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How to Make Your Dragon WIP

By Wyndbain
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Am I too late for the HTTYD 3 hype? I still haven't seen the movie but this thing needs reduxing and it's the simplest of the maker bunch, so here we go!

All of the assets from the original Night Fury Maker have already been re-made(not that there was much), and will be included in the redux release along with something new that some folks had asked about for the old one(which is on display in the preview there). It needs more stuff though, so now it's your turn! Want to see a particular item/marking/feature in the How to Make Your Dragon game? Comment below with suggestions, and I'll pick my favorites and/or the most popular ideas. Not every idea may be incorporated, but I'll try to add as much as I can. Similar ideas may be merged, for example.

Honestly, the thing that will actually take the longest for this game is figuring out the new program. Check out for yourself if you're curious. 
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How do u change the color for the entire things like eye body and markings cause I have no clue

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Maybe add more patterns for it like how other artists made patterns for their nightfury characters...

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how did you make a maker?
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The old makers were programmed in Flash.

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how did you make the new makers?
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I haven't made any new makers? I'm learning javascript programming in order to build them. All I have right now is the artwork for putting them together.

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Any luck with that so far?

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No luck necessary. nn It's all a matter of time simply learning the programming. I will say that, with what I've learned so far, I managed to set up mock interface and created a button that changed the spines of the Night Fury base. The color picker will take some time to learn, but it is possible to make, as I've already seen one in action with javascript.

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* Some way to alter the colour of the main fin, just after the wings.
* For the tail at least, a way to differentiate between the support spines and the membrane when colouring it.
* Individual markings for each wing.
* A much larger number of accessories. Perhaps even some armour.
* The ability to select either an open colour palette or, as with pidgepudge's makers, a pre-selected colour palette.
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* Different positions for the head, tail and wings.

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I'm super excited for when this comes out, hopefully soon :D
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This is so cool! Perhaps you could try some of the paint jobs from the second movie and tv series?
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I know I'm late to the comment train here, but that's SO AWESOME you're making an updated editor!! This is fantastic news, and I'm absolutely delighted to hear that you're working on it.

I don't think you're late at all. I'm eagerly gonna check for updates on your new account, and thanks a ton for taking this project :la:
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You're never too late for HTTYD hype :D I'm looking forward to this!
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Maybe a option to change your dragon into a light fury, bioluminescent makings, and scars?
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Dang i remember a few years ago when i made one with that old template
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I'd like it if there were accessories for prosthetic tails like Toothless has, if that's doable. Thank you for all your wonderful games!
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Toothless' tail prosthetic is already in. nn It's in the screenshot above. It was one of the things a few people asked about for the Night Fury Maker back in the day as well, so I went ahead and added specific Toothless parts.
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This looks really cool! Love Ive never watched "How to Train Your Dragon", but this still seems really neat anyways! 
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Oooooooooo I'm hyped! And it'd be cool to have a bioluminesence thing
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Like Toothless' spine in HTTYD 2? :D Definitely!
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Ah that'd be cool too actually. :0
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Would you be able to make an accent that went on the underside of the neck and belly. That had a swirled effect at its edges.
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