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NPC: Dezzmar

F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map STATS F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map

Name: Gibbol Dezzmar (everyone calls him Dezzmar)
Gender: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: February 12th
Species: Standard Wyngro
Form: Bump Nose, Biped
Known Upgrades: Unlimited Clothing | Elegant Hair | Brow Changer | Pupils | Peg Ears | Teeth | Tusks | Feathered Tail Tip | Heel Spikes* | Beard | Thumbs | Body Fluff | Sleek Tail | Scars
Quirks: Bombastic, Show-Off, Active, Adventurous, Humorous, Passionate, Supportive
Accessories:  Shorts, Eyepatch, Belt with accessories, Pink neck shawl & Fingerless gloves
Location: Wynsiph

F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map NPC RELATIONSHIPS F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; Blue Nymble: His apprentice! Nymble helps organize his maps and sell them while he's out adventuring and collecting data. Nymble is passionate about this responsability and often draws his own maps, feeling inspired by his boss. Although Dezzmar gives Nymble a hard time about everything, he does appreciate his service.

Bullet; Yellow Gilligan: Tall tale story friends! Also Gill's one of the few other well-traveled (if only by sea) gro's in town, so they get along quite well, and will often be seen sitting at the lake drinking sap and swaping stories together. 

Bullet; Yellow Maple: Oh no, two flirts in the same room. Whatever will we do.They tend to have a hoot teasing each other while Chester explodes, although it's 100% all jokes. 

Bullet; Orange Chester: Although Dezzmar absolutaly loves teasing this old man, he has nothing in common with him and often argues about the use of magic on society. 

Bullet; Pink Alma: Dezzmar considers Alma to be "one hot mama!", as he puts it. He is constantly flirting with her during interactions. Luckily he is very good with kids, so she enjoys his dropping in if it can keep some troublemakers out of trouble for a few hours. Much like Dr. F, Alma dismisses his romantic gestures most of the time. 

Bullet; Green Dr F: They don't seem to like eachother very much. Probably because Dezzmar uses his own unusual medical remedies and Dr. F doesn't appreciate his stories intruiging young ones into danger. But there may be another reason as well...

Bullet; Green Russell: Dezzmar donated quite a few helpful maps of Auranna to assist the local lawgro, with the simple request that Russell update him if he finds any parts that may need updating or revisions. (He's a bit of a perfectionist) These maps have helped tremendously with scouting and spite infestations over the years, so Russell quite likes Dezzmar and respects him, despite his often goofy personality. 

Bullet; Yellow Azoth: Dezzmar doesn't think Azoth is such a bad guy! In fact, he'll often buys his tea from Nymble & Dryft when they sell it in town. Despite this, he is also very careful to disassociate Azoth from his friend roster when asked about it, just because of his marked status. They are not seen "hanging out", but respect each other somewhat. 

F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map MAGIC F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element Wyngro Water Element Pixel Wyngro Wind Pixel Element Wyngro Earth Pixel Element Wyngro Ice Pixel Element Wyngro Lightning Pixel Element Wyngro Light Pixel Element Dezzmar seems to know a little bit of each element! Although he can't shoot fireballs from his fingers or call snow, he's content with emitting a small flame for making campfires, or giving a bit of a cold immunity when traveling to colder climates! He has traveled a lot and seen many techniques he's picked up along the way. No one knows the extent of his powers truly, as he's mostly found grinding away at his maps indoors, and travels alone. 

F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map HISTORY F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map

Little is known of Dezzmar's exact origins. To hear him tell it: he's been traveling practically since the day his baby spot faded, and has had little need for roots or familiar spaces until recently in his older age. In his youth, he traveled far and wide, seeing more of Ennth than most wyngrew do in their entire lifetime. He began his mapmaking trade early, and honed his craft through years of travel, finding other mapmakers to learn from across the country. He's a well-respected member of the Wynsiph community thanks to his worldly knowledge, and has been bringing busniess to northwest territory thanks to his cartography skills. 

He still travels regularly, returning with updated or new maps to add to his already massive collection. Because Wynipsh is on the edge of uncharted territory, he's especially interested in fleshing out what lies to the north, but it's a ton of work. 

F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map PERSONALITY F2U Sprite Deco: Scroll / Map 

Dezzmar isn't shy about sharing tales of some of the more exotic regions and regaling others with his adventures ... though some might sound too good to be true. Dezzmar has a flair for exaggeration, though it's not like most gros can tell what's a tall tale and what's not. He's particularly fond of trying to impress the ladies with his stories, and is well known to be a shameless flirt. His charisma leaves him well liked throughout the town and is extremely helpful with business. 

He has a special fondness for Nymble, despite his constant screw ups. He's hard on the boy, often screaming at him about spilling ink or messing up his maps. (Thus the nickname "Inkdrop" was given) Nymble is always trying to impress him, often to his detrement. Dezzmar often rolls his eyes and groans when Nymble gets in the way or messes something up, often wondering 'why he even bothers'. 

Dezzmar has great repertoire with most of the town, and they all appreciate his services. Map making takes a good mix of brute strength, magical talent, and intricate detail to explore the uncharted dangers of the world and create accurate detail. He's no artist. In fact, he often tells Nymble to stop embellishing the maps with artist flair because they come with inaccuracies. His maps are detail oriented, providing a perfect clear path for the reader, but lacking much in the way of artistic flair. Wyngrew buy his maps for functionality over presentation though, so it's hardly a concern. 

Overall, Dezzmar is one of those individuals that likes to make an impression on everyone. You won't forget your interaction with him, and he's good at making others feel good about themselves. He can often stretch himself too thin at times though, never having enough time in the day to cater to everyone. It's especially apparent when he goes on his long travels. Many find it strange that such a extroverted man would willing spend weeks and even months traveling alone through the wilderness to do his work, but he claims it's a job that needs doing! 

Artist: Nestly
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