Wolf Maker Download! Old Flash Games Are Saved!

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The internet hath provideth! I knew people would come through for saving old Flash games! The good, intelligent and kind people of the internet have come through for us all and created a way to save all the old flash games of your childhoods:


Or this, which allows you to run Flash games in your browser: https://ruffle.rs/

For Flashpoint, just download Flashpoint Infinity 9.0(or whichever, based on your preferences, but Flashpoint Infinity is just the casual gamer one). Your computer may detect it as a virus(mine did), but this is a false positive. I have downloaded it myself, no problems.

Once you run the Flashpoint program, just type 'Wyndbain' into the search bar and press enter. All of my games are already there! You only need an internet connection the first time you play(so it can download the game). After that, you can play all of my maker games offline! They even have my April Fools game and those horrid test games I made when first starting out, lmao.

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Why isn't Pup Maker on there?!

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I don't know? If it's not and you want it added, you can send a request to the guys that built the program. Although if it's the same puppy maker I'm thinking of, it's quite a popular one and I'm surprised it's not already up there, which means it could have already been included but removed at the creator's request.

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awesome may as well check it out

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There is also an extension called Ruffle. It allows you to run flash programs in your browser.


lol I sound like an ad

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A very informative ad. :D

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Are you sure it's safe? I don't wanna risk downloading it in case I get a virus.

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From their page: "Important Flashpoint components may be detected as a virus; this is a false positive. Follow these instructions to make an exception for Flashpoint if needed. We work hard to keep Flashpoint virus-free."

I trust them, as my own computer is still running fine and virus-free, but If you are uncomfortable downloading something on then internet, then do not download it.

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so, wait any of makers here are flash right? well crude. I want to make pokemon oc

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THANK YOU!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!! I just gave it a whirl, and I'm practically breathing the word "NOSTALGIA"!! Thank you 5,000,000 times!!

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This is fantastic, i'm so glad

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sweet! I just did the first wolf maker on doll divine!!


The internet really is a wonderful place sometimes - thank you, amazing people!

So glad these were able to be saved!

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I can't get it to work for me no matter what I do. I select a game and it refuses to load, giving me a white screen on the flash window

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On the website for the download link, they have a link to their discord, and in there they have a bug/help section where someone might be able to help.

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will it work on mac's?

cause that what I have

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From their FAQ on a question of what operating systems they support: "Mac and Linux versions are constantly in flux due to technology changing left and right in the Windows version and a lack of dedicated maintainers; for the most up-to-date information, you'll have to ask on the Discord."

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I got some on dolldivine for now so Im ok with what I can get to work^^

Fluffypuppy77's avatar

ah, so no. got ya

thank you for looking^^

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Hey, I did all that, and all I got when trying to open the games via the flash player was a white screen. It wouldn't even show that it was downloading. Am I doing something wrong?

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Uuuh, dunno. On the website where you downloaded it from, there's a section that links to their Discord and they have a help/bugs area that you can ask in. Otherwise, I know nothing about this program since it ran with no issues for me.

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Cool. I hope this works with my set up.

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thank you, this is awesome!

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This will be so useful, there are so many flash games from my childhood that I want to play again.

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I know, right!? I'm sooooo happy, because there was this Flash game I played when I was a kid that was basically balloon game, but with dragons, and all I could remember was that it was called 'Wyvern' and every so often over the course of TWO. DECADES. I tried to find that sucker, to no avail. All I managed to find was a website that had a screenshot of it.

And this program, this wonderful program. It's on there. :'D I'm playing Wyvern again after twenty years.

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