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NPC: Dr. F



Bandaid STATS Bandaid 

Name: Tommiel Fjarskafinn (Please, just call him Dr. F. ...or Tom, if you really must.)
Gender: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: December 16th
Form: Bipedal
Relationship Status: Pining after [Redacted] 
Known Upgrades: Elegant Hair | Pupils | Full Facial Fur | Long Horn | Horn Nibs | Naked Ears | Brow Changer | Poof Tail | Thumbs | Dual Pointed Elbows | Feathered Wings | Unlimited Clothing | Deelaglands
Quirks: Very focused, proud, dedicated, perceptive, and kind, but cannot take care of himself very well. Loves food.
Accessories: His trusty doctor's coat and apron for holding tools and supplies, and his prized official Light Healer's white and yellow bandana. He's the real deal! Also, his square glasses--but if he's such a great healer, why can't he fix his own eyesight? Was he magically blinded, or such a talented light magician that his eyes hold the very power of the sun itself?? No. He just thinks the specs make him look wise.
Location: Wynsiph

Bandaid EXTRAS Bandaid

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; Orange Zagor: Every time he teaches a class, there's an influx of young Wyngrew with injuries showing up at the clinic...wonder why.

Bullet; Yellow Alma: Dr F is always on-call for the Nook, taking care of anything beyond basic boo-boos for free.

Bandaid MAGIC Bandaid

Specializes in Light magic, particularly healing abilities. Because of his laser focus, he's quite talented in light to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. He secretly wishes he had some time to brush up on wind to make flying to house calls a bit easier...but he's a busy guy.

Wyngro Light Pixel Element   Light | Level: Advanced

Bandaid PAST Bandaid

Dr. F loved the images of pure and powerful light magicians in stories ever since he was a wyngling, and wanted to be a healer himself almost as long as he could remember. He hails from quite far away to the north, and spent a long time studying and a longer time travelling from town to town while practicing his craft, before eventually settling down in Wynsiph. He lost the family that encouraged his studies and so treasures every opportunity to make a new acquaintance--he's quite sociable and never forgets a name or a face.

Bandaid PERSONALITY Bandaid

Dr. F is incredibly knowledgeable about anything regarding medical care and light magic, and dedicated to keeping everyone in Wynsiph in the peak of health. Through his years as a healer, he has seen it all and can spot a fibber a mile away, so no hoping to get out of school or work because you have a 'fever,' and you can forget about trying any excuses. If a wyngro isn't taking care of themselves properly, he's going to tell them so and set them straight. No need to worry too much. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

He can be a little bit of a snoot at times because of his upbringing and expertise, but he does mean well and usually stops himself before he gets too carried away with talking about how smart and talented he is. If there's an emergency or a catastrophe he's always the first one on the scene to try and set things right, so forgive him a little posturing.

As industrious and reliable as he is, Dr. F is a total disaster when it comes to taking care of himself. Cooking, organizing, housekeeping and the like are all a bit beyond him. Don't believe his bluffing when he says he 'just doesn't have time for that nonsense.' Home-cooked meals are the easiest way to get on his good side.

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