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NPC: Huepoe

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 Canary  STATS  Canary 

Arrow leftName: Huepoe Gumbuckle
Arrow leftPronunciation: "Hue-poe"
Arrow leftGender: Male
Arrow leftCurrent Age: Middle Aged
Arrow leftBirthday: April 30th
Arrow leftSpecies: Quill Wyngro
Arrow leftForm: Round Nose, Bipedal
Arrow leftLocation: Last Notch
Arrow leftKnown Upgrades: Pupils | Teeth | Brow Changer | Feathered Back Wings | No Tail | No Ears | Feather Butt | Quarry Ori Legs | Pinata Tufts | Defined Small Claws | Heterochromia (Left Eye, Tal'baa's eye color)  | *Feather Head Crest | *Manly Chin Feathers (Only achievable by True Men)
Arrow leftQuirks: Talkative, Show-Off, Loud, Buisness-Savy, Practical, Blunt, Powerful, Convincing, Humorous, Protective, 
Arrow leftAccessories: BOOTS, Amazing embroidered vest, The Best Hat (cowboy hat crown) with interchangeable 1000-Yard "Feather Antenna"

Canary   NPC RELATIONSHIPS  Canary  

Arrow leftTal'baa: Huepoe loves to show off his wife at every opportunity. You can bet if he's making a speech, she's either at his side or clearly visible in the wings. Despite the public appearances, however, it's rumored the two have different bedrooms in different wings of their large mansion. Huey loves his wife a great deal, but if he catches you looking at her for too long, he might have some words to say about it! 

Arrow leftChildren: Huepoe showers his children with praise and assertions of the great things they'll do. Though often these praises come with strings attached, or small stipulations: "Oh you'll be the real bell of the ball! Once yah lose a couple more pounds o' course! Hawhawhaw!"
"Don't worry son, you'll be a fine pillar of this community some day, like yer Pa! Jus' gotta buck up and get those numbers a bit higher, eh?"

The only child exempt from this seems to be Barney, who Huepoe gives only pure encouragement.

Canary  MAGIC  Canary 

Huepoe often uses Wind magic to amplify his voice, whether or not he's giving a speech. He tends to also Gust when he gets angry or worked up.

  Wind | Level: Basic

Canary   HISTORY Canary    

Huepoe was born into the wealthy Gumbuckle family as the second-born child. Huepoe grew up constantly being treated as the "spare" with his elder sister being groomed to be the Last Notch "heir". Huepoe was not content with that. Over the course of years, he built support, pushed to improve profits, and force his family to see him as the rightful successor. It all seemed to no avail, until one day his elder sister mysteriously disappeared from town, leaving only a vague note behind.

From there, Last Notch was Huepoe's to care for. He was soon married, and began making a family of his own.

Huepoe, (or Huey, as many of his friends call him) is known for being a shrewd business man, but incredibly loving to his friends and allies. He is also a huge family man, and will do anything to protect and help his children. 

Although the term "King" is technically incorrect, many call him "King Huey" as a nickname of sorts, probably to go with his grand appearance and boasting personality. 

 Canary   PERSONALITY  Canary   

Huepoe is what many would call a "Large" personality. He fills up a room whenever he walks in, and cannot go unnoticed. He never hides when he has taken offense to something, and isn't afraid to get in your face about it.

His dormant wind magic allows him to project his loud voice and laugh across from any room. "Haw HAW Haw!" is quite normal to hear when Huey's in the room. 
He also is almost never seen without a pair of fashionable boots. He is utterly obsessed with shoes and has a "museum" (as his wife calls it) dedicated to his collection. 

His "crown" is decorated with a tall display of feathers that he interchanges daily with new, shiny fresh feathers. Some say he wears the ridiculous display as a way to compensate for his height. You'll notice that many taller residents often hunch over in his presence. No one wants to be seen looking taller than the governor, after all. 

Artist: Shady-Raichu 
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