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Athena - Lady of Aryn


Athena's an aged adult now! Whoooweee we've come so far since she first joined the Domain! :faint:
Enjoy your golden years, girly, you deserve them <33

Personality and Basic Info sections have also been cleaned up, and I've started working on re-adding her relationship section!

Athena Medallion by lightningspam

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things.
I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.”

~Mary Oliver, Owls and Other Fantasies: Poems and Essays

{ Basic Information }

Name: Athena

Titles/Nicknames/Aliases: Lady Athena (formal title); Blue (alias); 

Age: Aged Adult

Gender: Female

Height: 32”

Weight: 73lbs

Build: Despite the wears of age, she maintains a trim and agile figure. Keeps no extra weight on her bones, still plenty of muscle to her. Refined features softening with age; her fading coat is always clean and well groomed. Prominent cheekbones, long tail, wiry paws, and tufted ears. Occasional limp in right hind leg from old injury. Cheek fur grows some added floof in winter months.

Voice: Miranda Otto (As Eowyn)

:new: {Themes: Atonement by Austin Wintory | Hey Brother by Avicii

Territory: Aryn

Rank: Lady of Aryn (Alpha)

Family: (If you would like to join the family, note me! We can try to work something out! owo)

Mate: Alcatraz 

        Aidan (Son, Deceased); Simeon (Son, Deceased); Elias (Son, Deceased)
        Riley (Adopted Son, Separated)
        Storm (Daughter); Lazarus (Son, Presumed Dead); Teva (Daughter); Raphael (Son)
        Tzuri (Son); Killian (Son, Separated)Nero (Son); Hawthorn (Son, Presumed Dead); 
        Daphne (Adopted Daughter, Separated)Aivar (Adopted Son); Miriam (Adopted Daughter, Separated)
        Neka (Adopted Daughter)
        Imelda (Daughter, Separated); Daenerys (Daughter); Artemis (Daughter); Dyana (Daughter)
Nieces / Nephews : 
        Adrian (Nephew); Alexandro (Nephew); 
        Varrick (Nephew, Missing);
        Kane (Grand-nephew); Mavis (Grand-nephew); Huginn (Grand-nephew, Separated); Muninn (Grand-nephew, Separated); 
        Julia (Grand-niece, Missing)Pharah (Grand-niece, Separated); Opeh (Grand-nephew, Deceased);
        Ursuline (Great-Grand-Niece); Barin (Great-Grand-Nephew);  
        Breille (Granddaughter), Azhoyel (Grandson, Presumed Dead)Elias (Grandson)
        Hedge (Brother, Disowned); 
        + Others (All 7+ years old)

{ Personality }

{ Confident | Facetious | Fiery | Mischievous | Noble | Outgoing | Spiritual | Vindictive | Weathered | Wily | Wisened }


    • Athena is friendly, but by no means a groveler. She maintains her "alpha's attitude", and always approaches others with the casual confidence of a leader. Aryn's Lady readily involves herself in the affairs of her pack Brothers and Sisters, and is eager to assist them even in menial tasks. She genuinely cares for and goes out of her way to help others, sometimes at the expense of her own day-to-day routine. This casual approach to leadership ensures that she remains closely in touch with her family's needs, both earthly and spiritual. It also means she's always up to date on the latest gossip! ;D

    • She follows her heart, relying on her own instincts above all else. Athena will not hesitate to stand contrary to the crowd, and even seems to enjoy going against the flow. That being said, after so many seasons as Aryn's Lady, Athena has come to hold a deeper respect for their traditions. She chooses to keep to these more than she did in her youth. Athena leads by example and holds both herself and her kin to the same laws and expectations. 

    • Athena prefers action over idleness, and with all her years of experience, it takes quite a lot to throw her off balance. She does not like to focus on grim circumstances. She always seems to have a plan. When feeling trapped, she has a tendency to pace and snap. Athena makes neither false promises or idle threats, and will not hesitate to speak her mindShe'll readily challenge others over matters of principle. 


