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Comments closed because chain messages. I'm done.

1) Setting Up Flash Stage - How to stop your flash so that things don't play out like a movie.
2) Simple Drag and Drop items.
3) Setting up a closet so drag and drop items will be neat and tidy instead of messy and all over your game.

Now I have something to link people to when I'm asked how I make a dress up game. nn These are pretty much the basics to making item closets for drag and drops, which was one of the things I could NEVER find tutorials on when I went about trying to learn. I can't even remember what I found that finally helped me. ._.

This definitely isn't for newbies to flash though, as it's expected that you already know the basics of making buttons and symbols, enough that you can make flash movies. The reason I didn't include in-depth details on how to make buttons is because there are already a ton of tutorials that exist for this. Type in a search to google and you can find at least 10 tutorials on the first page alone(Or more, I've never looked |P ).


Question: What program do you use to make a flash?
Answer: Adobe Flash. You can find info on their website:… and even purchase it from them. Also, you can try computer stores. 8D

Question: Where did you learn how to program Action Script?
Answer: I took a class in high school that taught me the basics(buttons, animation, tweening, etc.) and another in college that expanded that knowledge(animations within movie clips, layer masks, AWESOME THINGS! etc.), but not particularly how to make a dress-up. Once I understood HOW Action Script worked, I thought of what I wanted my game to do and literally just googled the specific terms, then searched through hundreds(yes, literally, hundreds. x_x ) of tutorials for the ones I wanted. When I found a tutorial with the coding that I wanted, I would work it into my own game and tweak it to make it perform.

Question: How do you make a color picker like in your games?
Answer: The color picker from my earlier games(night fury maker) was not created by me. It was a free flash component that I found online. Last I checked however, it is no longer available for free, so I don't know where anyone can get it now. The color picker that I use now was a custom built picker that I made myself and, unfortunately, is one I will not make a tutorial for. It was created with a combination of different tutorials that I found online, using search terms such as, "AS2 custom color picker" "Hex code picker/display/input" "set color picker" "dress up color picker" etc. I used the knowledge from those multiple tutorials to create the picker that I have now.
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