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NPC: Alma




Name: Alma Ataru
Gender: Female
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: May 12th
Form: Bipedal
Known Upgrades: Hair tuft | Butt fluff | Pupils | Smooth Mouth | Pudge Ears | Bubble Tail Tip | Thumbs | Dual pointed elbows | Banded markings | Teeth | Brow Changer | Clover pattern | Stripes | Perma-Pouch
Quirks: Motherly, Stern, Cuddly, Wise, Stealthy, Loud, Warm, Forgiving, Rational, Cunning
Accessories: A nice red bandanna and shawl, she is never seen without them!
Location: Wynsiph (The Nook)


Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red   

Bullet; Purple Alice (Eldest Daughter): Alice is Alma's eldest and only daughter. She's always been very close to her mother, starting off working in the Nook when she was very young. Even taking care of hatchlings while she was still on all fours! Alice can be a bit crude and uneducated, due to the busy time in which she was raised, but she will always take her mom's side at any time. Alma relies very heavily on Alice to help out in the Nook, but sincerely appreciates her.

Bullet; Purple Rudy (Youngest Son): Rudy is Alma's baby, through and through. Regardless of him  owning a business and making a name for himself, it's impossible for him to make his mother see him as a functional adult. (It probably doesn't help that he still calls her over when he thinks he's seen a ghost)

Bullet; Purple Randell (Randy) (Middle Son): The estranged son, Randy has always been a bit of a fuck up. Always trying to get his mother's attention, Randy often got into a lot of trouble following bad influences around town. He's always been a show-off and trying to play the hero of his family, but after so many years of blowing his chances, Alma is at her witt's end. She is more curt with him than any other child, barely giving him the time of day when he visits. (He mostly comes into town to mooch) Truly Alma's biggest disappointment. 

Bullet; Blue Mrs. Netty: Mrs. Netty is Alma's good friend. She would always bake the Jurants a pie and gift Netty for her birthday, so Mrs. Netty has always been very supportive of her friend once she came back to Wynsiph. The two are often seen chatting together over tea and cookies, talking about their kids. Alma loves to hear how her wynglings from the Nook have grown up and are doing in Mrs. Netty's magic classes. 

Bullet; Red Dezzmar: Alma stays far away from Dezzmar, and tells anyone who brings his name up about him being a "no good scoundrel". She won't go into it further than that, but if you climb high enough on the gossip train around town, you'll hear whisperings about how he wronged her long ago.

Bullet; Blue Iset: Alma enjoys chatting with Iset about the going ons of town, even if they are very.... different. Mostly, Alma enjoys having her weekly "book club" on Thursday nights where her, Maple, Mrs. Netty and Alice will join Iset's library to mostly gossip and talk smack. (reading is very rarely discussed)

Bullet; Blue Maple: Alma's biggest gossip friend. Always there to help out (or make her husband help out), and fill in about the other side of town. Their families go way back, and Maple has always been a reliable and fun friend to Alma. 

Bullet; Blue Dr. F: Dr. F is very near and dear to Alma as her trusted and dependable friend, but he can be a little.... emotionally needy at times. Most wyngrew around town know that they were in a relationship for a long time, but no one knows quite why Alma broke it off. Still, Dr. F is always supportive and looking for a way back into her heart, and he's not giving up any time soon. 

Bullet; Green Azoth: Although she keeps it very quiet, Alma is one of the only wyngrew in town that has any communication with this marked man. She empathizes with his situation involving Nymble & Dryft, as she cares for the boys very much herself. After the two made too much destruction of the Nook, she trusted Azoth enough to take over in raising them. She checks in periodically and Azoth even gifts her tea as well. 


Alma never bothered to learn magic, and never felt it was needed. She does just fine taking care of an entire hatchery with her own two arms, so had no desire to learn any.

🥚 PAST 🥚

Alma was born and raised in Wynsiph, cared for in the very Hatchery she now runs. Her grandfather established the building and it’s been rebuilt several times throughout the generations. Starting as a small inn for the town, her grandfather came into town one night with an egg he had received from his wife who wanted nothing to do with being a mother. After a fight, grandpa travelled to the small town of Wynsiph with this egg ready to hatch and no idea how to raise it. The innkeeper of the town was kind and allowed him to stay, helped him with his new wyngling and even ended up giving him a permanent stay in one of the rooms.
This kindness from the townsfolk encouraged her grandpa to stay and build a life in the humble village. Eventually, he would take over the inn, and once his children were grown, they helped him build it up to be more of a hatchery for lost eggs, naming it, “The Nook”. A safe place for wynglings to call home when no one wanted them.

Alma was born from her grandfather’s second son. Unfortunately, this son did not follow in his father’s humble ways and wanted nothing to do with his new egg. Grandpa was of course, willing to stay and take care of Alma while her parents ran off to travel the land.
Alma quickly learned how loving and caring the Nook was, and made many friends from living there. Once she was an adult, she never left, and would help her grandpa take care of the new Wynglings coming in. Together, they built a library, another story for rooms, and a full kitchen. The Nook was easily the largest and nicest Hatchery anywhere in the area, and just at its peek, her grandpa passed away, smiling as he went.
Alma now runs the Nook herself, with help from many of the townsfolk and other members of her family that stop by from time to time. She really could not be happier with her job.


Alma is the parental figure to wyngrew that never got the chance to have one. She's kind, nurturing and caring, but young ones will quickly learn not to cross her. She is respected as a caregiver by both young and old. The time young wyngrew spent within the Nook is thought back upon with fondness.
Alma is always there for everyone who needs it, but man does she sometimes with for a goddamn break. The thought of sipping tropical drinks on a warm beach crosses her mind at least 12 times a day. She's used to the work, often appearing tired and sleep deprived. (might explain her temper when a wyngling does something dumb)

Outside of the Nook, Alma is extremely nosey and will butt her way into any conversation that interests her. Although most wyngrew come to her, so she never has to work hard to obtain the juicy gossip she craves. Alma takes life in strides, always appearing the powerhouse woman she's known for. 

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