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RETIRED - Ira - Elska of Vale



Ira Medallion by WynBird

“Your will shall decide your destiny.”

                                            ~ Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

{ Basic Information }

Name: Ira ( EYE-raa || "Watchful" or "Wrath" or "Snow")

Nickames/Titles: The Pale Huntress; Ghost of Havir; 

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Height: 35"

Weight: 100lbs

Build: Stiff, lean, and fierce. Several injuries from fighting off intruders and other predators, and fall into the river. One scar on the back of her neck from a wound that probably should have killed her.

{ Voice: Serana from Skyrim (Bonus! Singing voice)

{ Scent: Conifer leaf and Pine wood; Sometimes juniper

{Themes:  Forget - Marina and the Diamonds | Falls of Glory - Bruhnuville (Instrumental)
                  Havir Arc: Breath of Life - Florence & the Machine
                  Ira's Playlist

Territory: Vale (Formerly Havir)

Family: Faust (Mate)
                 Gabriel (Son), Charlotte (Daughter), Elisabet (Daughter), Nikolai (Son)
                 Saurugol (Adoptive Father, Deceased), 
                 Nadina (Sister, estranged), Arthur (Adoptive Brother), Zevahni (Adoptive Sister, Deceased),
                 Alastor (Nephew), Renae (Niece)
                 Aphrodi (Adoptive Uncle/Cousin), Westin (Adoptive Uncle/Cousin, Missing)

Friends: FaustArthur

Enemies: n/a

Rank: Elska of Vale (Previously Beta Hunt Master of Havir)

{ Personality }

Blunt  | CompetentConceited | Devout | Disillusioned | Distant | Domineering | Idealistic | Insecure | Perfectionist | Romantic | Stubborn | Superstitious | Vindictive }


    • IRA WAS BADLY SHAKEN by the destruction of Havir and events immediately following. As such, she's blocked out the memory of much of what happened following the explosion, but still tends to be plagued by nightmares - the memories that she has tried so hard to forget. She is tense, irascible, and insolent towards her fellow Havirians. Unsure who to blame, Ira has settled for blaming everyone.

    • The beta's attempts to rally the pack during the crisis were met with hostility and confusion. Already suffering from doubts, Ira has all but lost faith in her fellows who were so quick to forget the Havirian cornerstones or Respect and Rank when faced with the unknown. Moreover, and less consciously, she questions her own qualifications as a beta. If they did not trust her in their time of need, what place has she as a figure of authority? Even Faust is not privy to this private suffering. 

    • As Vale recovers and Ira settles into her new role as Elska and mother, these wounds have slowly begun to heal.


    • After her encounter with the god of death, Adetunji, Ira has found her faith reawakened. She believes it is his voice that led her through the madness of Havir's destruction, a revelation Ira has been careful to keep a secret - both out of mistrust for her fellows and a lack of understanding to the meaning of the god's intervention.

    •  Ira puts great stock in prophecy and foresight. Indeed, the quickest way into her trust is by showing some proficiency with these gifts. She believes there are sacred places, cursed and dangerous to trespass upon. There are dreams which tell the future. Visions that warn of calamities to come. And there are most certainly ghosts haunting the woods at night. 


    • Ira's the sort to pluck out an eye if it offends her, rather than let the entire body be tainted. Treacherous vandr are not welcome into her confidence, nor is any insurrection within pack rank. Sensitive and prone to holding grudges, Ira is quick to judge and can be especially harsh on wolves who have disappointed her in the past. 

    • She believes wholeheartedly that the pack can only remain strong if the laws which govern it are abided. Laxness or disrespect, are therefore, some of the most dangerous traits to display in her presence. She will assert her dominance violently at almost any hint of a challenge. 

    • However, despite her devotion to tradition, both time and toil have tempered the pale wolf's spirit. The gods work in sometimes incomprehensible ways, and the Elska has learned that the law is not always superior to one's own heart. 


    • A fiery and willful wolf, Ira has little patience for political-correctness, preferring to be as straightforward and unyielding as an avalanche. Those who presume too much will face her unbridled wrath, as Ira is not known for her finesse. She has no tolerance for grovelers, either, making her seem almost impossible to please. As Elska of Vale, she expects both competence and deference from her subordinates. She often prefers to take charge of situations herself, and will not hesitate to dismiss or push other wolves aside at the slightest display of incompetence. It is difficult for Ira to delegate authority, because so few meet her high standards.


    • Ira has spent a great deal of time and dedication to honing her skills as a huntress. She considers herself one of, if not the, best hunter in Vale - perhaps in all the Domain. Though Ira has great respect for others of her task, she insists on correcting even relatively minor mistakes they might make, and will quickly dismiss advice which contradicts her own personal experiences. She is self-assured at best, given the fact that she is often able to back up her confidence with equal action. She is not, however, invincible, though she would like to believe it. Talented though Ira might be, she carries a certain degree of delusion around.

