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NPC: Fievel

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Name: Fievel Chafer
Pronunciation: (fEYE-vell)
Gender: Male
Current Age: Young Adult
Birthday: May 20th
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Unlimited Clothing | Cheek Fur | Body Fluff | Limb Fluff | Curly Antennae | Cub Ears | Pupils | Long Curl Tail | Prehistoric Markings | Beetle Wings | Freckles | Colored Paw Pads (Dark Green)
Quirks: Sensitive, Quirky, Spaz, Eccentric, Passionate, Studious, Careful, Curious, Nervous, has a slight stutter. (especially when he's nervous)
Accessories: His bug backpack! (And all his bug containers and supplies!)
Location: Unknown

F2U | Lil Bee Bullet RELATIONSHIPS F2U | Lil Bee Bullet 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

 Friends: He's new in town, so he doesn't usually make friends outside of the wynglings that are nice to buggys. <3

F2U | Lil Bee Bullet MAGIC F2U | Lil Bee Bullet

He doesn't need magic, he just needs bugs. :]

F2U | Lil Bee Bullet  HISTORY F2U | Lil Bee Bullet

It's unknown where Fievel originates from, but it seems he grew up in a town not too far away from Wynsiph. His goal is to travel from town to town and educate the locals on bugs!

F2U | Lil Bee Bullet  PERSONALITY F2U | Lil Bee Bullet

Fievel is a chipper little guy with a slight stutter and a bundle full of nerves. He feels one with nature and its insect friends. He loves all animals, but has a special connection with the buggys. 
He's very comfortable with bugs... not so much other wyngrew. He loves to teach others about bugs, but he's bad at organizing and keeping track of large groups, so he needs a lot of help when he visits from the local adults. He also gets extremely nervous around intimidating wyngrew and will usually slowly stutter out of a conversation if his nerves are rattled. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but if you do something to upset him, (like stomp on or eat bugs) he'll probably run away crying. 
Alma thinks Fievel is adorable and allows him to stay at the Nook while he is in town, but she usually regret this as he often inspires wynglings to bring bugs into the Nook too. 

Fievel can flutter with his wings for short distances and often hovers around in mid air when he's excited. But this usually wears him out and he'll be passed out the next minute from exhaustion. 
(How he manages to travel on his own is beyond Wynsiph)

F2U | Golden Star  Special Thanks to Musicalmutt2 for the Original Concept via NPC Contest!
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s-u-p-e-r--n-o-v-a's avatar
The boy also has pure paws! He's too cute i'm dy ing
Angeltheleo's avatar
For some reason i see him marching with an army of bugs if people try to attack him, like

Fievel:*points at the wyngro* ATTACK MY CHILDREN, ATTAAAAAACK!
*huge swarm of bugs attacking the wyngro*

Lunawolf44's avatar
For some reason I imagine him with and Irish accent and I love it lol
s-u-p-e-r--n-o-v-a's avatar
Imagine him with Jacksepticeye's voice
Bunni-x's avatar
that is the best comment I have seen
Snoopyetta's avatar
He deserves a protection squad
-guys lets make a Fievel protection squad. Hes too precious and innocent
SpiritOfTheLilys's avatar
Tiny Star Bullet Magic Tiny Star Bullet 

He doesn't need magic, he just needs bugs. :]

best npc. no thought about it
aqqamin's avatar
He's adorable ! I love this NPC. ^^
ColeWolfie's avatar
When I first looked at this NCP I thought it was female XD
theNondescriptNinja's avatar
He's adorable!!!!!!!
His name, personality and design, EVERYTHING!
ArtyJayWolf's avatar
Bug child must be protected at all costs XD
SpliceDevice's avatar
He must be protected at all costs
theNondescriptNinja's avatar
YES. *grabs AK-47 assualt rifle and grenades and glares around suspiciously for bullies*
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Something tells me that he really won't like Lettuce. XD))
absurd-creature's avatar
PastelRaine's avatar
That one moment where you realise that both of my wynglings wont get along with him ;-; One of them is terrified of bugs and the other would just stare at them angrily
Pannzilla's avatar
smooches him
he's finally here
goldenscalez's avatar
he probably wants to BEE a bug XD

small> okay i'll leave now..
rubberhoes's avatar
bug boi has taken over the group icon
TopazOwl's avatar
there he iiiisssssss, the bug son. He's so pure, protect him
GriffoBird's avatar
adorable bug boi
SoulspiretWolf's avatar
I just wanna give him a big old hug!
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