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NPC: Chester and Maple



F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign STATS F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign 


Gender: Female
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: May 29th
Form: Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Fuzzy Lop Ears, Pupils, Elegant Hair, Smooth Mouth, Supple Tail, Dual Pointed Elbows, Stripes Markings
Quirks: Fussy, loving, Nosy, Receptive, Cunning, Wise, Smart-ass, Pushy, Persistent, Chatty, Flirty (she has a dirty mind), Loud, Mathematical (good with numbers)


Gender: Male
Current Age: Elder
Birthday: January 10th
Form: Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Fluffy Cheeks, Brow Changer, Colored Sclera, Pupils, No Ears, Unknown Wings*, Rattle Horns, Back Spikes, Dual Pointed Elbows, Spots Markings, Belly Scales, Camouflage markings
Quirks: Rough around the edges, Old-school, Grumpy, Reserved, a bit judgmental, Hard working, Provider, Generous, No nonsense, thinks outside the box, Artistic, Very modest

F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign RELATIONSHIPS: F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Neutral: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; PurpleMrs. Netty (Daughter): 

Bullet; PurpleThistle (Granddaughter): 

Bullet; PurpleZagor (Son-in-Law):

F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign MAGIC F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign


  Wind | Level: Basic (Taught to her by her daughter)


Is too old school for magic hullabaloo! He refuses to acknowledge the purpose of magical elements and is constantly annoyed by those who flaunt it. 

 F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak SignPAST F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign

Maple and Chester are both born and raised in Wynsiph, and have known each other since childhood, where they hated one another.
As kids, Maple would constantly make fun of and mess with Chester to get his attention, and he'd blow up like a rocket from her antics. Their friend circles were very tight knit, and maybe shenanigans often ensued. 
Even during their early years, friends would describe them as the "old married" couple, bickering and fighting all the time. Mostly Chester being stubborn but eventually letting Maple win. (She's such a sassy pants) 
Chester's family has been in the lumber business for years, building homes for Wynsiph since its early days. Chester never had any inclination to change this generation tradition, being a simply guy and a hard worker. 
However, he did not expect Maple to budge her way into his life as she had. Being the stubborn woman she is, Maple insisted on helping her husband with the business rather than sit back and let him do all the work. 
She provides a "feminine touch" when it comes to home building, often sprinkling in a bit of "unnecessary flair", as Chester remarks. But he can't deny the fact that her little additions help with sales. 

Becoming easily one of the most wealthy and popular businesses in all of Wynsiph, Chester and Maple were always too busy for more than one child-- Nettle. (Netty) 
Although they love her dearly, little Netty spend much of her time in the Nook during her early years while her parents were working. 
Having a natural talent in wind magic and being fascinated with it, the Jurants were able to afford to send her to Antova to study when she was older. (Being in such a wealthy business, they were one of the rare wyngrew in Wynsiph able to afford schooling there) 

Unfortunately Netty's schooling was cut short and came back to live with her parents in order to recover from depression. 
Since, then, they have been supporting her. They even surprised her with a custom house, build right outside of the main town with enough space to have her own magic school. 
(This is where Netty lives and teaches now!)

F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign PERSONALITY F2U Sprite / Pixels: Oak Sign

While Chester is rough and ridges on the outside, he's a big marshmallow on the inside, and will often shout at you for one thing, only to surprise you with a thoughtful gift the next day. He's a big believer of working hard and not complaining. But put your all into something and show that you have literally suffered to achieve something, and he will give you his fantastic approving gaze. (It's well worth it to see)
Chester can also be a bit judgmental on the "new trends" and is not a big believer in magic. While he respects it, he is not in the least a believer that magic should ever be necessary about physical strength. You will often hear him rant about how "Magic users are lazy slackers" and "Back in MY DAY we didn't have magic school. We just DID THE WORK WITH OUR BARE HANDS". 
Chester is both very hard on, and very respectful of Zagor. Extremely critical, but appreciates him for his physical training. 

Maple on the other hand is the loving, bombastic grandma who will squeeze you until you suffocate. She does not respect personal space, embarrassing stories, or privacy in the least. You better involve her in all of your life or she'll be digging it up regardless. She's known as the gossiper around Wynsiph as well, always in with the latest happenings and rolling in connections. Chester dubs her the "Rumor-mill Queen".
Having the role of "accountant" and doing most of the HR type stuff in their business, Maple is very social and friendly with the locals, although everyone knows to never get on her bad side as well. 
She is very open with her daughter and loves to pamper/spoil her at any given chance. Her and Chester have argued over how to raise her since her childhood. Chester annoyed that Maple babies her too much. 
FYI Maple is also a huge perv and will often gross the youngins out with her hip and up-to-date granny talk about that stuff. 

Overall, the couple will mostly be seen giving each other shit, arguing, screaming at each other, and so on. But every so often you'll go up to them and see them rubbing snouts passionately together, a fiery romance still underneath their crazy exterior. 

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Chester's wings look like what I imagine full grown finger wings might look like.... I wonder when these wings will be a upgrade cause ...dame they cool.