual level
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looks at tuft ears
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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i love him
so much
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Who's the dadddddd? :0
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I knew he looked like Alma!!

They question is though

who is the father??
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the table is not flat and its bothering me so much
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He is so cute <3 oh goodness 
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Amazing smol.  We must protect him.
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we will found the rudy protection squad
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CAN I JOIN?!?!?!

no seriously. i'm developing a small crush on him pls halp
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plS i love hiM SO MUC H
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Oh my lord yusss
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but whose the daddy :0
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Aaa i love him
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Awkard child is best child
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