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Donated Design - Hagane

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Owner: PapaiaKiwi
Artist: WowzaDawg 

History: Bought via Patreon by PapaiaKiwi

Description: It's best advised to approach this wyngling with caution, for he is known to be aggressive and unpredictable. Both wynglings and adults alike feel uneasy and even scared around Hagane. He rarely speaks although it is possible to start a short conversation with him while he's feeling docile enough. Nobody knows his parents or the cause of his behaviour. You can try your best to understand him, for all we know, he might actually be in need of some form of friendship and emotional support...But again, I must advise you to be careful around him.

Comes with the following upgrades:
[ Unusual Colors & Placements ] [ Baby Teef ] [ Colored Sclera ] [ Stripe Markings ]
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