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Rhaegan - Apostate
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Published: October 2, 2014
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"For each of us destiny is a blend of potential, circumstances, and choices.”

― Brandon Mull, A World Without Heroes

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{ Basic Identification }

{ Name: 
Rhaegan (RAY-gan || meaning “Judgment” or “Decision” or “Little King”)

Nicknames/Aliases: Rhae; Oathbreaker; Lord Grumpytart

Age: Adult

Height: 35.5”

Weight: 137lbs 133lbs (Weakened by injuries both physical and mental, but beginning to put himself back together)

Voice: Dragons Narrator

Build: Possesses his father’s brutish strength and size, but has also inherited his mother’s more graceful features. His entire body is well-built, though he is noticeably front-heavy with a thick neck and well-muscled shoulders. Sports a sleek, almost silky coat and a long tail. Narrow, bright eyes; small ears (one of which is bent awkwardly); and a large nose. Toes are thick and heavy, and bear sharply pointed claws. Still a bit haggard looking from his self-imposed exile, there is a light in Rhaegan's eyes that displays the new hope he is found, and he is steadily regaining his health and self-confidence.

Scent: Moss and conifer
            Adult (previously): Malnourishment and solitude
            Adult (previously previously): Starvation and sadness
            Young Adult: Thistle, marrow, and moss
            Juvenile: Conifer and blood
            Pup: Swamp water, stale meat, and mud.

Themes: Wait For It (Leslie Odom Jr.) || One Day (Hanz Zimmer, Instrumental)
               :star: Rhaegan's Playlist

Territory: Tentaka

Rank: Delta Tora


Mate: n/a
Offspring: n/a
Parents: Ivan ( :skull:Hexa ( :skull: )
Siblings: Polaris (Estranged), Enzo (Disowned), Renier ( :skull: ), Aleksey ( :skull: ), Reicher ( :skull: ) 
Aunts & Uncles: Davis ( :skull: ), Paxton ( :skull: ), Rowan (Unknown, :skull: )
Cousins: Reed (Unknown, :skull:), Nadia (Unknown), Juniper (Unknown, :skull: ), Ramona (Unknown, :skull: )
Nieces & Nephews: Shenandoah (Estranged)
Grandparents: Roman (:skull: )

Friends: Finarel?

Enemies: Hekate, Alar ( :skull: ), Aryn Pack (Fugitive), Vektren Pack, Coyotes

{ Personality }

ISTJ "The Guardian"

Bitter | Dauntless | Dedicated | Honourable | Inquisitive | Questioning | Reserved  | Sensible | Self-reliant | Loyal }


    • Not the most approachable of wolves, Rhaegan has traditionally found difficulty forming bonds with others. He is selective about displays of intimacy or empathy and rarely manages to develop strong ties with others. As a result he often appears cold or haughty at face value. He readily acknowledges the strength wolves can find in one another and does not scorn companionship, but having more or less raised himself, solitude is the way he is accustomed to and most comfortable with. 

    • Intelligent, intimidating, and indomitable, the wolf is a force to be reckoned with. Not one who needs to use tooth and claw to make a point; Rhaegan projects a deadly aura which is enough to deter most opponents without him needing to prove that his bite is far worse than his bark. 

    • Though a keen listener, Rhaegan often fails to respond or even adequately acknowledge the opinions of others. Despite the deep well of convictions which drives him, it can be difficult to know where he stands or what he feels, as Rhaegan is content to keep his own opinion to himself most of the time. He does not waste words and when Rhaegan does choose to speak, he doesn't sugar coat it.


    • Rhaegan has an inquisitive mind and the unfamiliar or unexpected tend to pique his interest. He will investigate anything he's never seen before, regardless of whether or not it might be dangerous. Though he prefers to apply tried-and-true solutions to problems, Rhaegan draws from a deep well of experience that is ever-growing.

    • Rhae isn't afraid to bite off more than he can chew. When he sets his mind to something, defeat is not an option. He will pursue his goals tirelessly, to the point of impracticality, and woe betide the wolf who gets in his way. The sheer force of his will has enabled Rhaegan to survive countless battles and betrayals, making him a formidable enemy.