    • Athena knows how to use her surroundings and her enemies to her own advantage. She is a deft tactician and chooses her positions wisely, striking from high ground and thick cover. The she-wolf won't hesitate to fight dirty, and has a talent for turning one's strengths against them. Athena may not strike as hard or as fast as she used to, but she is adept when it comes to the element of surprise and forward planning. The Lady of Aryn does not struggle to keep out of reach of an opponent's claws, fangs, or antlers. With age comes expertise, and she rarely fails her hunts.

    • Though favoring honesty and good-will, Athena is not hesitant to twist the facts when she believes it necessary. In some situations, she can be downright deceitful. If caught red-pawed in a lie, she is likely to simply shrug, remarking that it was worth a shot and sliding into another, better-constructed facade. She knows how to be difficult, and will on occasion deliberately bait those who she dislikes into an argument or fight. 


    • Possessed of an amply healthy sense of self-worth, Athena is resolute in matters of dignity. She'll lose an eye before turning tail in a fight and is not accustomed to losing. All of Aryn is kin to her, and the Lady would fight to the death on behalf of her Clan's pride and safety. 

    • It's generally difficult to find one's self on Athena's list of foes. Those who do, however, will find it difficult or even impossible to reconcile with her. She can be bitterly vindictive and will hold grudges for years - even a lifetime. The she-wolf has a long memory and a deep well of wrath to pull from. As she ages, the contrast between this capacity for loathing and her gentle, grandmotherly demeanor towards kin can be both alarming and unexpected to those who have only seen one side.

    • Athena's vices are tempered among her packmates, as many years of leadership have taught Athena the necessity of compromise. Though her bones are less supple than in seasons past, Lady Athena's mind is keen and her eyes are sharp. She's experienced a lot through the years, and it is difficult to deceive her. She picks up on subtle cues with acute accuracy.


    • Athena maintains a belief in the Great Spirit worshiped by her forebearsHer relationship with her God is generally a private, personal one. The Lady's faith suffered considerably with the loss of Old Aryn in her youth, but refounding Aryn has given her purpose again, and brought with it a reawakening within her. The she-wolf has settled an uneasy truce with her past. She has come to accept the uncertainty that faith sometimes demands, and though some old hurts have never healed, Athena is no longer bitter about what has been lost. She feels deeply blessed to be part of Aryn, and treasures her family above all else.

  • { AS A PARENT:

    • Athena is unquestionably devoted to her offspring, and desires above all to see them protected and cared for. She recognizes them as individuals with unique moods and inclinations, and tailors her parenting methods to each (with mixed result, she may overlook flaws as 'personality' or deal too harshly with traits she deems dangerous to their well-being). 

    • The Lady's duties as Aryn's elected leader means she is often unable to give her pups firsthand attention. Older siblings and packmates help raise Athena's brood collectively. One on one time with her children is rare, but Athena does make opportunities for it between the endless stream of day-to-day business that guiding Aryn entails. 

    • That being said, she is unquestionably proud of her family and monitoring their welfare and progress within the pack are integrated into her routine. Should it become apparent one has lost their way and cannot find it again on their own, Athena will quickly intervene. In many ways, she treats the entirety of Aryn as her brood. Her disciplinarian methods often begin with open dialogue, but should diplomacy fail her children are reprimanded according to Aryn law - ex. dencleaning duty, suspension of task, pilgrimage, lectures from the Vicars. 

{ Likes
+ Owls
+ Hunting
+ Grooming
+ Fellowship
+ Pup-sitting
Being Nosy HELPING. Stare

- Catfish
- Idiots
- Angry Idiots
- Feeling Helpless
- Losing
- Thunderstorms

{ Relationships }

( Still a lot missing, Athena has met a loooot of characters and it will take me a while to finish overhauling this! :'D 
She should know all Arynian's on a casual basis and is likely on good/neutral terms with them! )
  • Friends
    • Alcatraz (Mate): Athena's mate and equal, her love for him is fierce. She relies on his support and counsel, and though their strong personalities sometimes put them at odds, Athena bears both trust and respect for Traz and such disagreements do not put great strain upon their relationship.

