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A huge change is in the wind for the noble pack of Aryn! If you are a member of the pack or are considering joining, please read!

The Inquisition has begun in response to the assassination of the beloved Lord Alcatraz and Lady Athena. A Vektren Scythe, posing as a guest of Aryn, worked their way into the pack's trust and then betrayed it.

Fearing that the cunning cult of murders may continue to have influence within the pack, the young Lord Raphael has assumed the mantle of leadership intending to root out traitors and malcontents.

Check Aryn's page for updated culture specs and be sure you're up to date on Current Events!

This plot is temporary! Aryn will be under the Inquisition for the duration of its main arc, which centers around Raphael's attempts to restore order to a frightened pack while his own mind is unstable. How long exactly that is depends largely on how much of an interest you, the main body of the pack, takes! This is also why it is imperative that you communicate with me to ensure the Inquisition develops in a way that is most suitable for everyone involved!

I want to plot with you guys!

This story only works as a group effort! If your character would be skeptical of Raph, I'd really love to figure out a scenario where he can get them on his side! He can be very persuasive! ;D 

Or, if not completely win them over, at least make them question things enough not to challenge him! This will be a really exciting storyline with a lot of opportunities for character development, and I want to help everyone get something out of it! 

If you don't wish to take an active part in the plot, that's completely fine - but please read the entirety of this journal so that you know what's going on and how to circumvent it!

Raphael is a respected and well spoken member of the Clan.

It makes sense for him to assume his parent's mantle. He has the support of (most of) the Rah'at and there is legitimate reason to fear more Vektreni infiltration in the pack. Skirmishes with the Shunned Ones are frequent. Raphael has fought stalwartly against Vektren ever since their treachery came to light, risking his own life twice for the Clan. The pack has good reason to trust him, in the beginning! 

Bear in mind, a wolf which openly disagrees with martial law right after Aryn has been invaded by assassins and several of its leaders brutally murdered will naturally be viewed with a great deal of suspicion! Do not expect dismissing the threat of sleeper agents to be a popular viewpoint.

Characters may passively disagree with Cricket as long as they comply.

However there will be strong IC consequences to dissent during this plot; if you intend to undermine Raph's authority in any way, please talk it out with me ( WynBird ) first so we can work things out and be fair to everyone!

Leaving the pack is allowed, but those who abandon their family in its time of need will not find themselves welcomed back, at least during the Inquisition. (Returns can be plotted in special cases, but these will need heavy vetting, note or DM WynBird!)

If you intend to switch factions, I'd still love to plot out a reason with you in light of the Inquisition! Characters which are exiled via plot participation are eligible for the bone transfer fee to be waived entirely. 

:star: The Inquisition has eyes everywhere. Any IC actions which break Aryn law or challenge Inquisition authority will receive a "spot check" to determine whether the treason is discovered. If found out, WynBird will contact you to plot out a consequence! This can include demotion, imprisonment, starvation, interrogation, scarification - and for severe "crimes" even exile in the direction of Vektren territory.

Though the penalty is largely dependent on your desire as a player, keep in mind that very severe infractions (i.e. conversing with a Vektreni, calling for Raph to be replaced, attacking an Inquisition agent, etc) are liable to carry harsh penalties which may be difficult or impossible to avoid from an IC standpoint. Be careful, and message me if you have questions or concerns about a specific action your character is going to take!

Characters can also voluntarily have their treason discovered if desired! :star:

Actions which will initate a spot check include, but are not limited to:
  • Voicing disagreement with an Inquisition action privately
  • Not following Inquisition rules or orders - intentionally or otherwise
  • Plotting against the Inquistion with anyone
  • Deliberately keeping information from the Inquisition or lying
  • Voicing intentions to fight against Raph in a duel
  • Leaving the territory without a proper escort (including Rangers!)
  • Conversing with a non-Arynian
  • Conversing with an Arynian convicted of treason (i.e. prisoners and exiles)

Actions which will initiate an immediate IC penalty without a spot check include, but are not limited to:
  • Voicing dissent to an Inquisition agent or within earshot of one
  • Attacking, challenging, or refusing to cooperate with an Inquisition Agent
  • Attacking, challenging, or refusing to cooperate with Raphael
If you have an idea for a character arc involving any of these scenarios and want to take it in a pre-determined direction you must speak with WynBird and have it cleared!

:star: Current Spot Check Odds 75% chance to catch :star:

If you have questions or concerns, please note me!

Vektren and Aryn are at war.

Skirmishes between the packs will be frequent. Aryn is in a constant state of alert, and these disputes can leave packmates injured or even kidnapped by the Shunned Ones to be manipulated and interrogated. In order to respond to these attacks and protect one another, Aryn must be united and willing to fight back.

Vektreni spies are cunning and their warbands frequently create chaos - adding to the fear that someone on the inside is giving them intelligence.

Wolves that do not keep up with their duties or disappear for long periods without explanation are not only placing themselves at risk, but will also be suspected as spies. 

Where will all this lead?

The tension the Inquistion creates will eventually lead to a rift between the pack, separated by Raphael's Militants and Grand Vicar Teia's flock. How this rift is sealed and the Inquistion ended will be revealed at a later date (but I can assure you, it's exciting! :la: )

So ideally, at least most of the pack will be behind Raphael at the start, and as the plot goes on and the Inquisition grows more ruthless, dissent will build slowly in time with the plot's main arc! 

If you want your character to be part of this dissent, it would be great for us to work it out together so the storylines flow as smoothly as possible! Again, please note or DM me ( WynBird ) so that I'm in the loop, and everything stays organized!

We're also going to need character(s) who will "stick to their guns" with Raph, either out of vengeance, loyalty, or fear, so please keep that in mind! Too many heroes will mean that nobody is a hero. Even traditionally moral and 'good' characters can be exciting additions to the militant side! ;0;

This is an opportunity to take risks with your character, explore sides of them that haven't been seen before, and lead them through some 'darker' days that they learn from later on! (Like Raph will :'D )

Inquisition Ranks:

Inquisitor Supreme Protector of the pack; Has final say in all matters

Fangh'aryn - Lit. "Aryn's fang"; Second in Command; Executes justice and answers ONLY to the Inquisitor

Hakim - Elite Vicar; loyal to Raph

Almaraq - Elite Warden; loyal to Raph

Raei Elite Courser; loyal to Raph

Kashaf - Elite Ranger; loyal to Raph

Grand Vicar - Religious Leader; Protector of the pack's culture and history; loyal to Raph

Kana'im - Inquisition agents who answer to Aivar and Raph, and serve as Aryn's eyes and ears in the search for traitors through any means necessary
Amara, Crane, Daenerys, Dyana, Eden, Hera, Hieronymus, Nero, Ragnarok, Rifle, Yama, 

(Comment below, DM WynBird, or note the group to be added as an agent!)

NOTE: This plot is meant to emulate historical "mass hysteria" and mob mentality movements throughout history. Similar to the Spanish Inquisition and Red Scare, when brother can no longer trust brother, unchecked fear and instability cause great harm to society. D;

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AHHHH!!! i've been watching over the story of dotw for a while now and i never expected athena and alcatraz to die!!!! -gasp-