    • Stupid isn't good. Stupid gets you killed. Rhae's impulsiveness is tempered by the school of hard knocks. The wolf was raised in exile and wasted most of his youth courting vengeance and warfare. He's learned many hard lessons in that time, and knows intimately that going about affairs sloppily can be a fatal mistake. That notwithstanding, Rhaegan can be proud to the point of arrogance, which means for all his sensibilities he often fails to anticipate failure or formulate pesky "exit strategies."  


    • Rhaegan believes in a world of good and evil, and attempts to align himself according to his perception of justice. In the past he clung to honour like a lifeline, using it to justify his crusades. Time alone and a lot of self-reflection have led Rhaegan to seek new ways of understanding the world. He feels regret for the sins of his past and wants to be the sort of wolf Ella always believed him to be. 

    • Rhaegan favours open challenges of merit, and is exceptionally disdainful of schemers and deceivers. Senseless killing is not his style, but Rhaegan revels in spilling the blood of those he considers his enemies

    • Though it may take a long time and a small measure of luck to gain Rhaegan’s trust, once his confidence has been earned Rhaegan makes an unshakable ally. He is fiercely protective of those he considers his family, defending their interests as readily as his own. There is no one the wolf is more devoted to that Finarel.


    • Rhaegan is somewhat lost these days, caught between who he is and the terrifying possibility of who he could be. This dissonance no longer feels like a condemnation, as it did in the months following his exile from Vale and the severe depression that followed. He wants to know what the world can offer him, and perhaps for the first time, really believes peace might be within his reach.

    • His chaotic life left him considerably disillusioned. Having lost faith in the greater good at a young age, many of Rhae's better qualities disappeared deep inside him. Finarel's warming influence has given Rhaegan reason to find wonder in the world once more, and he is learning to push back against a lifetime of self-doubt and all-too frequently realized fear of betrayal.

{ Relationships }

{ History }

The offspring of Hexa and Ivan, Rhaegan and his siblings were born shortly after Stallion's violent takeover of Pack Blutwald. His parent's were fiercely loyal to the old order, and so were cast out of their home, forced to scratch out an existence as exiled loners. Hexa was crippled and nearly killed by Stallion in her attempt to avenge the old ruler, Roman's, murder. She endured long enough to birth Roman's grandchildren, the rightful heirs of Blutwald, and then drowned herself. Being only an infant at the time, Rhaegan has little memory of his mother. His earliest recollections are those of his brothers and father, the only 'pack' he knew as a pup.

The suicide of his mother and subsequent disappearance of his sister, father, and brothers has left Rhaegan with a deeply rooted sense low self-worth. They were his only real family, now they're gone, and he couldn't help but wonder if his own inadequacy was to blame for it somehow. Rhaegan built up a considerable amount of bitterness and frustration over Ivan and Hexa's abandonment, an anger he leveled on the only thing left out there to blame - Blutwald. Originally this had been an outcry, a child's attempt to earn the approval of his absent parents. Over time it grew in a deeply rooted hatred, devoid of reason, and the quest for vengeance consumed Rhaegan entirely. Though he recognized that his family was not altogether faultless, Rhaegan desired wholeheartedly to avenge his parents and grandfather. It was the only sense of value and purpose he could cling to, and so he clung to it with fanatical desperation. What Stallion did to Roman and Hexa was utterly unforgivable.  For season upon season he haunted the borders of the Red Pack, seeking a way to meet his goal.

Opportunity struck when Aryn pack found itself locked in a cold war with Blutwald. Rhaegan quickly made his services available to the newer pack, realizing the opportunity war would bring. During a peace talk between the two packs, Rhaegan launched an ambush, effectively destroying any opportunity for peaceful resolution between Aryn and Blutwald, in order to complete his quest for revenge. He attempted to kill Stallion's daughter Bloom and his mate, Winema. Though both assaults ultimately were not fatal both wolves suffered gruesome wounds. During the battle Rhaegan was reunited with his lost sister, Polaris, only to discover that she held allegiance to Stallion's kin and wanted no part of her true family. Even as Blutwald fell apart in the war, Aris remained steadfastly loyal to Stallion and rejected her trueborn brother. Winema ultimately forgave him for his assault. Rhaegan's great victory was the crippling of Winema and downfall of Blutwald, but this no longer felt like enough and Rhaegan wondered when he would begin to feel glad of his triumph.