    • Adrian (Nephew // Rah'at): Though once bitterly mistrustful of him, Athena has come to value and respect her nephew despite his troubled past.

    • Kane (Grand-Nephew // Rah'at): Athena smiles upon her nephew, and is glad of the courage and brightness he always carries about him. He is a great encouragement to her spirits when trials weigh her down.

    • Navindru (Old Friend): The two met during Athena's days as a loner, and though they have not seen one another in a while, she remembers him fondly. 
  • Mentors
    • \o/
  • Rivals
    • Hedge (Brother): The previous Lord of Aryn and Athena's sworn enemy, she harbours great biterness and mistrust for her older brother. In her mind, he is nothing but a selfish, scheming fool who deserves whatever suffering has been brought upon him since his exile.

    • Hekate (Herald of Vektren: f8 me > : [
  • Peers
    • Aivar (Adopted Son): A favoured son, the distance between Athena and Aivar since he discovered his true parentage grieves Athena. She hopes that in time, he can forgive her for her secrecy, and come to trust again in the love that she bears him.

    • Artemis (Daughter): Free-spirited and bold, Arty reminds Athena of her own youth. She wonders whether her curious daughter will remain in Aryn, for the call of the wilderness is strong in Arty, and she seems destined for a life of grand adventure.

    • Daenerys (Daughter): Danny's recent wounds and the grief that has struck her leave Athena restless. She dedicated special time to her injured daughter in hopes of helping her through these dark times.

    • Dyana (Daughter): Dyana's anger troubles Athena, and especially after the recent tragedies, Athena has tried to reach out to her daughter more to help guide her along a better Path. Athena recognizes much of herself in Dyana, and is eager to show her daughter the way to avoid the pitfals Athena herself fell into. The mother suspects, however, that many lessons Dyana will have to learn on her own. And in other ways, Dyana is eerily reminiscent of Athena's estranged brother, Hedge - but what this portends, Athena cannot be sure, she is only unseasy.

    • Elias (Grandson): Athena is amused by her grandson's antics, and wonders at the gifts he seems to posses. 

    • Imelda (Daughter): Imelda has been a kind and well-behaved daughter, for which Athena is grateful.

    • Killian (Son): Killian's fierce spirit is something Athena smiles at. She has great hopes for his future and does not worry about him as much a she does for most of his other siblings.

    • Lazarus (Son): She cares deeply for her wild and unruly son, but hopes to see him settle down soon even as she prays he never lose his adventurous heart. 

    • Miriam (Adopted Daughter): Miriam has never seemed motivated to excel, something Athena sought to change many times throughout her daughter's childhood. But Miriam seems content to live as an omega, and though Athena disapproves, she accepts her daughter's choice and allows her to walk her own Path.

    • Neka (Adopted Daughter): Athena has raised Neka as one of her own, and treasures the young orphan. She worries about Neka growing up during such tumultuous times, but has faith in the pack's resiliency as a family, and in Neka as an individual.

    • Nero (Son): Nero's recent troubles have weighed upon Athena, and she prays her son will find his Path soon. She worries he tilts too often between extremes, but trusts him to make his own choices.

    • Raphael (Son): Athena worries over Raphael's distant demeanor since Merrill's loss. She suspects there is more at play than what meets the eye, but is hesitant to press her wounded son for answers he seems unwilling to offer. She also hopes to groom Raphael as her successor, and prays for him to find his Path again soon.

    • Storm (Daughter): Athena is proud of the high rank Storm has achieved, but worries about her daughter's distant demeanor and long stretches of solitude.

    • Teva (Daughter): Teva's disappearance weighs heavily on Athena. Her daughter should have returned from her pilgrimage by now. Whether she has found her Path elsewhere or met some bitter fate, Athena does not know and has no trail to find Teva by.

