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"To the last, I grapple with thee;
From Hell's heart, I stab at thee;
For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

Moby Dick // Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

{ Basic Information }


Nicknames/Aliases: Grizzly (nickname); Hedge the Edge Lord

Age: Elder

Height: 34" (hunched, 36" in prime)

Weight: 110lbs (losing weight with age)

Voice: Tywin Lannister

Build: A hollow, sagging shell of his former warrior self. Probably survives entirely off indiscriminate hatred and bitterness.

Themes: The World Ender by Lord Huron (Vocal)
              Am I Not Merciful? by Hans Zimmer (Instrumental)
              :new: You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Vocal)

{ Territory: None


Ex-Mate: Lizbeth
Offspring: AdrianAlexandro; +Others?
Siblings: Athena (Little Sister); +Others
Nieces/Nephews:  StormLazarusTevaRaphaelTzuriKillianNeroHawthorn (Deceased); Daphne (Adoptive); Aivar (Adoptive); Miriam (Adoptive); Neka (Adoptive); ImeldaDaenerysArtemisDyanaBreille (Grand), Azhoyel (Grand), Elias (Grand)
Grandchildren:  Merrill (Adoptive); KaneMavisHuginnMuninn; Julia (Missing)PharahOpeh (Deceased)
Great-Grandchildren: UrsulineBarin;

{ Friends: no

{ Enemies: Athena, Aryn, Associates of Aryn, Probably everyone else

{ Rank: Exile of Aryn

{ Task: 

{ Personality }

{ Ambitious | Bitter | Cold | Cunning | Dedicated | Protective | Selfish | Vengeful }


    • Hedge has had twenty seasons or more to brood over all that was taken from him. He never achieved the greatness he believed he was destined for, and for five years Hedge nursed his hatred for Athena. In his mind, she took away his future. She is to blame for his family falling apart and the miserable state he now lives in: alone, sick, and waiting to die. 

    • Hedge's hatred extends well past Athena and on to all her kin - a bloodline he would wipe out for sheer spite if he could. Already much older than most wolves could hope to survive, this isn't exactly feasible, but Hedge still dreams about taking everything from Athena the way she took everything from him. He would like nothing more than to deny her the ones she loves, and send her into exile to live and die alone.

    • His lust for power was ruined by the sting of losing everything he wanted out of life, and in the absence of victory, Hedge has become little more than a hateful, lonesome old hermit. Having lost all he cared about, Hedge's heart is hardened beyond hope. His vices are so deeply rooted that they have become his most defining traits, and the old Grizzly is indifferent to the pain this might cause others.

    • Despite his old age, Hedge's mind remains clear and sharp - if distorted by hate. He refuses to die and is quite cunning in keeping himself alive. He readily takes advantage of other loners, usually by chasing them away from their hard won kills. Despite his aged body, Hedge is a vicious opponent with years of training and hard lessons behind him. 

    • In his youth, Hedge was a talented politician. He utilized a strategic mind to great success, climbing the ranks of Old Aryn and obtaining the title of Lord for himself, before Athena usurped him. 


    • Hedge has never joined another pack since being exiled from Aryn. Loyalty to the clan was deeply ingrained into him when he was part of it, and though he despises his kin now, the idea that no other pack would be suitable home to him has remained in place.

    • Possessive and protective, what Hedge considers to be his, he will defend with tooth and claw. Including family. Although he hasn't got any family anymore, Athena stole that from him, like everything else.

  • { TRIVIA

    • Hedge is an old associate of Hekate's, before Vektren was reborn. He introduced Adrian and Hekate when Adrian was young.


{ Relationships }

i hate everyone and im going to die alone

except maybe dyana


{ Pre-Group History }

Hedge was born to the prosperous Old Aryn pack. Even as a pup, his ambitions were clear. It did not surprise the pack when their Brother took up the study of Warden and pursued a life of political notoriety. Hedge was a talented spokesman, always knowing the right things to say to those in command. He worked his way up the ranks quickly, and there were none who would question his skill and dedication. He took a mate who shared many of his inclinations, and their love for one another could not be disputed. But Hedge had a darker side, a hunger for power that only grew more and more defining as he climbed his way to the Rah'at. It was never enough. He always needed more. And when the aging Lord of Aryn passed away, Hedge was quick to position himself as a successor. Being altogether above blame, and a prestigious packmate besides with friends in all tasks, Hedge was quickly elected as the next Lord of Aryn.

Power proved disastrous for Hedge. Now that his hold over Aryn was secure, he abandoned many of the careful games he used to play in order to curry favour, instead demanding appeasement by those "beneath" him. While it sparked the ire of many, Hedge was an accomplished Warden and not one to surrender his power. They had elected a tyrant, and for whatever reason, the One seemed disinclined to usurp the poor excuse for a Lord of Aryn.

Until Athena came of age. Hedge's younger sister, he had long been jealous of her pampered childhood, and the way Athena seemed to find allies at every turn despite apparently lacking the ruthless cunning he himself so coveted. And more than any other, she seemed to see him for who he really was. He hated it. Hedge recognized that Athena might be a threat to his rank and attempted to bait her out before she was old enough to fight him on even terms, to ensure that he would be victorious in a duel for Alphaship. She challenged him in the name of the One for his title as a mere juvenile, exactly as Hedge had hoped. This backfired, however, for even as a juvenile Athena outmatched him in wisdom, and defeated her brother through cunning.

Newly Lady of Aryn, Athena exiled her brother. 

Taking his mate and newborns with him, Hedge left in disgrace. 

Life as loners proved hard, neither he nor Lisbet had ever lived alone or reared children before, and trying to do both put a strain on their relationship that was too much for the young couple to endure. Eventually, Hedge's own bitterness and selfish motivations drove his mate away, and then his children. Deprived of all better influences, Hedge has had seasons upon seasons to grow cold and bitter towards the world, and to think of all the ways his sister betrayed him and destroyed his future.


{ Grup History }


{ Misc. Art }


Inspirational Quote | And Abundance of Ducks | | |

Hedge and Alexandro
Athena's Siblings Meme

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