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NPC: Nymble


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little star STATS little star

Name: Nymble
Gender: Male
Current Age: Teen
Birthday: July 29th
Species: Standard Wyngro
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Hair tuft | Coatala Ears | Fluff Cheeks | Fluffy Limbs | Star Stamp | Pupils | Teeth | Thumbs | Star Tail Tip | Back Spikes | Double Dew Claws | Scars
Quirks: Cheerful, Energetic, Silly, Idiot, Clumsy, Hopeless, Reckless, Thoughtful but scatterbrained, Show off, Rash, Eccentric, Annoyingly Positive. 
Scars: Burn marks on the left side of his neck, and a puncture wound in the center of his left palm.
Accessories: Red bandanna (worn around the neck to cover his burn scars)
Location: Wynsiph (Azoth's Cottage) 

little star NPC RELATIONSHIPS little star 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; Purple Dryft (Twin Brother): Nymble loves his brother Dryft, although he's about as opposite as anyone can get when it comes to Nymble. The brothers share an unexplained bond that no one seems to understand, and Nymble is often seen dragging Dryft into all sorts of shenanigans. Although Dryft is constantly criticizing him, Nymble shrugs it off and continues to stick by him. 

Bullet; Purple Azoth (Uncle): Nymble and Dryft's official guardian, who made a promise to their egg with his life. Nymble is always getting scolded by his uncle, for one shenanigan or another. Although he lives with the guy, Nymble has never much bonded to his uncle, rather exploring Wynsiph and conversing with other adults. 

Bullet; Orange Inka: Nymble has a sort of rivalry with Inka, and the two can usually be seen arguing at every turn. Nymble often makes fun of Inka for her hoity-toity froufrou demeanor and fashion sense. He thinks she's stuck up and likes getting under her skin enough to see her blow her top. Likewise, Inka is very headstrong and often finding opportunities to get him back with some sort of mockery.

Bullet; Green Giacomo: Nymble thinks Giacomo is a stuffy quill that doesn't know how to have fun, and is often teasing him with his brother Dryft. This is mostly due to the fact that his mother absolutely hates the brothers, and is always shielding him from them. Despite this, Nymble still insists on trying to get him out of the house. 

Bullet; Yellow Mrs. Netty: When Nymble's magic started becoming a problem, Alma asked if Mrs. Netty could help tutor the ballistic blue blur while he was still a wyngling. At first, Netty was adverse to teaching a wyngling so young to use magic, but after witnessing him leap head first off a small cliff and catch himself halfway down with a gust of strong wind, she realized there was no choice in the matter if this idiot was going to survive through his adolescence. Since then, she has been working with him throughout his childhood to help him control his seemingly limitless magic. 

Bullet; Blue Dezzmar: Nymble's boss, and inspiration for learning how to create maps! Nymble has always had a fascination with adventuring and drawing maps, so it was no wonder he wouldn't leave Dezzmar alone until he made him his apprentice. Although Dezzmar does appreciate Nymble's help around the shop, he doesn't hesitate to torment the poor boy when an opportunity arises. 

Bullet; Yellow Thistle: Nymble considers himself Thistle's honorary big brother and has spent time with her on and off since she hatched. He is often seen totting her around and playing silly wyngling games with her. Mrs. Netty figures that as long as he doesn't set her on fire, he can wyngling-sit her all he likes. (So far there has only been 1 fire, and it was more than 20 meters from the baby) Thumbs Up 

Bullet; Yellow Kay: The mysterious woman who showed up in town one Warptide, Nymble is excited to help her with her search, and thinks she's really really really cool!

Bullet; Yellow Gilligan: Gilligan is a mixed bag for Nymble. On one hand, he's hilarious to both listen to and to prank. Nymble & Dryft are often seen pranking the poor geezer in various ways. Nymble will listen to Gilligan's stories for hours sometimes if he's got nothing better to do. (One of the only gros who's willing!)

Bullet; Orange Reed: Stinky tax man! Although Nymble does not live in the Cranny, he is often joining the bandwagon of making fun of Reed for his strict and money-grubbing ways. After all, who likes Reed anyways? Pffttt. 

little star MAGIC little star

Nymble has always been very naturally gifted in magic abilities and knows a little of everything. Although he favors the brash and impulsive spectrum of magic, like Fire and Wind, he has trouble with the more concentrated natures like Water and the inner abilities that come from Light. 

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element Fire | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Water Element Pixel Water | Level: Basic 
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element Wind | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element  Earth | Level: Basic 

little star HISTORYlittle star 

Nymble was brought to Wynsiph as an egg by his uncle Azoth, along with Dryft, who shared said egg. (They say it was a miracle they both survived) The only bits of their parents that Azoth has ever shared to the boys, is that they were great wyngrew that met their end too soon, and Azoth had made a promise to care for their sons no matter what. 

Azoth doesn't like to open past wounds about his time before retreating to Wynsiph from the Antovian capitol, but rumors of him being marked as a dark magic magician spread even to this small town. Because of his "mark", he was barred from living anywhere inside of the town, and ridiculed for even venturing in to buy supplies. 
Because the town of Wynsiph falls under Antovian law, it also prohibits a marked wyngro from raising wynglings. As such, Azoth was forced to have them grow up in the Nook, taken care of by Alma. 
Alma had no problem with this of course.... for a while. The twins quickly began to unveil their magical abilities very early on and caused all sorts of ruckus during their stay. Especially Nymble, and especially as they grew to become adolescents. 
Eventually, Alma showed up at Azoth's cottage one day to dump the boys back on him, claiming to "screw the laws, because Antova officials never come to this part of the country anyways" and claimed that she was tired of seeing a part of the nook on fire every time she turned around, and to get them under control. 
with a heavy sigh, Azoth begrudgingly agreed to house his unruly nephews.

Although Azoth is a very patient man, Nymble's insane energy and erratic magic use can exhaust even him. One day, he encouraged him to take a pen and some parchment and go draw out a map of the forest just to keep him busy and occupied for a while. This backfired when Nymble was actually able to do it quite well, demonstrating a vivid memory and map making skills.
There weren't enough papers in Wynsiph to keep Nymble busy enough to not find time to practice some new form of magic, however. This is when Ms. Netty offered to help Nymble with more practical magic lessons and less instructional methods. 

Nymble always wears a red bandanna around his neck to cover a burn scar he received as a wyngling. Although Azoth has instructed Nymble to not reveal the scar (or its origins), Nymble will often show what it looks like just to gross others out or show off his "cool scar". 

 little star PERSONALITYlittle star 

Nymble is a bubbly ball of hyperactive energy contained in a small blue body. He doesn't know how to stop, gets bored easily, and cannot concentrate on anything for more than a minute or two before his imagination takes over and distracts him. He's a socialite, mingling with anyone he can, and learning about every gro he meets. Although he loves to absorb things like a sponge, his attention span will only last so long. If you continue too long on your life story, Nymble may get distracted or interrupt with a question. 

Despite his (usually) good intentions, Nymble is a bonifide trouble maker, and will only follow the rules that make sense in his head. He's too much of an adrenaline junky to say no to a good dare, prank, or stunt. This has gotten him into trouble more than once or twice, but he can't help but dive head first back into trouble if it intrigues him enough. 

You can see his neck burn scar in the comic below:
Wyngro Comic 2: Wanna See my Scar? by Nestly

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I just realized he has double dew claws.

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