Conflicted by Winema's forgiveness and Aris's rejection, he very briefly joined Fellfang, but did not truly feel part of it. Those that knew him were wary, and he was too proud to make any attempt to repair his relationships. Fable offered a new start, but Rhaegan had not been ready to accept it. When a dark wolf named Renier found Rhaegan, claiming to be a son of Hexa who was searching for his lost brothers, and even more importantly - to know where to finally find the traitor, Stallion himself, Rhaegan left Fellfang to follow Renier without so much as a goodbye. Blutwald's demise had not sustained him, but claiming vengeance on the murderer himself? Surely this would be enough.

But Renier proved problematic. Using trickery to cheat his way to victory, Renier took over a nearby pack known as Vale. Enlisting Rhaegan as a soldier, Renier murdered the alpha and subjected the pack to new, harsh law that severely limited the freedom of the wolves within it. Blinded by hatred and the promise of Stallion's death as a reward, Rhaegan eagerly took part in the assault. But afterward, the weight of his decision began to weigh on Rhaegan. He realized that in helping Renier take over Vale for a personal vendetta, Rhaegan had done to Vale what Stallion himself had done to Blutwald, all those seasons ago. Guilt was almost overpowering as Rhae found himself no better than those same wolves he had sworn to destroy.

Unrest spread through Vale, and it did not take long for Rhaegan to pick up on the signs of a brewing rebellion. In his attempts to hunt down 'traitors', he came across a young she-wolf known as Finarel who seemed neither frightened nor suspicious of him. This was a strange sensation, and upon realizing that Finarel was one of the rebels, Rhaegan could not bring himself to turn her in to Renier. He began to realize that perhaps his path to atonement lay in helping Finarel and her family reclaim their freedom. Even if that meant betraying Renier.

Soon the unrest in Vale turned to violence, and sensing the opportunity, a snake in the den made his move. Alar, one of Renier's Watchmen, tricked Renier, and Renier's estranged mate Wren, into leaving Vale and then took steps to ensure Renier never returned. Their young daughter, Shenandoah, was quick to believe it when Alar attempted to blame the 'death' of the monarchs on others - and Rhaegan, who's sympathies to the rebels were known, made an easy scapegoat. Accused of murdering his own brother, Rhaegan was beaten senseless by those who he had once served alongside and then left to die. The rebels attempted to aid him after he was thrown out, but utterly broken, the wolf was prepared to commit suicide rather than live in disgrace. Only when Finarel discovered him was his plan for self-destruction challenged, and under her careful nursing Rhaegan was restored to life. But he remained listless, unable to find any purpose to cling to and feeling the void of that lack of direction keenly.

In a last ditch effort, the Rebels gathered once more to attempt to oust the new false king Alar. Rhaegan joined them. It was a suicidal mission, and he was not yet strong enough for battle, but Finarel had chosen to fight and if Rhaegan was going to die, it seemed that dying for her would be the best way to go. Her stubborn affection for him was the only thing Rhaegan relied on any longer. But as the rebels attacked and were quickly overwhelmed, a miracle happened. Faust, long believed dead, returned to rally his people and vanquish Alar. Cries of terror turned to cheers as the true Alpha of Vale reclaimed his title. Rhaegan was relieved for the wolves of Vale but realized quickly that Faust's return would mean Rhaegan's time in Vale was at an end. Faust would know Rhaegan only as a traitor, and Rhae would never be trusted in this pack after helping to enslave it in the first place. 

In the dead of night, as Vale celebrated it's freedom, Rhaegan slipped away into exile.

For seasons afterward, Rhaegan wandered without hope for himself. But time brought healing, and eventually the loner realized that he could not go back to the wolf he was before - and perhaps this was for the best. He no longer desired a life alone, fighting the battles of other wolves. And for the first time, he began to wonder if such a life might be possible. Rhaegan has returned to the Domain seeking the truth, and hoping to reunite with the one who first showed him that there were things worth living for, Ella.

