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NPC: Lasso



Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon  STATS Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

Name: Lasso Rellik
Pronunciation: Lass-oh
Gender: Female
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: March 21st
Form: Round Nose, Quadrupedal 
Known Upgrades: Fuzzy Lop Ears, Streak Markings, Stripes, Goatee, Colored Sclera, Slit Pupils, Prehensile Tail, Teeth, Tusks, Unreleased Horns*, Brow Changer, Elbow Spikes, Unlimited Clothing, Noble Neck Fluff
Quirks: Very blunt and to the point, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Hardy, Stubborn, Steadfast, Constantly Tendarei about his up-tightness and lack of kids (despite the fact she's very single herself and 'married' to her work, with no intention to ever have any eggs of her own)
Accessories: Rattle Armgards, Lasso 'necklace', Rattle Sheperd's Stick, Goatee Tie
Location: Wynsiph

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon NPC RELATIONSHIPS Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Mother: Ivy
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Brother: TendareiLasso constantly picks on her little brother Tendarei, or "Tennie" as she affectionately calls him. (he hates that). She's one of the only wyngrew who can actually get under the mayor's skin from time to time. 
Bullet; Blue Best friend: Kalypso
Bullet; Yellow Friendly with: Zagor, Gulch, GilliganDr. F, Alma, Rudy, Chester and Maple
Bullet; Orange Not so friendly with: Novo, Azoth, Mrs. Netty

Bullet; Yellow Russell: They have a shared sense of "no bullshit" and often dated when she was a teenager. Although they were a bit too similar and often butted heads with each other, so they opted for good friends instead and have mellowed out later in life. (Although you'll still see them bicker here and there) Russell will still call her "Lassie" when around each other, especially when he gets called over to investigate rattle thieves in her ranch. (which happens a lot)

Bullet; Yellow Dusty: Lasso thinks Russell's younger brother Dusty is adorable and tries to cuddle him whenever she sees him around, but he frequently flees. 

Bullet; Orange Ash: She's not as fond of Ash. For some reason the two have just never seen eye to eye and she's not fond of his constant disregard for females at times. (and the constant flirting/flings he goes through)

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon  Magic Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

None (Hard work and elbow grease, ALL THE WAY!)

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon History Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

Lasso has never taken her famly's history of leadership as seriously as her brother Tendarei. Instead, she's always been far more interested in the true blood and bone of the town that made it stand strong: Wynsiph's farming community. From a young age she'd run off to local farms to help with little chores and just get to know the livestock, as animals have always been a big love of hers. (Especially rattle cattle!)
Her mother and father didn't mind that she pursued a farming life rather than a profession in leading Wynsiph-- after all, farming was very important and they liked the idea of having a daughter run that department. 
She was practically running her own ranch as a teen even before Tendarei was hatched. 
Lasso began with livestock first, taking a special interest in rattle cows. She invented a specialized staff that she shakes to "rattle" and get the cows attention, herding them where she wants. She has a few Coatala as well that she's recently adopted from Kalypso to help her with her livestock. Since the additional of her coatala, Lasso and Kalypso have became very good friends, despite Kalypso being a rather new resident. They love to gossip together about the happenings in town and dumb customers and all that jazz. 
Lasso began with a few puckoo eggs as a kid and soon her farm branched out to spoodles and rattle cattle, and beyond. After Tendarei was born, she began plans to acquire more land with the help of her parents, and Maple/Chester. She eventually even took over as head farmer once her grandfather died. Now she has many wyngrew working under her for both crops and livestock. 

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon PERSONALITY Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon 

Lasso believes in hard work and a good day of sweat, blood and tears will reap the benefits. She grew up in the generation in Wynsiph unused to magic, so she's not too fond of Netty inspiring so much of it into today's youth. And she sure isn't afraid to speak her mind about it whenever the magic usage gets out of hand either. (She's given Netty a piece of her mind on it more than once or twice)
It's these views that make her connected to Chester and Maple so well. She often works with them on town projects and they get along very well. Although there is always tension between the subject of their daughter. (They basically try not to run into the topic all together)

Lasso loves kiddos and teaching them the farming life early. Field trips to her ranch are very common in the Nook. 
She's not very soft spoken though, even less so than dear old Alma. Some times she sends many wynglings back to the nook in tears with her harsh words of "encouragement" during those field-trips. 
"What in tarnation are ye doing climbing that rattle cow fer?! You wanna die? Why I outa'-- if you were my kiddo I'd boot ye in the BEHIND for that stunt! GET!"
Needless to say, as much as she loves kids, she can't stand trouble-makers and has little patience for them. 

F2U | Golden Star  Special Thanks to bugsthedragon for the Original Concept via NPC Contest!
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