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Roran - Minstrel


Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it.

                                        ~ Robert Crawley, Downton Abbey

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{ Basic Information }

Roran ( ROAR-an) || meaning “descendant of champion”)

Nicknames/Aliases: Rory
            Prev: "Barbarian Prince" (a derogatory label given to him by Highvallians, due to the fact that he is a lowblood "prince" from a pack they do not recognize as nobility)

Age: Young Adult

Height: 33" (34" @ adult)

Weight: 87lbs (107lbs @ adult)

Voice: Young Hercules 

Build:  Round eyes and ears, a soft smile. Unruly medium length fur. Pointed features, still round with youth, yet somewhat gaunt due to malnourishment. Deep chest and tapered waist. Still lanky but growing into his legs. Partially deaf in right ear after the attack from Adurna, but this may recover given time.

Themes: Theology/Civilization (Conan the Barbarian OST; Basil Poledouris - Instrumental)
               I Lived (OneRepublic - Vocal)

{ Territory: Fellfang
        (Prev. Highvalley, Delta Steward)
        (Prev. Loner, Tsuii's Band)
        (Prev. Loner)

{ Family: Oromis (Father, Deceased, NPC); Vrael (Adoptive Father, NPC)

{ Rank: Delta

{ Task: Vanguard

"Run, run, lost boy," they say to me, "Away from all of reality."

Neverland is home to lost boys like me, 
And lost boys like me are free.

{ Personality }

{ Charming | Graceless | Irreverent | Lonely | Minstrel | Uncertain | Resourceful | Well-meaning }

Charming but Graceless - Roran is a spunky, easy to like fellow. He is not prone to spite or cruelty and generally laughs in the face of uncertainty. The boy is somewhat lacking in social graces, however. His unpolished manners and downright obliviousness often causes him to unintentionally offend others. 

Irreverent - Rules don't matter much to Roran, who has always had his way of things up to this point. Don't expect him to show submission or tread carefully around strangers. His pack, Adurna, had made their neighbor Teirm practically slaves, and as such Roran has little respect for pack boundaries. He still acts like a prince, even though by Highvalley standards he was nothing but a barbarian, and Fellfang certainly accords him no respecting of status.

Lonely (And In Denial) - The sea of sneering Highvalley faces were a constant barrier for Roran. Fellfang seems more welcoming, but Roran is slower to trust than in the past. He pretends not to mind, but the truth is Rory is terribly lonesome and struggling to accept that he will never be able to really go home. Realizing that Vrael's 'affection' was a fasod and that his pack was never looking for their lost prince to return leaves him without solid ground to stand on. 

Resourceful - Being alone forced Roran to learn fast. His pack was militant and as such he isn't entirely helpless in a fight, despite his young age. He's quick-thinking and resourceful. From youth, Roran had taken to scavenging and stealing from packs. This habit increasingly put him into harms way as pushed more boldly into pack lands. Tsuii and Tollek's infulence further tempered this skill, and Roran has developed a certain talent for eavesdropping and snitching.

Minstrel - Roran has a wonderful voice and enjoys howling. He isn't shy about it either, and sings to pass the time while he travels. Even his recent tragedies have not been enough to extinguish the song in Rory, though there is an air of sorrow in his tunes that was not present before. Roran's songs and dances became a bit of a novelty to the Highvallians, and on occassion he performed for their entertainment - a niche which Rory may have capitalized on if he ever realized the value of it.

Uncertain - Rory doesn't know where he is or why. His life has been a confusing array of betrayal and upheaval, leaving the boy unsure where he fits in to the world. 

Well Meaning - He means well, but often acts out of ignorance and causes more problems. Roran is quick to make assumptions and come to conclusions before fully understanding the situation. He is blindly loyal to those who make the right impression - all it really takes is a charismatic show of kindness, and Roran is all too easy to manipulate.

{ Relationships}

Heart Mate  Death Dead/Missing  Star! Important
Bullet; Pink Attracted to Bullet; Black Hatred

  • Friends
    • Death Tollek – Tollek made Rory uneasy sometimes, but he liked the other male well enough. After they were separated from Tsuii, Roran followed him around like a lost puppy, feeling responsible for Tollek and even trying to find some semblance of a new parental figure in the other male, once Vrael's affection had been proven false. He can't help but feel abandoned by Tollek telling him to stay behind, and guilty too - after all, it was Roran's fault they got lost from Tsuii and Tollek almost died.
  • Mentors
    • Death Bullet; Pink Tsuii– After trying to steal from her and failing, Rory managed to convince Tsuii and her brother to help him find his way home. He's quite taken with her mannerisms and completely blind to her faults. She's also really pretty. *-*

    • Aragon - TBA

    • Edythe - TBA
  • Rivals
    • Death  Bullet; Black Ellesmera (Kidnapper) –  A wicked monster from Teirm, as far and Rory is concerned. She helped Nemo kidnap him, stole him from his home and family.