    • Tzuri (Son): The first of her children to give Athena grandchildren, she is very proud of the noble wolf Tzuriel has become. He is high in his mother's confidence.
  • Acquaintances
    • So. Many. O_O

{ Pre-Group History }

Born in the late spring, Athena was an adventurous pup who grew up without fear or hunger. Most days her biggest concern was how best to prank her siblings. Her family had lived in these mountains for several generations, the pack was both large and well established; their territory was wealthy and relatively clean of competing predators. From birth it was clear that Athena was cut from stronger stuff than her siblings. She was cleverer, stronger, and braver, and more than a little aware of these things. Her father went out of his way to train the young female in the arts of leadership and family, and was the only wolf Athena obeyed without question. She worked hard to fulfill his expectations, even after he succumbed to sickness in his old age.

Athena took her place at the head of the family as soon as she could - winning the title of alpha from her brother the very night of her recognition ceremony- the youngest any wolf had claimed the position in the pack's vast history. She took great pride in her achievement and was a strong, respected leader for several years. The pack continued to be well fed. Conflicts were settled up front, and Athena never favoured a friend over the truth in a disagreement. She led the hunts, patrolled the borders, and made keeping after her family look like simple routine. 

She had a mate whom she loved and who loved her. They had one litter of two, both stillborn. The proud she-wolf grieved fiercely for her cubs and would not suffer to try again when her time came. The family, after all, was large and strong, and she felt no obligation to raise pups she was not ready for. Besides which, both her and her mate were young. They had plenty of time left to raise a family.

Life was simple. Easy. Peaceful. As far as Athena was concerned, it was perfect.

Then the drought came. No matter how clever or strong, Athena was powerless to stop the drying of the river or the wilting of the trees or the voracious fires that ate vast stretches of rich forest. There was no way for her to keep the prey from leaving or her pack from going hungry for weeks on end. She was faced with an extremely difficult choice. Abandon the territory and seek a new home, or remain in a land that could no longer support them and pray the rain returned in time. In the end she chose to leave, hoping that before long they would find a place unravaged by the sun to eke out a new life. 

Many of her packmates would be lost to her before that time came. Some fell to sickness, others to injuries earned fighting the many other predators whose territories Athena had no choice but to trespass. Unfriendly wolf-packs grieved them worst of all. Healthy, her own pack might've stood a chance in these skirmishes. But her group was starving, exhausted, and frightened. They may as well have been deer.

Late summer turned to fall, and winter struck early. Still her pack wandered without a home or a steady source of food. Soon those following Athena began to question her. One particularly aggressive male rose up to challenge the female, accusing the she-wolf of failing in her task to protect and guide the family. He was drooling and wild-eyed, nearly hysterical. The words soon turned to fighting, but this time Athena had too little strength to evade the larger opponent's attacks. Despite being hopelessly outmatched, she refused to submit. In a blood-crazed fury the male went for her throat. Athena's mate intervened at the cost of gruesome bite to his shoulder, but managed to get a hold on the challenger, breaking the slobbering wolf's hind leg before finally managing to kill him. 

Now forced to travel even slower than before, things grew exponentially worse. The alpha-male's wound was badly infected, and he was beginning to grow paranoid and short-tempered, behaviors far removed from his normally quiet and self-assured nature. He began lashing out at everyone for even the most minor offenses, chasing off or attacking anyone who he perceived to have challenged him or Athena. Strain sprouted between the pair, and by the time her mate left her Athena could not see him as the same male whom she'd once loved. Still, she grieved. And as she grieved, her pack grew smaller and smaller until only one remained: herself.

She has wandered since then. Without a family, the she-wolf has found no real motivation. Habit keeps her fighting for life as she travels East after a den-story about all new things beginning there. More than once she's settled for a hard winter or a dry summer with another loner or a small pack. But they aren't her family. They aren't her friends. She's just passing through.

Her spirit is well worn and dimmed, but not broken.

{ Group History }

(I wish I could keep it all here in the description but I overshot the character count max :'D )
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I have a really weird question: did you expect that her story will end like this?