{ Activity }

  • FALL
    • Born
    • Family [Infant Rhaegan with family] Art*
    • Little Heirs [Infant Rhaegan with family] Art*
    • In the end... [Hexa's suicide] Art*
    • I'll look after you [Enzo find his siblings after Hexa drowns] Art*
    • Babysitting [Davis babysits his nephews, Rhaegan, Reicher, and Aleksey] Art*
    • Storytime [Charaka gives Rhaegan some advice] RP 1 | RP 2 | Art (MSE May '18)
    • Harassment [Vaiyalhi harasses Rhaegan] RP | Art*
    • Antebellum [Estella & Rhaegan becomes friends as children] RP | Art*
    • Master of Mayhem [Rhaegan catches a frog] Art
    • I'll Look After You [Davis adopts Rhaegan and Aleksey] Art*
    • Mother's Not Coming Back [Enzo takes Rhaegan out for a hard conversation] RP
    • You Belong on a Christmas Card [Rhaegan stalking] Art
    • Heirs [Rhaegan attacks Bloom] RP | Art
    • Fix Those Wounds [Rhaegan is treated by Nahi] RP
    • A Storm is Coming [Rhaegan at the Blutwald Border] Art
    • Runawaaaaay [Rhaegan attacks Caidan] Art
    • Crossroads [Rhaegan makes a bargain with Valda] RP
    • Daddy Issues [Rhaegan and Veron] Art
    • I Guess You Are A Little Cute... [Rhaegan and Veron] Art*
    • Something Wicked [Rhaegan and Veron meet Hekate] RP
    • Dance with the Devil [Rhaegan being roguish] Art*
    • Never Say Goodbye [Veron and Rhaegan part] Art
    • Revelation [Rhaegan reunites with Estella, she questions his motives] RP | Art
    • My Brother's Keeper [Rhaegan meets Renier] RP
    • Soldiers [Rhaegan allies with Aryn] Art
    • Sins of the Fathers [Rhaegan threatens Bloom] RP
    • Fall of the Hammer/Drums of War [Rhaegan instigates war between Aryn & Blutwald] P1 | P2
    • Outbreak [Rhaegan wounds Bloom and fights Alcatraz] RP
    • Blood Feud [Rhaegan seeks revenge and makes an unexpected discovery] RP 1 | RP 2 | RP 3 | Art
  • FALL
    • Skuld [Rhaegan joins Fellfang] Art*
    • In Snow [Rhaegan haunts the forest] Art*
    • Sunshine, Flowers, and No [Syber tries to play with Rhaegan] Art
    • Divine Intervention [Rhaegan meets Rutnik] RP
    • Brotherly Love [Rhaegan and Renier are brothers] Art*
    • Blood Coven [Renier puts his plan into motion] RP
    • Battle for Vale [Rhaegan stalks the battlefield] RP
    • The Final Feud / The Only Sound [Rhaegan meets Stallion in battle] RP | Art
    • Blackbird Song [Rhaegan confronts Renier] RP
    • Blackguard [Rhaegan refuses to make amends with Veron] RP
    • I Told You So [Hekate mocks Rhaegan] RP
    • Guilt [Rhaegan questions his motives] Art
    • What Remains [Rhaegan makes truce with Wren] RP (nti)
    • Painted Black [The Black Watch assembles] Art
    • Night Gathers [Rhaegan watches over Vale] Art
    • Nature of the Beast [Rhaegan saves Uhera, and makes an example] RP
    • It's Called a 'Hobby' [Gunnvarr explains a thing] RP
    • Solitude [Rhaegan encounters Akuto, finds something unexpected] RP (nti)
    • In This Together [Rhaegan meets Nyru] RP (nti)
    • Sons of Hexa [Rhaegan with his brothers] Art*
    • Dark Wings, Dark Words [Rhaegan meets Finarel] RP | Art
    • A Change of Heart [Rhaegan decides to help Brunhilda and her children] P1 (nti) | P2 (nti)
    • Fifteen Loners on a Dead Wolf's Chest [Rhaegan and Charaka hunt a violent rogue] RP
    • Rhaege [Snarly Rhaegan] Art
    • First Meeting [The Vale Rebels meet] P1 (nti) | P2 (nti)
    • The Black Watch [Rhaegan is framed for the murder of Vale's Monarchs] P1 | P2
    • Wolf [Shenandoah sees enemies everywhere] Art*
    • Take Me Back [Rhaegan recalls his childhood] Art
    • Indifference [Loki tries to convince Rhaegan to fight again] RP
    • Too Far Gone [Rhaegan reaches breaking point]Lit
    • Light a Fire [Ella interrupts Rhaegan's stupid plan] RP | Art
  • FALL
    • Bring Back What Once Was Mine [Shen and Ella remember who they've lost] Art
    • The Question On the Table [Lilly explains all Vale are her children] Art*
    • All I Need [Ella and Rhaegan embrace] Art
    • The Battle for Vale [Rhaegan joins the battle to free Vale from Alar's control] P1(1) | P2(2) | P3(3) | P4(1) 
    • The Passing Storm [Rhaegan leaves Vale] Art
    • Only Just a Dream [Rhaegan leaves Ella] RP
    • The Trees Were Dead [Rhaegan is too late to apologize] Art
    • We Were Frail [Rhaegan struggles to survive winter alone] Art
    • Draugr [Rhaegan continues to mope] Art
    • Left Behind [Rhaegan leaves the Domain] Art
    • Rhaegan travels beyond the Domain
  • FALL
    • Prodigal Son [Rhaegan decides to find the truth]Lit
    • Winter Wanderer [Rhaegan on a winter night] Art*
    • A Chance Encounter [Kaiser tells Rhae about Vale] RP
    • A Hard Teacher [Rhaegan reunites with Akuto] RP
    • Comfort in Silence [Rhaegan meets Qiang] RP
    • Never Is A Promise [Rhaegan reunites with Ella] RP
    • Love Will Find A Way [Rhaella] Art*
    • The Sun, The River, and You [Rhaegan relaxes ont he riverbank with Ella] Art
    • I'll Be Good [Rhaella] Art
  • FALL
    • The Art Of Hunting, Pack [Rhaegan follows Rey on a hunt] Art*
    • Dawn Breaks [Rhaegan watches a new day rise] Art (0)
    • Tora [Rhaegan stalks in bamboo] Art (1)
    • Shadows and Sunlight [Rhaella wedding] Short Film (3)