    • Additionally, Ira is exceptionally proud of her unique coat and considers herself divinely marked. Due to her albinism, Ira favours nighttime and deep forest. She avoids the ocean during the day, as well as stretches of open space, as these are too bright for her blood-eyes to see well. She is disdainful of this weakness and prefers to pretend her habits are an act of preference, rather than necessity.


    • In her secret heart, Ira holds on to a certain degree of idealism which the many tragedies of her life have not managed to beat out of her. Faust's abandonment left her disdainful of love - when he returned, Ira felt as if her entire world had been turned on it's head. She tried to be angry, she tried to forget him, but in the end the flame that burned between them was impossible to extinguish. Much of the future remains uncertain, and Ira is afraid. But with Faust beside her at last, she is confident that no matter what happens, they can get through it, together. 

    • Despite her outward projection of coldness and self-superiority, Ira craves close companionship among those she can consider equals. She wishes to be able to put faith in others, though Ira is often too suspicious and impatient to provide them with such an opportunity. 

  • { AS A PARENT:

    • Ira is an attentive and assertive mother, considering the well-being of her offspring the most important and sacred task to which she has ever been appointed. They represent her past, present, and future. It could even be said she sees them as an extension of herself, and their success as individuals directly reflects back on her as a parent. She is stern in her tutelage and does not tolerate laxness or misbehavior, but it would be wrong to assume that Ira does this out of indifference to her pups' personal feelings. She knows that the world can be brutal and cold, and to survive in it, her children must be prepared. 

    • Moreover, though her expectations are high, Ira is in fact very affectionate with her children. Her own father being quite distant in her youth, Ira is determined not to leave her children with that same sense of separation. She takes pride in tutoring them, is eager to praise their success, and their sense of wonder about the world has reawakened her own. They are her world, and she is their Champion - ready to defend them from any and all threats.

    • In the wake of Havir's devastation, the upbringing of her heirs has played a key role in helping the Elska heal emotionally from the loss of her home and family. Particularly as younglings, Ira is reluctant to leave her brood in the care of others, even for a short time, and is noticeably more erratic and irritable when separated from them. 

{ Relationships }

{ Pre-Group History }

Ira was not born to the pack of Havir. She was found alone in Havir territory by a hunting party after a freezing night of bitter snowfall, presumably abandoned. Much dispute arose as to what to do with her, as she was an outsider. Leaving her would mean certain death for the young pup, barely old enough to walk; yet bringing her into the pack might incur the wrath of the gods. Her strange coat aggravated the dispute - some said it was a mark of favour by the gods, others were sure he coat marked her as one cursed by Adetunji, shepherd of death.

In the end, Saurugol claimed her - even challenging his divine father Sandre for the pup's life. Though the gods were harsh, they also taught that all pups were gifts. This one was no different. So Ira grew up within the pack, her security as a member lying only in Saurugol's favour. While she has always known deep down that he cares for her, the golden male's cold and distant demeanor has made it difficult for Ira to trust in his affection. She became obsessed with pleasing him and proving herself worthy of his love.

As a pup Ira made any easy scapegoat for any calamity which struck, and from a very young age had to learn to strike first, or be the one struck. She was always aware that not everyone accepted her, and realized early on that she would need to be twice as good as any trueborn Havir to prove her worth. Because of this double standard, Ira developed a short temper and a deeply rooted suspicion that everyone was out to get her.

Once she came of age, Ira joined the ranks of the Hunt Masters, following in Saurugol's footsteps. She pushed herself in this task as she pushed herself in all things, training tirelessly to rise through the ranks. Barely a season after gaining her task, Ira took down a fully grown bull elk single-pawed, thereby raising herself to the rank of Gamma. She is challenged less often now, but continues to keep an ear out for anyone who might dare to contest her right as a member of the pack.

