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[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) STATS [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) 

Name: Reed D'Claire
Gender: Male
Current Age: Young Adult
Birthday: October 13th
Species: Standard Wyngro
Form: Bump Nose, Biped
Location: From Last Notch (Currently in Wynsiph)
Known Upgrades: Unlimited Clothing | Elegant Hair | Brow Changer | Slit Pupils | Forked Tongue | Teeth | Whiskers | Colored Sclera | Whip Tail | ??? Ears* | Thumbs | Banded Markings | Pinstripe Markings
Quirks: Perceptive, Black Humored, Stalwart, Deadpan, Punctual, Irritated, Socially Awkward, Cynical, Witty.
Accessories:  Button-up shirt, tie, and jacket. Shoes. 

[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) NPC RELATIONSHIPS [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; Orange Spallazani : Spa is one of Reed's least-favorite of the Gumbuckle brood. She is handsy and loud, and Reed likes neither of those things happening near his person. His avoidance tactic's are largely to ignore her when he can, and swiftly obey her orders when he can't. 

Bullet; Green Tendarei: Doesn't think much of the Wynsiph Mayor as of yet. He's content to leave the handling of Tendarei to Coraline. 

Bullet; Blue Coraline (Boss): Reed heavily respects Coraline and how she works, and often has long conversations over plans and financial organization when they're alone. Coraline is the reason Reed has kept his place of employment and he feels he owes her all he can give for all she's done for him. 

[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) MAGIC [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) 

Reed has no known magical abilities. 

[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) HISTORY [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) 

Born as a rather pale, sickly, and reedy wyngling, Reed spent most of his childhood stuck in bed. To fill the time, he quickly took to books and (determined to make himself useful) even his family's ledgers. He would check and double-check the numbers for fun, and at a remarkably young age was allowed to take over running certain financial aspects of his family's business. 

It was sheer good luck that eventually gave him the chance to begin working for the Gumbuckle family. A sudden dismissal of one of the lower staff opened a position during a crucial visit of a neighboring town's mayor. Despite his health shortcomings (and talk of bad luck), Reed was given a chance to prove himself. He initially was given work as Coraline's Aide, but quickly became much more than just a pair of bipedal hands to write notes for her.

Reed began work when he was barely an adult, and is still quite young. His few years of service so far have proven him to be an impeccably loyal gro to the Gumbuckles, and especially to Coraline. 

[Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) PERSONALITY [Wyngro] Mini Coin (Frozen Sparkle) 

To most wyngrew, Reed presents a professional no-nonsense front as he conducts his business. He has little patience for excuses of any sort, and no tolerance for threats of violence. While he has the combat ability of a steamed noodle, Reed is used to utilizing local guard force to accompany him on his collection routes when necessary in order to assure his own safety. 

Reed has a black sense of humor, and seemingly unsympathetic view when it comes to most other gro's troubles. He has a thick skin when it comes to verbal attacks as well, and only seems to vary between "calm" and "mildly irritated" when it comes to most arguments. 

Reed is not overly outspoken when not working, as his darker sense of humor and line of work tend to make most other wyngrew hostile towards him or just generally unhappy to see him around. He has a hard time socializing and much less relaxing at any point in time. He also has a constant habit of letting his tail drag. 

Artist: Nestly
Original Concept by knux33
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SpiritOfTheLilysHobbyist Digital Artist

you know how i said i loved him? i was incorrect. bastard man. i will fight him.

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stinky trash man belongs in the toilet

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Love you Reed but pls stop taking my precious candy
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i hate him so much stop taking my candy i'm a helpless kid
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poor guy just trying to do his job AAND GETTING THREATENED WITH SHOVELS 
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He’s an absolute mood
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I love him 
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I adore this man already

I am 100% gonna draw him
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what a lovely goblin cat,,,
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