    • Death  Bullet; Black Nemesis (Kidnapper) – A traitor who, along with Elle, took Roran away from everything he knew.

  • Peers
    • Bullet; Pink Amara – She faced him in a dance off! And showed him some new moves to boot! He likes her a lot.

    • Death Baely – A friendly pack wolf who gave Roran shelter, food, and medicine! Rory might not have survived his first winter without Baely's help!

    • Fable – A friendly pack wolf who gave Roran shelter, food, and medicine! Rory might not have survived his first winter without help from Fable and his pack, and he remembered their kindness when it came time to find a new home after Highvalley scattered.

    • Nadia – A generous pack wolf who gave Roran something to eat, for which he's very grateful!

    • Shiloh – Vicious lone she-wolf who Rory most definitely does not want to meet again! 

    • Shoshana – She's a very grumpy cottonball who wasn't nice at all! :noes:
    • Bullet; Pink Yuaei – As a youngster Roran taught to sing! Her kindness lifted his spirit and he's very happy to have met her. Without her timely intervention after Adurna's attack, Roran would almost certainly be dead.

{ Pre-Group History }

[ tl;dr version - Roran's father was betrayed and his death made to look like an accident. The alpha who took over afterwards planned to murder Roran as well, to secure his power. Elle and Nemo, realizing the Prince was in danger, "kidnapped" him. Not realizing his kidnappers were actually trying to save him, Roran managed to escape but has not been able to find his way home. He believes his old pack is still looking for him, oblivious to the fact that the new alpha would kill Rory if given the chance. ]

Roran is the son of pack Adurna's late alpha. A the time of his birth, the land stood on the precipice of change. For generations, Adurna and it's neighbor, Teirm, had lived as allies. Adurna's plentiful lands fed both packs, and in return Teirm served Adurna by providing warriors and wisdom. But in their bounty, Adurna grew complacent. Tensions began to rise in the pack, as one of Adurna's more ambitious betas sensed weakness in his alpha Oromis's lenient rule. This beta - Vrael - was clever, spreading malicious lies behind the back of their leader and sowing dissent among the wolves of the council. Vrael was also careful to build trust between himself and young prince Roran. Roran began to see the beta Vrael as a sort of 'better' father, and over time Vrael's influence created a wedge between Oromis and Roran. Young Roran was all too quick to believe the rumours circulating around the pack - that his father was weak, foolish, and unfit to rule.

The stage had been perfectly set. The beta orchestrated Oromis's demise, making it look like an accident, and in the chaos that followed, Vrael quickly assumed the mantle of alpha. He imposed new, harsh laws which made Adurna's ally Tierm little more than slaves. Teirm soon cut ties with Adurna, refusing to abide the dictatorship. With Oromis dead there was nothing to stop Vrael from acting on impulse. It was war. Roran was too young to fully understand the weight of this power-shift. Whatever strain was between father and son, losing his father at such an age wounded Roran. His family was gone. His future uncertain. As a show of good faith, Vrael adopted the boy as his own. The new alpha's motives were far from pure, however. In truth, Roran would be a threat to the new line of rulers as long as he lived. Unbenknownst to the young wolf, his new 'father' was planning to kill him in due time. Vrael was patient, but he would tolerate no rivals, and no disobedience.  

In the end, Teirm was destroyed. Most died, some were taken prisoner. One of these prisoners was the black female, Ellesmera. Not content to await her fate, Elle plotted with another prisoner, Nemo, to escape. Nemo was a wolf of Adurna, and she knew that Roran's life would be in danger as long as Vrael was in power. They decided to take the young boy with them, that he might be spared. So it came to pass that, the night of their escape, Roran was 'rescued' under the guise of their hostage. Understanding only that these two females were criminals with good reason to want revenge, Roran resisted and, eventually, escaped on his own. He believed his adoptive father would find him. But they were far from Adurna now. Roran was hopelessly lost. And he does not understand why Vrael has not sent wolves to bring him home.


{ Group History }

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{ Misc. Art }


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