{ Group History }

    • When We Were New [Nadina and Ira as newborns] Art*
    • Won't Last a Week [Saurugol adopts Ira] Art*
    • Joins Havir Pack
    • A New Beginning [Saurugol takes his place as leader of Havir] Art*
    • Life's a Happy Game [Faust and Ira getting into mischief] Art*
    • My Hero [Ira with her father] Art
    • It's Bedtime [Westin enforces Ira's bedtime] RP
    • Memories [Saurugol & Ira] Art
    • We Are In So Much Trouble [Ira and Faust agitate a wolverine] Art
    • The Hunt [Faust hunts with Ira] RP
    • At Your Service [Ira meets Cyrus] RP
    • The Razor's Edge [Ira confronts Razor] RP | Art*
    • Your Pack or Your Pride? [Ira tells Saurugol the truth about Razor] RP
  • FALL
    • Partners... Sort Of [Silvanus and Ira track down an intrusive cougar] RP
    • Bittersweet [Daciana encounters Ira] RP | Art
    • Fire and Ice [Ira reports Daciana to Saurugol] RP
    • Ira's Odyssey [Ira meets Sloan in the borderlands] RP
    • Infidelity [Faust tells Ira he's leaving Havir, and accidentally reveals a terrible secret] RP | Art*
    • A Dangerous Path [Ira asks Saurugol for permission to travel with Faust] RP
    • Disgrace [Ira abandons Havir] Art
    • A Talking To [Aphrodi comforts Ira] RP | Art*
    • Straying from Faith (Part 1) [Faust and Ira come to terms with their decision] RP
    • Straying from Faith (Part 2) [Faust and Ira discuss their waning faith and almost have a tender moment] RP | Art
    • Sins Art
    • Appraisal of Blutwald [Faust and Ira meet Stallion and his family, seeking the truth about his new regime] RP
    • Maelstrom [Ira's controversial return to Havir and Faust's banishment]  RP
    • Ill Wind [Ira hears Saurugol banish Faust] Art
    • Back from the Dead, With Extra Baggage [Ira and Cyrus reconnect after ordeals] RP
    • Out of the Woods [Ira meets Freya, Saurugol recruits Freya] RP | Art
    • Spring CotS!!
    • It's the Thought That Counts [Daciana tries to make amends with Ira] RP
    • Being Bros [Ira and Cyrus relax] Art
    • Talent, Training, Temperance [Ira trains Shandris]  RP
    • Here Without You [Ira visits the ocean] Art
    • Place for us [Faust misses Ira] Art*
    • Blameless [Ira meets Niels on the border] RP
    • Mousing [Ira teaches Arthur to hunt mice] RP
    • The Royal Children [Ira babysits her new siblings] Art
    • Catching Up [Cyrus and Ira] Art
    • Premonitions [Ira has nightmares]  Art
    • Mist [Ira and Freya] Art*
    • Sister of the Hunt [Ira hunts with Shan] Art
    • Things Lost and Things Left Behind [Ira is forgiven by Fallon] RP
    • A Bitter End [Adetunji claims Ira] RP | Art
    • Do Not Go Gentle [Ira faces the Shepherd of Death] Lit
    • Ademache's Gift [Ira is found by Freya and they are kidnapped] RP
    • No Ties in Blood [Siobhan treats Ira] RP*
    • Awaken [Faust dreams of Ira and rises again] Art*
    • Sleep is for the dead [Ira regains consciousness] Art
    • Light at the End of the Tunnel [The captives are being rescued] Art | RP 
    • Havirian Beach Party [Havir finds a whale] RP
    • Havirian Cermonies [Spotlight | Fume is buried] Art*
    • Where do We Begin? [Ira finds out Faust is back] Art
    • No Sister of Mine [Ira rejects Nadina] RP
    • Monster in the Woods [Ira stalks the Black Forest] Art*
    • Atonement [Ira learns a terrible secret] RP
    • Fire [Ira and Faust reunite] RP | Art
    • As Long As You're Mine [Faust and Ira face an uncertain future] Art*
  • FALL
    • A Future For Havir [Aphrodi and Ira have hope] RP
    • What to Expect... [Ira and Faust face a test] RP
    • I'm Pregnant... [Ira and Faust tell Sauru and Tilika the big news!] Art
    • Priest and Huntress [Evander gets lost and Ira helps him] RP
    • The Downfall of Havir [Havir is struck my a meteor] RP
    • Burning Wasteland [The refugees gather] Art*
    • Hoshiana [The refugees abandon Havir] Art
    • Soldier [Ira standing tall] Art*
    • Retribution [Ira challenges Alar, is wounded] RP | Art
    • Dyrr [Ira finds a reason to live] Lit
    • A New Hope [Loki and Ira have a meaningful conversation] RP
    • In the End [Ira, Faust, and their new family] Art
    • Phantom Kiss [Faust and Ira] Art*
    • Rise of the Vikings [The Fira fam goes on a run!] Art*
    • Snow Day [Gabriel discovers snow] Art*
    • Somewhere That's Red [Ira protects Charlie from Seraph] RP
    • Sneaky Huntressses [Ira does a trick] Art
    • Expectations [Gabriel feels the weight of his parent's expectations] Art
    • Oh My Son, My Blessed Son [Ira and Nikky bond] Art
    • Noble Maidens Fair [Ira and her daughters] Art
  • FALL
    • Havir [Ira runs through Havir back to Faust] Art

{ Misc. Art }

Stuff and Things (Sketchdump)


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