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NPC: Azoth



small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) STATS small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate) 

Name: Azoth Zellantro
Species: Imp Wyngro
Sex: Male
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: February 2nd
Form: Bipedal
Location: Fickle Forest
Known Upgrades: Slit Pupils | Colored Scleras | Lop Ears | Dual Pointed Elbows | Teeth | Sleek Tail | Plains Horns | Glowing Eyes | Retractable Claws | Crescent Tail Tip | Unreleased Markings* | Ribcage Wings |  Double Dew Claws | Belly Scales
Quirks: Charming, Suave, Agile, Determined, Passionate,  Persuasive/Manipulative, Cold, Charismatic, Careful

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  NPC RELATIONSHIPS small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Neutral: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

 Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Nymble (Nephew)

 Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Dryft (Nephew)

Bullet; Green Alma (Neutral)

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  MAGIC small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)

Azoth is very experienced in many magics, paralleling even Netty's abilities. Having an affinity for Dark magic at a very young age "marked" him and caused his life to be very difficult. 
This followed him around for his entire life, and he will deny his abilities in Dark Magic if you ask him about it, and discourage you from seeking further into it, due to the damage it's done to his own life. 

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element   Fire | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element   Earth | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Lightning Pixel Element   Lightning | Level: Advanced
Wyngro Ice Pixel Element   Ice | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Light Pixel Element  Light | Level: Advanced
Wyngro Dark Pixel Element  Dark | Level: ???

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  PAST small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)

Azoth seems to have erased most of his past by finding a small town and isolating himself into the outskirts of it for the last few years. Those who still remember him from Antova will recall him being very passionate and an exceptional student, if a bit hot-headed. A lot believed he was born to make the world a better place, and were disappointed to see him become absorbed in dark magic.
Being a very rare sub-species of Wyngro, Azoth was either shunned or praised as a child. Scholarships were easy to come by for him simply because of his status, but classmates were very unkind and jealous of his talents.

Azoth doesn't like to open past wounds about his time before retreating to Wynsiph from the Antova capitol, but rumors of him being marked as a dark magic magician spread even to this small town. The only bits of their parents that Azoth has ever shared is that they were great wyngrew that met their end too soon, and Azoth had made a promise to care for their kin no matter what. 
Because the town of Wynsiph is governed by Antova officially, all marked wyngrew must abide by the laws put in place. (Azoth being officially 'marked' for life) One of these laws prohibits a marked wyngro from raising wynglings. As such, Azoth was forced to have them grow up in the Nook, taken care of by Alma. 
Alma had no problem with this of course.... for a while. The twins quickly began to unveil their magical abilities very early on and caused all sorts of ruckus during their stay. Especially Nymble, and especially as they grew to become adolescents. 
Eventually, Alma showed up at Azoth's cottage one day to dump the boys back on him, claiming to "screw the laws because Antova officials never come to this part of the country anyways" and claimed that she was tired of seeing a part of the nook on fire every time she turned around, and to get them under control. 
With a heavy sigh, Azoth begrudgingly agreed to house his unruly nephews and secretly teach them to control their magic. (Oh so illegally, might I add) 

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  PERSONALITY small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)

Azoth is very proper and appreciates etiquette and refined tastes. He speaks carefully and methodically, until something angers him enough to lose his patience. (Very rare to see him like this)
He keeps to himself to avoid any suspicion. Those knowingly practicing Dark magic are watched very carefully by the kingdom and usually blamed immediately when something suspicious has occurred. (Investigated most recently for the Warptide incident, but found innocent. Azoth was even helpful in the restoration of closing the seal and helping clean things up. Not pleased about being a suspect.)
Azoth despises the kingdom of Antova and is passionate on helping Wyngrew learn about Dark magic. (He hates the terms "Dark" magic and prefers the older term "Shadow magic", before there was stigma against it)
Despite his reputation, Azoth has never been unpleasant upon meeting the townsfolk of Wynsiph.  Although many rumors are spewed about him in town, he is very polite and often tips markets and restaurants very well. Azoth is very distrusting because of his past and unfortunately circumstances, so he will usually not speak about Dark magic if asked. But he will smile and offer you tea.

small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)  INTERACTION small indigo moon crescent bullet (alternate)

Azoth has a magical barrier on his cottage that prevents uninvited Wyngrew from breaking in. If one wants to come into Azoth's cottage, they must get his permission. He only allows those he deems trustworthy into his home, however. Offer him some fine tea and you'll have a good opening to getting to know him, but he can be very cold.
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