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NPC: Alice

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Wumpa Fruit Bullet  STATS  Wumpa Fruit Bullet 

Name: Alice Ataru
Gender: Female
Current Age: Middle Aged
Birthday: April 25th
Species: Standard Wyngro
Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Location: Wynsiph (The Nook)
Known Upgrades: Hair tuft | Pupils | Horn Stubs | Fuzzy Lop Ears | Curled Fluff Tail | Pure Paws | Thumbs | Finger Paw Pads | Paw Pads | Clover Markings | Teeth | Brow Changer | Fuzzy Limbs | Smooth Shaped Mouth
Quirks: Positive, encouraging, go-getter, gentle, enthusiastic, short temper, clumsy, efficient, organized, not a pushover.

Wumpa Fruit Bullet   NPC RELATIONSHIPS  Wumpa Fruit Bullet

Romantic: Bullet; Pink  | Family: Bullet; Purple | Close to: Bullet; Blue | Enjoys company of: Bullet; Yellow | Shrug: Bullet; Green | Not a fan of: Bullet; Orange | Very tense: Bullet; Red  

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Alma (Mother)
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Rudy (Brother)
Bullet; BlueBullet; Yellow Dusty

Wumpa Fruit Bullet  MAGIC  Wumpa Fruit Bullet 

Alice has spent more of her time learning her A B C’s and 1 2 3’s instead of magic, especially when having to help around the Nook.

Wumpa Fruit Bullet  HISTORY  Wumpa Fruit Bullet 

Alice is Alma’s eldest child, and has grown to see the Nook expand a lot during her lifetime. One thing that really left a strong impression on her, was the number of her playmates growing up that seemed completely unable to do ‘basic’ things. Things like reading bigger words, or writing clear letters. In fact, some of her playmates from the local farming community couldn’t even read at all! Even as a wyngling, Alice made it her mission to read stories to her friends, or help them try to learn how to read themselves.

This passion only grew stronger as she grew older, and her small ‘teaching’ group of friends slowly grew into larger groups of wynglings. Eventually, Alma surprised her daughter with a new expansion to the Nook: a classroom! Alice was given an official teaching position, and has been schooling the Nook’s wynglings ever since.

Wumpa Fruit Bullet PET: POTATOWumpa Fruit Bullet 

Noc: Potato by Wyngrew

Alice named the class pet Potato, dubbing the soft pink noc “as soft and sweet as potatoes and molasses”. She picked the Noc up fairly recently from Kalypso after the two decided to do a sort of trade. A very well tempered Noc, for the prospect that all wynglings growing up in the Nook would use Potato as an introduction on how to care for animals and pets. Kalypso was very passionate about this idea.

Potato quickly came to serve an invaluable role as a quiet pillar of support and hugs for more fragile students who need a smol pink friend who will look at them with loving eyes that seem to say: “I believe in you!”

Alice lets students who are struggling not only have smaller sessions with her, but also ‘teaching time’ with Potato! To read to the noc, or ‘teach’ the noc math, to give them a loving unjudging friend that will never rush or belittle them.

Needless to say that Potato has quickly become the Nook mascot and all wynglings love her to death. Potato especially loves joining for tea parties and getting dressed up. She makes a lot of cute cooing noises and baby talk, often mindlessly repeating words in a slur.

Wumpa Fruit Bullet   PERSONALITY  Wumpa Fruit Bullet

Alice is an extremely enthusiastic teacher, but that enthusiasm can sometimes get her in over her head with overreaching projects for her students. (She’s been known to blow her top now and again when young ones go too far, resulting in a lot of screaming and time outs) Alice has also been teaching long enough that such incidents are now few and far between, and she’s learned much more about what works for youngsters and what doesn’t. Wynglings love her field trips, but hate her spelling tests!

As ironic as it is, Alice often speaks in a sort of bad-grammar slang, has terrible handwriting, and is extremely clumsy. Despite this, she’s excellent on picking out the mistakes of others, so don’t let her exterior fool you!

F2U | Golden Star  Special Thanks to Anyachilla for the Original Concept via NPC Contest!
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Awww. Little Potato reminds me of Greg from the cartoon Over the Garden Wall singing "Potatoes and Molasses".

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Oh man my favourite coloured wyngro teacher?? That peach cobbler is coming to me :eyes:
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So is this school open or is it not ready yet? Just wondering in case I join
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Oh she's very cute!
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this is a tiny thing I noticed but potato's palms are a darker/different color here than on her Noc masterlist picture :0
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How does she, rudy, and alma all have different ear and tail traits?? Isn't that sorta impossible, no matter what traits the father has? (Unless Alice and Rudy have different fathers)
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Well, keep in mind that breeding mechanics don't necessarily make their way into canon story lore. 
Also keep in mind that grandparents/relatives/family lineage are a factor. 

Also I will say this right now that Alma has a lot of kids and she definitely does not have a committed partner. 
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Ohhh alright. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

And lol Alma is a player
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HMMMMMM............ WHO IS FATHER?????????
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Omg I'm in love with that color palette
SHE'S SO PRETTY :heart: I must draw her asap...
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Ahhhh I love this NPC !
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Pretty wyngling teacher NPC??
Y E S.
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TINY POTATO! I can’t believe you did the thing
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I love that their colors match, she's such a good bean
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SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD, she's gunna she so much action and love
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