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NPC: Gilligan

By Wyngrew

Gilligan Tiding
Species: Standard (Half Finn)
Gender: Male
Current Age: Elder
Birthday: March 10th
Form: Bipedal
Known Upgrades: **Unreleased Eyebrows | Teeth | Feathered Arm Wings | Colored Sclera | Sleek Tail | Pure Claws | Long Claws | Spots Markings | Cameo Markings | Unusual Shaped Pupil | Webbed Ears | Beak Nose | Raptor Toes | Swimmer Scales | Feather Tufts | Small Back Spikes | Webbed Tail Tip | Gills (inherited Finn Trait) | Feather Butt | *wtf???
Quirks: The town kook, stubborn, clown, talkative, always off doing his own thing, blasé attitude towards most things
Accessories: Usually has some kind of fishing rod or apparatus at hand, the odor of fish-bait and salt tends to cling to his feathers and scales.
Location: Wynsiph


Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; Blue Friends: Chester and Maple | Rudy
Bullet; Red Enemies/Rivals: Azoth | Zagor | Gulch
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Yellow Relations:  Sammie (Nephew) 


Specializes in water magic and getting up at ungodly hours of the morning to go fishing. 
Gill is also a master at walking on water, and it's a sight to behold the old man crazily skipping along the surface like some crazy lizard bird. 

Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Intermediate


Gill comes from a long line of sea-faring Wyngro. However, any family and relatives are away travelling at sea and he now lives alone in Wynsiph. He spends most of his days catching dinner in the local water sources. There is a rumor among the local Wyngro that he's gone a bit stir-crazy from the separation, and many are intimidated by him and tend to keep their distance nowadays.
Although hard to believe, Gill has quite a large heritage outside of Wynsiph, and many may be shocked to find out he's a distant relative. (Especially those sporting fishy features)


He appears rather surly at first, until you stop and let him talk for a few minutes. He's your walking encyclopedia for anything fish or fishing related, and he can also give you a good run-down on the boats of the docks.
Want to learn anything about the water? He'll help you, but you had better set the day aside because it won't a quick lesson, as every few minutes he'll be side-tracked by the tale of some vague adventure. Actually finding him is a tricky task, as his ability to walk on water means he can get to some rather strange and questionable fishing spots with ease. Despite his age, he still gets around quite easily. His health seems in check, though his neck tends to crick and he's almost always hacking and coughing. Fishing is really all he tends to do nowadays, but he doesn't seem to mind. That is.. unless you steal or otherwise misplace his precious fish. 

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how he got so many fINGERS and why he got the E X T R A A R M B O Y S
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since wen are his arms=
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only now have i just realized that he has arm tits and i am extremely horrified at the fact that i know this
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Why does he have four arms???
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I only realized now...
he has tiny secret arms
under his arms
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arm titties ; )))
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wouldn't his spots be camo markings since spots cant overlap and all that?
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He has four arms

Why am I just now seeing this.
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Is gilligan a merb or a berb?
The answer: He’s both
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Gilligan’s spots are illegal now
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Chi falla has left the server
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warptide used to make wyngro grow an extra eye, a hand out of their ass, monster hands...

now it makes nipple hands
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You looks pretty handy
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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WAIT does he have four arms!?
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"Town kook"
This is great
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he was updated

now we know what upgrades to expect soon
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this one is my favorite
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