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NPC: Iset



book STATS  book 

Name: Iset Dzhanni 
Gender: Female
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: May 2nd
Species: Quill Wyngro 
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Feather Tufts | Plains Horns | Ori Legs | Brow Changer | Feathered Back Wings | *Teardrop Markings | Thumbs | Defined Small Claws | No Ears | Quill: Feathered Crown | Quill: Glider Wings
Quirks: Wise, Calm & Collected, Naggy, Personal, Nosy, Meticulous, Protective, Easy to judge, Non-confrontational
Accessories: Her sneeb staff and waist sash. 

book MAGIC book

Iset has studied magic a lot from her extensive reading, and keeps certain abilities sharp that she finds particularly useful. She especially enjoys studying light magic with Dr. F when he has time. 

Wyngro Light Pixel Element   Light | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Fire Pixel Element  Fire | Level: Basic
Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Basic
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element  Earth | Level: Basic


Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Son: Giacomo ] Although Giacomo has his vast amounts of social anxieties, Iset seems content with the idea of him staying safe and concealed indoors where no harm can befall him. If he brings up the idea of having any discomfort from any gros around him, she is quick to protect him and shun them from his life. Absolutely no one is good enough for her little boy. Although she is often frustrated with how he comes off in public, she only wants the best for him, and will often over-shelter him from the world because of her own past traumas.
Bullet; Yellow Friendly with: [ Gulch ] [ Dr. F ] [ Alma ] [ Rudy ] [ Alice ] [ Chester and Maple ] [ Lasso ] [ Russell ] [ Mrs. Netty ]
Bullet; Orange Not so friendly with: Novo ] [ Azoth ] [ Kalypso ] [ Zagor ]

book HISTORY book 

Iset comes originally from a desert region, which borders the ancestral home of the Imperial civilization, The Rajukraa Ruins. Her family, the Dzhanni clan, is known to be very wealthy, having earned their fortune through trade and exploration (and some of the nastier rumors say tomb robbing). 
Their success allowed many individuals of the Dzhanni more leisure time than workers of a lower class, and they used this time to become scholars and philosophers.

Iset and her family moved to Wynsiph to escape a terrible illness that befell her clan at the time, hoping it would not spread to her children. 
Sadly, her eldest son, Vanni, fell victim to the illness, and became bedridden for almost 5 years before he finally passed away. 
During this time, she waited on Vanni hand in foot, spending much of her family's fortune to have doctors from all over the Antova region see him and suggest remedies to help him survive. Many doctors claimed he was incurable, but Iset was determined to find more about this rare and mysterious disease. She would peel through book after book, making her own charts and spreadsheets on illnesses. During this time, she became very good friends with Dr. F, and volunteered at the local library when she was not needed by Vanni's side. 

Unfortunately, the remainder of her family suffered as she burrowed herself further and further down this obsession with finding a cure. 
Her husband would often berate her for prolonging Vanni's suffering, and for neglecting their youngest son, Giacomo, who spent a lot of time in Alma's care. Her husband finally left town after Vanni died, fighting with Iset and drinking himself into too many stupors at the tappery. "Good riddance", she will often say now a days. 

Iset was a broken wyngro after that, in spirit, funds, and moral support. With her motivated spirit of researching and philosophy of books during those 3 years in Wynsiph, the town was inspired to help Iset back on her feet, and the old librarian who ran the building even offered her to buy it once he wanted to retire. It took some time, but she finally made her new start with taking responsibility of Giacomo, and as new owner of the library. 

She vowed that she was not going to let her youngest son down, and would stay strong to always protect him.

book PERSONALITY  book  

Iset loves children, and wynglings visiting her library are often given milk and cookies (though they must eat them away from the stacks so that the books stay clean!) 
As an avid advocate of knowledge and learning, she frequently holds readings at the library and visits the Nook to help teach the wynglings to read, as well as some other subjects such as history and science.  She also knows some various magic elements, but she does not teach these subjects and rather leaves that to Netty and Zagor. (She's been known to ramble on and bore the students when she fills in as a sub)

She can be rather dismissive to those she does not care for, rather giving them the cold shoulder or smiling and being short with them, rather then confront the situation. She also does not approve of sketchy characters rumored around Wynsiph, and will scold any wyngrew she finds willingly interacting with suspicious a gro.

Make sure that when you visit the library, you are neat and quiet! Iset is patient, but also very wise to disruptive chatter, and will be right behind you with a stern look if you're too noisy. 

book  PET: Novel  book 

Runeboo: Moody Tiger by Wyngrew

Novel is a mild-mannered, sleepy little runeboo that can be found in the library, usually squished into the nooks and crannys of the shelves, or flopped over a bookcase. Iset is not very fond of animals, but this one was living at the library before she ran it, and keeps her son company, so she can't bare to evict the little creature. 

Novel will often curl up on the laps of those who are reading, or found in the attic of the library, hanging out with Iset's son.  

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