Dragon Dress Up - First Test
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Sooo...I randomly got the idea in my head to suddenly try my hand at making a "doll maker" or "dress up" game for a dragon character. What originally started out as a test...turned into a ba-zillion parts and pieces that I had never really intended on uploading to dA. However, my brain thought, "In order to test this, I need parts!" I just couldn't stop myself after that. D:

Unfortunately my knowledge of flash doll game making is limited to throwing everything on the same screen so that all the pieces are jumbled up in a rainbow fury of death! And the colors available are veeeeeeery limited.

I'll be attempting to find a tutorial or something in the future that will allow awesome customization, so that anyone can actually use it to create new or existing dragon characters.

The preview image is of this little guy: [link]
Whom I made in celebration of "completing" my first doll maker. :3

ALSO! I'd love to see your creations, so I don't mind comments or notes with links to your screenshots of dressed up dragons.(Make sure to upload in scraps! Because I've been told it's against dA rules to upload them into your main gallery.)
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