{ Misc. Art }

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Nice!! Hopefully Char’s grandson Athens will get to be a Tora too!
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh that would be awesome! :la:
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Fireshrike|Student Digital Artist
excited happy by AddMedia  Eeee the green suits him so well!  I can't wait to see him in the pack! >u<
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
It doess ;w; Same, I'm so excited! :la:
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switt|Hobbyist Digital Artist

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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist

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Wolfess4|Hobbyist General Artist
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
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Wolfess4|Hobbyist General Artist
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Oooh he is moving? :D 
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
Yis! ovo
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Maybe he will find a (good) friend there XD 
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Woylvesbane|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Rank: A Sad Potato"
(I love this sad ball of fluff and despair)
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
Haha the struggle is real xD

Thank you! <33
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"Scent: Sadness"

Me too Rhaegan, me too. Sad dummy 
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
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I have followed DotW for like. 3 years now.
& I just realized that
Rhaegan is
a darker version
of Hexa

...I'm so done @ myself GO FIGURE IEL
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
LOL Like momma like son! xD
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Hirvlased|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
The Loner's app is grey and depressing

Like his life right now
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chijxue|Student Digital Artist
He's absolutely stunning!! *^*
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ;w;
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Tauxolouve|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Excuse u he's beautiful. It is illegal to be that beautiful, ahhh. :heart:
In all seriousness, though, holy crap. Gorgeousness is in front of me and it's your art. ;P
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
Ahaha aw man, thank you! <3 You're too nice ;u;

Rhae would be much more handsome if he could remember to smile from time to time xD
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