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Dec. 6th 2020 Edit: This journal is now outdated thanks to some good news, everyone! I'm still learning javascript to make new games, but old ones are no longer dying. See my latest journal for that reason.

Because Adobe is killing flash games! D:<

BUT... that just might mean it's time for a "reboot".

(Fwooh-boy it's been a long time since I've drawn a wolf... don't worry, that's just the sketch...)

Edit: I know said I wasn't making makers anymore, but when I stumbled across a new program to make maker games again—MY SPARK WAS REKINDLED!!! Feel free to tell your friends and possibly everyoneyouknow.

Why "rebooted" makers? BECAUSE FLASH IS DYING. Also, it's expensive to buy the subscription for the adobe programs(for me, anyways). I no longer have the actual program to open/edit the original game files. But mainly because Adobe has stated that by 2020, they will no longer be supporting or updating flash player. So all of the browser companies pretty much agreed to boot flash from their own agendas, which is why a lot of people can't even run flash games anymore(flash is now disabled by default on all browsers). This means that ALL Flash games that aren't available in an HTML5 format will be unplayable. All of my maker games will no longer work(so I suggest saving them to your computers if you like the old ones), because they are .swf and not HTML5. I've heard that some folks are trying to figure out ways to make converters, or program javascript to open .swf files, but either way...

Zero score and seven eight years ago, I made the first wolf maker in 2010. That's about a decent enough time to make a reboot, right? (Here's lookin' at you, Ben 10.) Time for some serious upgrades.

I'll call it... Wolf Maker Redux!

So far, I have planned on trying to re-make the original 2010 Wolf Maker, sticking with a more "realistic" wolf base(as you might be able to glean from the picture). I plan on adding in all the items/markings/growths, etc. that are in the original, so nothing will be missed. I even plan on bringing back the glow-stick necklace that I replaced(for some stupid reason), and the open mouth that was done away with in the Wolf Maker Unleashed. A hefty goal, but I'll be releasing the game in stages to testers(Beta, then Alpha, but more on that later) before reaching the goal and considering it a "full release".

Also, in my tests with the new program, it already has a "Save File" option. No more screenshots! (Unless you like screenshots, then carry on.) AND it will be available for mobile devices as well!(Gotta keep up with the tech!)

Anyways, more to come once I have a base game to preview for you guys. Tah-tah for now!
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victorialampini's avatar

I sure hope your dragon creator comes back soon.

That game was really useful for character development ideas for me.

Wyndbain's avatar

Oh! I keep forgetting to update things, but I made a new journal here, if you haven't already found it:

Also, awesome 3D models! nn

victorialampini's avatar

Wow! This is great! Thanks!

Hopefully dolldivine games will be on here soon, too.

Glad you like my models!

Wyndbain's avatar

If they aren't already on there, I believe anyone can request them? They have a channel in their discord and something on the website. Luckily mine were already up there when I found the program, so I didn't have to do any extra work to save my games. xD

fraserod's avatar

will Riolu Maker will be gone by 2020 and beyond

bolttheumbreon's avatar

that is good news. i will miss the riolu maker tho. but i have always loved the wolf maker and i am excited for this. thank u so much!

Starsight2's avatar

How do you save the makers to your computer?

pcc404's avatar

post it o me when finished! (the wolf maker redux)

Sad melody of howling
LostToTheMind's avatar
I'm going to miss your dragon makers so much. I still use them to generate ideas.
Wyndbain's avatar

Well, there is some hope nowadays. nn I posted this journal over a year ago, but since then, there are .swf and flash player apps and programs popping up that can run these old games!

LostToTheMind's avatar
Yes! I didn't know that myself.
Mackenzthedragongirl's avatar
There's an app in the chrome store called supernova SWF enabler, hopefully it'll let me use flash post-2020
Wyndbain's avatar

Heck yeah! Knew someone would come up with something! And I guarantee that won't be the only one. I may try out a few free ones myself to link to them for the games.

rosemmaryy's avatar
Please save all of your dragon makers Crying 
Cavenerd20's avatar

I agree. I really like the dragon maker.

Articuno32's avatar
We can still use outdated and abandoned browsers such as Internet Explorer to play Flash games.
WonderlandTrades's avatar
Dude alot of stuff is still heavily flash reliant tho wtf why rid of flash i dont understand :/...goodbye the flash hello shitty lives of missed nostalgia lol
LeafiaTheNeko's avatar

i think its dumb flash isnt gonna be a thing anymore :(

WonderlandTrades's avatar
Me too! i stll wanna try flash animator i dont see the problem in it i find it very useful.

What are the site that use it gonna do? 

Like there was a video watching site i knew that used flash but i cant remember it now.

U needed flash to watch the videos :/
LeafiaTheNeko's avatar

doll divine is pretty much screwed since all the games there use flash- Blue Link Upset Icon

WonderlandTrades's avatar
idk that site but rip :(
LeafiaTheNeko's avatar

It has character makers much like devianart- like kitten creator puppy creator ect

WonderlandTrades's avatar
I see i see ty well u have a great day :") rip flash~ i heard it wont be till december at least so we have time to gather our things lol
Ville247's avatar

is there a wolf maker that works on ios?

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