Updates and Wolf Maker is 10 Years Old!?

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Hey, hey! I've been quiet on this site, mostly because I don't really like deviant art anymore, and because I've been spending most of my free time writing rather than drawing. I also stopped uploading my fanfic here because... I absolutely haaaaaate dA's system for literature. D:<

'So what's up with the game progress?' you may ask. It's going a bit slow, as I was prioritizing my writing over learning programming, but now that my main fanfic is coming to a close(on AO3, if anyone is interested), I'm getting more into the javascript lessons.

Also, I first uploaded Wolf Maker on Sept. 15th, 2010... TEN YEARS AGO!? Lots of folks have told me that this game was a part of their childhoods, and booooy, it's amazing and awesome and I appreciate you all so much and I'm glad I made something that you've enjoyed as a kid and just so much more mushy sentiments that I can't form into words.

I wish I could say I have something to surprise you all with for the Wolf Maker's tenth anniversary, but that's not going to happen. xD I have made a mock-up of the Night Fury game that works(the mock-up will never see the light of day, lol), but it will take some time to create all the proper elements to run the maker in it's full glory. It will be the catalyst I use to move onto the Wolf Maker, and eventually a proper dragon maker.

There are no set dates for releases yet, but I am working towards including the custom color picker that was a staple of my original games. I believe it was the key element that made them so popular in the first place, as most flash dress-ups didn't have that feature.

So, what can you expect in the near-future? Here are the ideas I have laid out.

Free to download on PC-Patreon Support for Early Access & Bonus Features- Any of my makers that are created from franchises(Night Fury, Pokemon) will always be free, and will not be going on any app stores.

As for the non-copy written material? It would be a dream of mine to be able to be able to support myself with any of my games, because if I made enough, I could spend more time working on more games. I would honestly never have to work a day in my life, because I love doing this. While I may not quit my day-job, I would have more free time to work on games, depending on how things go.

My games have always been free, although at one point, some of them had ads(before the company that ran these closed their system). I would still like the games to be available for free, but maybe outdated versions? I've played with the idea that the latest releases with new items would be available through Patreon(with fun rewards for certain tiers! Custom items/markings/etc.), and app versions would only be a measly .99 cents(the price you pay for taking the makers on the go?). Or .99 to remove ads. It will only have ads if they are not obnoxious.

Once I get closer to this stage, I will have more of a concrete plan, but rest assured that the games will always be available for free, in some form, regardless.

Mobile & Touch Screen Friendly: These will not just be stuck on PC, but you'll be able to take my makers on the go with your phones and tablets.

Save Features: As with the old games, you will be able to save favorite colors you create with the custom color picker. But the best update to this system is that the game will remember your saved palettes. Create a color, save it, then close the program. Open it up again and wallah! It remembers the color you saved from before.

Isn't javascript amazing? You'll also be able to save characters and load them back up again at a later date, so you don't lose any progress if you were in the middle of creating a character and can't finish at the time.

There will also be a button to save the image. No more manual screenshots!

For Re-made Makers, All of the Old Stuff Will Return: Wolf Maker(original and unleashed) and Dragon Maker mainly, will return with all of the original features/markings/items/etc. Plus new things. Honestly, Dragon Maker wasn't even fully finished. It will have many more items on its release this time around.

© 2020 - 2021 Wyndbain
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Hi, first of all thanks for crearing such amazing games and everyting, but I have a question. the updated version of the various maker won't be in flash right? Since it's support will end after this month

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Nope! I don't even own Adobe anymore, since there are so many amazing alternative programs that are free or much, much cheaper than the ones by that greedy company.

Aha, anyways, I already had javascript/HTML4 in mind when it was announced that Flash was going the way of the dinosaurs. :D It's a much more powerful language anyways, so win/win.

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Sounds awesome!

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I am so incredibly stoked to hear that you are working on the dragon maker!

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i remember playing with wolf maker as a kid, I loved it so much! your user has always stuck with me because of it.

maybe as a momento, I'd love to commission you someday to draw the fursona I had back then. that'll probably be down the line, since I'm just getting back into working

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Wow, it's been 10 years?

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Can’t wait! keep up the good work

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Awesome! I'm glad to hear the project is still (slowly) progressing! As long as it's not being rushed out I'm good with waiting.

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thanks for the update

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Looking forward to it. Good luck.
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Welcome back! :)

Ten years have just flown past, i remember making a feral version of my fursona on the wolf maker still got the original picture kicking around somewhere. :)

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It's really been out for 10 years? That's awesome XD

FawnDrawn's avatar

Welcome back!

It would be cool if you made a wings of fire creator!

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