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NPC: Dryft


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small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) STATS small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) 

Name: Dryft
Gender: Male
Current Age: Teen
Birthday: July 29th
Species: Standard Wyngro
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Hair tuft | Fluff Cheeks | Coatala Ears | Fluffy Limbs | Crescent Tail Tip | Pupils | Teeth | Ribcage Wings | Thumbs | Double Dew Claws 
Quirks: Snide, Sarcastic, Perceptive, Rude, Chill, Insightful, Lazy, Introverted, Dependable, Complainer, Rebellious, Kind of a downer. 
Accessories: Red sash (Worn around his chest and back to cover his wings)
Location: Wynsiph: Azoth's Cottage

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) NPC RELATIONSHIPS small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) 

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Purple Azoth (uncle): Nymble and Dryft's official guardian, who made a promise to their egg with his life. Nymble is always getting scolded by his uncle, for one shenanigan or another. Dryft is more keen to listen to Azoth than Nymble is, and is often doing everything he can to be on his good side. He looks up to Azoth quite fondly, and relies on him for advice and support. 

Bullet; Purple Nymble (brother): Although very opposite in nature, Dryft is often seen tagging along his brother Nymble for one reason or another. (He says it's only to make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble) Although Dryft can often be seen instigating this trouble and often is the brains behind their silly operations. Dryft can be overly critical of Nymble, which causes them to fight a lot. Though despite that, they usually get over it and make up soon after. 

Bullet; Orange Inka: Usually one to avoid direct confrontation, Dryft is more likely to avoid Inka than antagonize her like Nymble does. Due to certain circumstances regarding a missing gem, Inka is incredibly untrusting of Dryft, making him incredibly uncomfortable around her. As such, they tend to have this unsaid tenseness around each other that both try to avoid. 

Bullet; Yellow Giacomo: Although he can't stand his mother, Dryft is a frequenter of the library, so Giacomo and him often interact. Dryft appreciates his meticulous brain, but is also often calling him a wuss with his brother Nymble as well. Mostly, them being together becomes a battle of wits, which has its merits. 

Bullet; Blue Reed: Dryft's closest friend by far, as they both share the same morbid sense of humor and outlook on life. Reed is too often criticized for his position, so Dryft offers an ear to listen to his woes every now and then, and the two often snicker about stupid gros he has to deal with. 

Bullet; Orange Dezzmar: Dryft is not very trusting of Dezzmar, probably due to the long hours Nymble spends helping the man. He's also seen how much of a hard time the man gives his brother, so he's quietly perturbed by the way he's treated there. Dryft just has a sense that he's fake, so he doesn't trust Dezzmar. 

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) MAGIC small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) 

Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Basic

Dryft was able to use some magic when he was younger, but he generally doesn't use it much anymore. While it might be easy to say he simply just has "Manafew" (a deliberating disease which limits the use of magic in a gro), Dr. F claims there are too many inconsistencies which challenge that diagnosis. Azoth simply chalks it up to the boy being generally unmotivated and lazy. Dryft also happens to have a brother that he'll never be able to compete with on a magic scale, so that doesn't help either. When it comes down to it, Dryft is overall just better at using his mind than anything else anyway.
His only real talent in magic is water manipulation, but it's easier to just lug around a watering can, so why bother?

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) HISTORY small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  

Dryft was brought to Wynsiph as an egg by his uncle Azoth, along with Nymble, who shared said egg. (They say it was a miracle they both survived) The only bits of their parents that Azoth has ever shared to the boys, is that they were great wyngrew that met their end too soon, and Azoth had made a promise to care for their sons no matter what. 

Azoth doesn't like to open past wounds about his time before retreating to Wynsiph from the Antovian capitol, but rumors of him being marked as a dark magic magician spread even to this small town. Because of his "mark", he was barred from living anywhere inside of the town, and ridiculed for even venturing in to buy supplies. 
Because the town of Wynsiph falls under Antovian law, it also prohibits a marked wyngro from raising wynglings. As such, Azoth was forced to have them grow up in the Nook, taken care of by Alma. 
Alma had no problem with this of course.... for a while. The twins quickly began to unveil their magical abilities very early on and caused all sorts of ruckus during their stay. Especially Nymble, and especially as they grew to become adolescents. 
Eventually, Alma showed up at Azoth's cottage one day to dump the boys back on him, claiming to "screw the laws, because Antova officials never come to this part of the country anyways" and claimed that she was tired of seeing a part of the Nook on fire every time she turned around, and to get them under control. With a heavy sigh, Azoth begrudgingly agreed to house his unruly nephews.

Dryft gets along okay with Azoth, although he can be very moody and argumentative with his uncle. (Especially during laundry days) He is generally always looking up to him and relying on him for advice. (Nymble calls him a suck up)

 small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) PERSONALITY small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  

Dryft is a big fat sourpuss. No but really, he can be the most cynical, snide little shit you'll ever have a conversation with, but he does actually have a heart. His default setting is simply set to "edgy teen", because any time he does attempt to play nice, he manages to say the wrong thing or become extremely awkward. Being an asshole is just way easier, so he's settled with what works. 
He actually does like when gros pay attention to him and think he's cool. (Which is very difficult when you're constantly overshadows by your obnoxiously loud brother) But you'll never get him to admit that. 
His favorite pass times include reading, especially about history, and having debates about the world and why it's going to end. (Wow. Such thoughts, much deep) 
He currently spends most of his time lounging around Azoth's cottage like a deadbeat or getting pulled along for some reason by Nymble. Although he'd never admit it, Dryft does enjoy hanging with his brother and getting pulled into pranks and shenanigans. It can get lonely at the cottage all alone with Azoth, and he hates getting left out all the time just because Nymble is such a busy socialite. 

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This is a very well written character. I like his personality.

I should take inspiration from this