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NPC: Gulch



Fire Bullet - F2U!  STATS  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Name: Gulch Daboora
Species: Gorge Wyngro
Gender: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: November 2nd
Form: Quad, although much larger than any normal quad. Most bipedals stand at his height.
known Upgrades: Imp Mane | Colored Sclera | Pupils | Dual Pointed Elbows | Cheeky Brow | No Ears | Pure Claws | Jagged Shaped Mouth | Long Claws | Pinstripes Markings | Spots Markings | Belly Scales | ???
Quirks: Quiet, no bullshit, eats an obscene amount, unsympathetic, gruff, stoic, basic, hard-working, hates whining, screaming, talking, socializing, and wyngrew in general. 
Location: Wynsiph

Fire Bullet - F2U!  NPC RELATIONSHIPS  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; Purple Dune: Gulch's nephew, from a town far east that just kept getting in with the wrong crowd. When he showed up with a group of bandits that wandered into Wynsiph, Dune did not expect to find his uncle Gulch reeling him in to stay. Now, Dune does some miniscule chores in order to make ends meat, which Gulch closely watching over him. 

Bullet; Yellow ChesterGulch considers Chester tolerable and respects him. They've had their disagreements in the past, but in the end, they agree on the big picture.

Bullet; Yellow TendareiGulch considers Tendarei to be one of the finest mayors he's seen in Wynsiph. In tern, Tendarei is very appreciative of Gulch's service, and often has him help with official emblems and such. 

Bullet; Yellow IsetHas a good relationship with Iset, and often trades her metalwork for books about war and politics. 

Bullet; Orange Dr. FThinks he and all other doctors are pointless and will never be caught dead showing his face in that building. 

Bullet; Red GilliganWants to punch him in the face. At all times.

Fire Bullet - F2U!   MAGIC  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Specializes in Lava/magma Manipulation and is one of the rare gros that can create it from scratch. Also specializes in manipulating metals using his fire magic. 

He considers all magic elements aside from fire to be ludicrous, and refuses to acknowledge them. Sometimes this can cause controversial arguments when gros ask him about light magic and Chii'Falla. (Whom he does not believe in)

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element   Fire | Level: Advanced

Fire Bullet - F2U!  SUBSPECIES  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Gulch is a subspecies called a "Gorge", which grow much larger than the average wyngro and are known for their affinity for fire magic. The holes in his shoulder spikes emit steam while he's working to help him cool down. This allows him to work in very hot conditions that normal gros would likely not survive in. Gorges are not a common sight in the area, as they prefer more extreme climates where their abilities can shine. 

Fire Bullet - F2U!  PAST  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Gulch doesn't like to talk about himself or where he came from. Although it's known that Dabooras are a family of 'all work and minimal play' to say the least. They are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship in many various items around the nation.
It's rumored that Gulch once lived for years on an active volcano while fine tuning his fire magic. The stories all seem to get more elaborate from wyngro to wyngro. He makes no opinions on these claims. Although he does not talk about any family ties, the Daboora name is quite beyond Wynsiph. 

Fire Bullet - F2U!  PERSONALITY  Fire Bullet - F2U!  

Gulch is a hard Wyngro to know. He's all business to everyone and only gives his very best customers a deal. You won't ever see this guy take a bribe or slack off. He's extremely loyal to the kingdom. He would fight tooth and horn to protect its citizens and uphold the law even if he believes them to be a joke at times. Although not the most sophisticated Wyngro around, he's a hardy, trustworthy, dependable old gramps that will always preform with 100%.

Gulch is well versed in creating unique weapons, solid metal gates and chains, even delicate works of metal art on occasions. His favorite part of being a blacksmith is the forge welding. There's nothing better than breaking a nice sweat pouring lava onto some thick metal plates. All in a day's work.

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He looks like the Greek god Hephaestus