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WINNERS ANNOUNCED - Athcatrazna Pup Tryouts (2)!



{ Winners Announced! }

First of all - that you so much everyone who applied! You all had amazing apps!
After deliberating, Tama and I are proud to announce Aryn's newest additions:

Killian - DotW Athena and Alcatraz Pup Tryout by Renezmee Hawthorn [Athcatrazna Pup Tryout] by coywolfe Nero [Athcatrazna pup tryout] by ElectricSimphony

Congrats Renezmee , coywolfe , and ElectricSimphony ! We are so excited to see these boys in the domain! :la:

They, along with Uniskorne 's Tzuri will be born tommorrow! You can go ahead and put them on Aryn apps and submit them to the group!
Just remember to pay for the character slot first, if you have more than one character already!


These beauties will be born in a few days alongside their cousins and will grow up side-by-side with the Athcatrazna litter!
Anyone interested in joining the Puppy-Squad should definitely apply!
Alexaka Pup Tryouts (2) by florafudou

UPDATE: In order to have more than two puppies available up for adoption, we've guaranteed Tzuri's place in the litter! Now up to three puppies can be adopted out instead of just two! :la:

Lady Athena and Lord Alcatraz are expecting a second litter! We are looking for 1-3 more puppies to complete this family! :love: This may be the pair's last litter - so if you've been wanting an Athcatrazna baby don't delay!


1. You must be a member of DotW (:star: New members from the July opening are also welcome to apply!)
2. You may choose the name and gender!
3. You must have the amount of bones necessary to purchase a new character by August 15th
4. You are encouraged to use or take inspiration from any of the above designs, but you may also design your own!
5. If you or your character falls inactive before the pups' juvenile deadline, we ( WynBird and Wildfire-Tama ) will reclaim them and award the pup to someone else. This is the only circumstance under which we will take the character back - once the puppy officially reaches juvenile age, they're all yours!

How to Adopt:

1. Please comment below if you are interested so we can add your name to the list! 
2. Write a full bio for the character as described in this journal
3. Draw the character in your style. Please DO NOT put the puppy on an Aryn application - you may use any other art/colour/pattern as a background!
4. Comment below with a link to your application by 11:59 EST on August 12th. The winner of the pup will be announced by August 14th and the pups will be born August 15th

:star: We will be judging the applications based on originality, how well your character will fit into our family,
how active you are with all your characters on DotW, and the effort put into both your application and everything else you do for the group.

Meet the Family:

  • Parents: 
    • Athena - Lady of Aryn (NobleProudOutspokenSnarkyVindictiveObservantBraveCoquettish)
    • Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn (Noble, Impatient, Curious, Proud, Independent)
  • Littermates:
    • Tzuri - Future Vicar - (NobleProudObservantGlumBraveSecretive, AffectionateShort-TemperedTormentedAwkwardSpiritual)
  • Siblings:
    • Teva - Warden of Aryn (Bold, Shallow, Proud, Independent, Unforgiving)
    • Lazarus - Ranger of Aryn (Laid back, Playful, Adventurous, Sly, Protective, Affectionate, Talented, Dispassionate, Unable to handle feelings)
    • Storm - Ranger of Aryn (Subdued, Quiet, Nervous, Devout, Abstract, Thoughtful, Spiritual, Regal, Adamant, Authoritative, Gentle, Kind, Loyal, Protective)
    • Raphael - Vicar of Aryn (Contemplative, Family-Oriented, Hopeful, Humble, Imaginative, Noble, Self-conscious, Spiritual)
  • Pack:


Good luck everyone! And please comment below if you have any questions! :la:  

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I am so excited! It will be fun to have another character because I already have some plots in mind!
I'll put his application together as soon as possible. Thank you!