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NPC: Alma

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Arrow left Name: Alma Ataru
Arrow leftGender: Female
Arrow leftCurrent Age: Middle Aged
Arrow leftBirthday: April 22
Arrow leftForm: Bipedal
Arrow leftKnown Upgrades: Hair tuft | Butt fluff | Pupils | Smooth Mouth | Pudge Ears | Bubble Tail Tip | Thumbs | Dual pointed elbows | Banded markings | Teeth | Brow Changer | Clover pattern | Stripes | *Pouch
Arrow leftQuirks: Motherly, Stern, Cuddly, Wise, Stealthy, Loud, Warm, Forgiving, Rational, Cunning

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Arrow leftFriends: [Mrs. Netty]
Arrow leftFamily: [Rudy] (Son) [Alice] (daughter)
Arrow leftAccessories: A nice red bandanna and shawl, she is never seen without them!

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 Specializes She rarely uses magic other than the occasional Wind or Earth to help her caring for the Wyngling, her gentle levitation makes it easy to rock Wynglings to sleep, while sound manipulation means she can pop up out of seemingly nowhere when young Wyngro's are doing something that could get them in trouble. She has just enough earth magic to heal those small bumps and scrapes, but anything worse than a scratch and she'll send you off to Dr. F!

Wyngro Wind Pixel Element Wind | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element Earth | Level: Basic

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet

Alma was born and raised in Wynsiph, cared for in the very Hatchery she now runs.
Her grandfather established the building and it’s been rebuilt several times throughout the generations. Starting as a small inn for the town, her grandfather came into town one night with an egg he had received from his wife who wanted nothing to do with being a mother. After a fight, grandpa travelled to the small town of Wynsiph with this egg ready to hatch and no idea how to raise it. The innkeeper of the town was kind and allowed him to stay, helped him with his new Wyngling and even ended up giving him a permanent stay in one of the rooms.
This kindness from the townsfolk encouraged her grandpa to stay and build a life in the humble village. Eventually, he would take over the inn, and once his children were grown, they helped him build it up to be more of a hatchery for lost eggs, naming it, “The Nook”. A safe place for Wynglings to call home when no one wanted them.
Alma was born from her grandfather’s second son. Unfortunately, this son did not follow in his father’s humble ways and wanted nothing to do with his new egg. Grandpa was of course, willing to stay and take care of Alma while her parents ran off to travel the lands.
Alma quickly learned how loving and caring the Nook was, and made many friends from living there. Once she was an adult, she never left, and would help her grandpa take care of the new Wynglings coming in. Together, they build a library, another story for the amount coming in to sleep, and many more rooms. The Nook was easily the largest and nicest Hatchery anywhere in the area, and just at its peek, her grandpa passed away, smiling as he went.
Alma now runs the Nook herself, with help from many of the townsfolk and other members of her family that stop by from time to time. She really could not be happier with her job.

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Alma is the parental figure to Wyngro that never got the chance to have one. She's kind, nurturing and caring, however young ones very quickly learn not to cross her word. She is respected as a carer by both young and old, the time young Wyngrew spent within the Nook is thought back upon with fondness.
*Due to the fact that she has been continuously raising young Wynglings for the majority of her life, the pouch upgrade that often appears on female Wyngrew carrying an egg has become a permanent feature of her physique.

Artist: Nestly (Original design by Jemanite )
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Undertale goat mom except she's a kangaroo

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NyFzber69Student General Artist
Her eyes are purple or yellow now?? I’m confused ;;
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remember when she had different feet
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I need to let my gros interact with her more, she's sweet.
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Aww... best mum! :la:
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rip kangaroo mommy
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... Why is the pallet still yellow eyes?
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R.i.p kangaroo mum
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Oh my GOD!! She has the same Birthday as me!! >[]<
I'm going to join this group, I need to be patient for the OPEN day!!
I didn't know that it had opened 20th oct... god how did I miss that ;-; 
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Hey, my bday is April 22nd, too!
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ignore my question imma ask elsewhere

love alma
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Why do I always picture her throwing a chair?
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Can I just say she's already my favorite NPC?
Her design and personality have made me fall in love.
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Ayy just noticed my girl Sakura has the same birthday as Alma does!
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Oh, i never noticed they changed her eye colour.
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i shall
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Someth8ng about Alma changed....
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Sure did (original for comparison: www.google.com/search?q=wyngro…:)
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The eye color changed,wait.....
Don't eye color never change?
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Yeah.. maybe NPCs just have special rules..
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i-it's kurt now?

*existential crisis about whether to call next wyngling curt or kurt*
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