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NPC - Knavish

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Giana Sisters - Lightning  STATS Giana Sisters - Lightning  

Arrow left Band Name: Knavish
Arrow left Real Name: He won't say
Arrow left Pronunciation: Like the word (Nay-vish)
Arrow leftGender: Male
Arrow leftCurrent Age: Young Adult
Arrow leftBirthday: July 29th
Arrow leftSpecies: Standard Wyngro
Arrow leftForm: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Arrow leftKnown Upgrades: *Notch Horn | *Retractable Claws | Blade Ears | Brow Changer | Butt Wings | Cheek Fluff | Colored Sclera | Elegant Hair | Jagged Teeth | Leaf Markings | Prehensile Tail | Pure Paws | Slit Pupils | Thumbs 
Arrow leftQuirks: Outgoing, Charismatic, Shallow, Intense, Brash, Flirty, ADD, Impatient, Jumpy, Kind of a dick
Arrow leftAccessories: Red Jacket, earrings on tail, right ear and brow.

Giana Sisters - Lightning  NPC RELATIONSHIPS Giana Sisters - Lightning 

Arrow leftRivals: Other men hitting on girls he likes
Arrow leftFriendly with: [ Zagor ] [ Alice ] [ Sammie ]

Giana Sisters - Lightning  MAGIC Giana Sisters - Lightning  
Knavish is exceptional at Lightning Magic, his specialty being of powering up electronics and zells. He can also sometimes call down a bolt of lightning to impress others as an exciting stunt. Sometimes Zagor will drag him to magic class, so he's picked up a few basics as well. 

 Wyngro Lightning Pixel Element Lightning | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Fire Pixel Element  Fire | Level: Basic

Giana Sisters - Lightning  HISTORY Giana Sisters - Lightning   

Knavish comes from the city of Cellstrum, which is a city far north outside the Antovian borders. Difficult to get into, Knavish finagled a way by making a deal with Zagor, who was traveling there at the time. Cellstrum is a wonderful, large, industrial city with many wonders the likes of those in Antova region have never seen, but it's barren of life: grass, trees, streams. Difficult to breath and even more difficult to leave, as wyngrew there become reliant on lightning powered machines. Traveling through the wilderness is almost unheard of. 

Knavish has amazing potential as a lightning master, but is insanely erratic and has a hard time sitting still or concentrating on anything for more than a few moments. This may be why things didn't work out in his hometown and why he's traveled to Wynsiph. 

Of course, he'll only talk about how he came to Wynsiph to be a rock star.

Music is not really appreciated as much in Cellstrum, and Knav loves to funnel all his nervous energy into screaming into a mic. 

 Giana Sisters - Lightning  PERSONALITY Giana Sisters - Lightning   

Knavish is as electrical as his skills. He loves to show up and be the center of attention, having a hard time focusing on others for extended periods of time and what they have to say. Although he is very charismatic and good at making gros laugh, he has a hard time being serious at all. 

Because of his confidence and unique appeal, he is very popular with the residents of Wynsiph, especially with his hotpink lightning quatar he names "Roxelia".

Giana Sisters - Lightning  RELATIONSHIPS  Giana Sisters - Lightning 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; Green  Zagor: Although Knavish begrudgingly tolerates Zagor's bombastic enthusiasm, he really owes him a debt for getting him out of a tight spot back in Cellstum. 

Bullet; Green  Gulch: Sometimes helps out in the Smokeybluff Forge for some spare coin. Gulch freaks him out a little, but at least he pays Knavish for his work. 

Bullet; Pink Mehit: Met Mehit during the repair of Wynsiph from the Deelagun attack and plauge that followed. Will often be schmoozing her in public or playing music with her. 

Giana Sisters - Lightning  RESOURCES  Giana Sisters - Lightning 

Arrow left Animated Turn-Around
Knavish Animated Turn-Around by Nestly
Artist: Nestly 
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Mingle is that u? WWE - Shocked/Wow 
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How can Knavish use Lightning without Fire?
That's amazing, my friend.
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Accessories: Red sash (Worn around his chest and back to cover his wings) ??
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Is that a jojo reference also whoa I gotta draw him!
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why is he so hot nes why do you do these things
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oh no he's hot
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Is this the redesign of McNair’s brother?
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suposedly yes
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He looks like a Blood On The Dance Floor stan.
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what about other girls hitting on girls he likes
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NPC Knavish default by Wyngrew Knavish: Hot. 
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He's a hot snot

i will not like him


goddamnit i love him and im already planning at least 3 images curse you feeding of my insane love for music
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>Uses lightning magic

Dang it, it's to hard not to make a jojo reference here--

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mingle got an 80s pop phase 
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Also, machinery confirmed? o.o
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