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False Nova's Prophet - Pop Stars




Location Found: 
Near Volcanic activity and intense heat 
(Never found forming naturally around Wynsiph, but heavily abundant in shops for sale)

The "False Nova's Prophet" is named for it's likeness of the rare "Nova" mineral. It comes in all kinds of different colors, with different names. But the most popular are those that resemble the Nova. And thus, the "False Nova Prophet". 
This stone is easy to collect around active volcanos, magma pockets, or anywhere with active lava. The intense heat from the magma creates a mineral with a hot, unstable core that is shielded by a very hard shell. The shell is very hard to crack in any sort of warm temperature. But once you start going into below freezing temps, a small impact will make this star-shaped rock instantly explode and fizz into dust in the air. Because of this effect, it was given the nickname "Pop Star", or "Popping Star". Wynglings call all of the different color variations Pop Stars. 

Uses: Trickery 
Because of the rarity of real Novas, many retailers have never even seen one. This was when the False Nova's Prophet became used so much as a trick to fool merchants out out of their rare goods. When all they'd receive was a rock that would turn into dust upon the slighting bump the winter. Merchants that had been fooled before would test Novas by throwing them really hard onto the ground to see if they shattered before taking them as payment.
A more seasoned merchant can easily tell a False Novas from a real one. For one, a False Prophet will never have a hole in the middle, (otherwise it would explode) where as all Novas have a hollowed out center. 
They are also not nearly as shiny, and sharp. But, again, poorer merchants have never seen a Nova, and only recognize the shape and color. Sneakier thieves would wait until a child would run the shop for a parent Wyngro shop-owner temporarily. Wynglings manning the shop would often easily be fooled. Some would even try to polish the surface of the False Prophets to get away with this, even though doing so could easily cause it to burst. 
In richer cities, such as Antova, it's incredibly rude to chuck a Nova on the ground or test it with ice magic. A good merchant knows the different by visibility alone. 

Uses: Wyngling Fun
Aside from being used as a ruse, Wynglings LOVE to collect these rocks and play with them. Usually it's a game of collecting all the different colors. Or smacking them hard into the ground to see who is the strongest and can make them explode. Especially in the winter when they crack so easily. Many Wynglings gather round to bring all the Pop stars they've collected and make as many explode at once. 
The dust is harmless when it explodes, almost. It disintegrates into the air so it can't hurt you, but breathing it in can cause severe coughing and respiratory risks. It may also irritate the eyes. Parent Wyngrew really discourage their Wynglings playing with these, and infantile Wynglings are especially at risk. It's also annoying to throw them inside because the dust that eventually falls is like sparkly rainbow glitter and get's everywhere. 
(Alma will kill you if she finds them in your possession!)

Still, many Wynsiph markets have a large stock of these and they sell for very cheap, so unfortunately they are very accessible to Wynglings. Alma has done her fair share of yelling at merchants for selling her Wynglings Pop Stars. 

Major inspiration with creative liberties from the really cool real life's  Prince Rupert's Drop! Check it out to see what a Pop Star looks like when it explodes!

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Kind of reminds me of pyrite.