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NPC: Novo

By Wyngrew
Question Mark STATS Question Mark

Name: Novo
Sex: Male, probably
Current Age: ??
Form: Bipedal
Upgrades:  Naked Ears | Pure Claws | Thumbs | Whip Tail (sleek) | Spines | Glowing Eyes?
Quirks: Pleasant, Courteous, Inquisitive, Obsessive, Shifty, Mysterious, Fidgets often
Location: Unknown

Question Mark MAGIC Question Mark

Some say they've seen him levitate his items to show them off, so he has some light magic up his sleeve at least. But who knows what else. 

Wyngro Light Pixel Element  Light | Level: ??

Question Mark RELATIONSHIPS Question Mark

Friends: Novo is friendly with all other NPCs and folks around Wynsiph, but no one really seems to know him very well.

Question Mark ABOUT Question Mark

Novo passes through Wynsiph quite often and sets up shop for all to see his rare and valuable goods. Buying the priceless items he sells can be difficult, as he won't accept typical coins for his stuff. Usually only accepting novas, or other rare items. He's not interested in trivial things like regular market food or basic clothing. You'll need to show him something quite unique to make a trade. (although every so often he'll accept delicious raw meats)

Novo seems to have an intriguing affinity with artsy stuff however, especially things crafted with metals and other minerals. (Some say he has a weakness for shiny purple things)

After the events of the deelagun attack and subsequent destruction of Wynsiph's nova tree, Novo hasn't been seen in Wynsiph ...

Question Mark PERSONALITY Question Mark

Despite his creepy and mysterious appearance, Novo is well mannered and kind to everyone. Some Wynsiph residents are not too keen on him setting up shop, however. But despite this, he doesn't seem to mind. He's very prompt and business-minded while he's at his stall. No one knows where he goes to rest, and his schedule seems to be very random. Sometimes selling until dusk, sometimes back before the sun comes up. He is never seen around town in leisure, and will be gone for days, or weeks at a time when he runs out of rare items. He is said to travel between small towns in the region, but avoids large cities like Antova due to his "up to no good" appearance that big city Wyngrew might frown upon. 
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redhead-alex's avatar
is it just me or is Novo friggin adorable?
nectwaii's avatar
...that is the neck of an imp ... h m m m m 🤔
espeonplays's avatar
Novo reminds me of Magolor from Kirby
raymybestfriend's avatar
I can't be the only one who think Novo is adorable 

I'm might be 
redhead-alex's avatar
dude omfg i found someone else
Agilident's avatar
now I'm thinking this guy is azoth's alternate twin

MongooseApocalypse's avatar
I'm getting so many resident evil 4 vibes (the game) like, Jesus, calm down childhood memories
redhead-alex's avatar
cat90049's avatar
Zuo: *scoots by* i want somthin cool and magical!
LeafyWolf's avatar
He reminds me of Born from Nihilumbra~ ;u;
Slaving-over-Doom's avatar
He sounds male, but no one can tell for sure
lol X3
RamenNoodleFerret's avatar
Nova reminds me of the rat creatures from world of warcraft. Super skinny and creepy yet some find it cute. 
Dark-Spirit-Wings's avatar
You said "_He_ sounds male" so.. He's male XD
Kitxal's avatar
He has to be another fav npc of mine! I can't wait to see his story expand!
Jade-Slowpoke's avatar
Novo is adorable. i draw him.. soon
Kitsicles's avatar
"I'm Novo, and this is my pawn shop. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know what is gonna come through that door."
pastel-draqon's avatar
Cherries's avatar
I love them they are precious :la:
rubberhoes's avatar
Novatonix's avatar
I need Rosedrop to meet this fellow X3
SpiritOfTheLilys's avatar
I have an urge to draw bluebell ripping out her eye and offering it to them 
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