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Updated  March 1, 2017


  • The full moon heralds a much anticipated day of rest. Spend time getting to know your packmates and home – wolves of Aryn are encouraged to explore, socialize, train, or even take the opportunity to sleep in. Today you have no duties to worry over, enjoy yourself!

  • FALL PROMPT: With summer drawing to a close, Athena has urged all of Aryn to make the most of the days leading up to winter. Assist in hunts for elk, bighorn, and mountain goat. Larger teams might take moose, boar, or bison. Work together as a unified force to track and claim these great beasts. If not hunting big game, search the rivers for fish or the forests for plentiful berry patches. Everyone must be well fed to safeguard against the coming scarcity.

  • WINTER PROMPT: The heavy snow is no impediment to the wolves of Aryn, and in this season of scarcity the pack finds no difficulty keeping food available. With winter in full swing, now is the perfect time for a bison hunt! These are large animals however, and should not be challenged without at least three packmates working together!


  • It is a Vicar’s sacred duty to look after the well-being of his or her packmates. This means not only seeing to their physical injuries, but their emotional struggles as well. In the event that one of your packmates is wounded, ease their suffering – even if it’s as simple as lending a sympathetic ear.

  • The Vicars are tasked with keeping the history of pack Aryn alive through stories. Share these tales with the young and old alive, so that our ancestors and the lives they lived might never be forgotten. Be eager to hear new stories as well – even those not born to the pack have a part to play, and their experiences can only help to make the pack stronger.


  • While you are the pack’s main line of defense, Wardens cannot be everywhere at all times. Train the others, teach them to protect themselves. Even our omegas must be able to defend themselves from outside threats. As you do this, keep in mind each wolf’s individual talents. Try to help them capitalize on these and, if you can, transform their weaknesses into strengths.

  • We must keep our borders secure. Patrol the fringes of Aryn territory with another Warden or a Courser. Maintain the markers and keep your nose tuned for the scent of trespassers and thieves. Should you find any, chase them out. Or, if they seem worthy, bring them back to the pack for consideration.


  • FALL PROMPT: Warden's have always been Aryn's guardians, no matter what enemy the pack has faced. With winter on its way, bears are swarming the Barrens and the riverside, eating whatever they can get their paws on in a race to fatten up for hibernation. Keep an eye out for any of these creatures wandering too close to the pack, and if they do, attempt to chase or lure them back to less populated areas. 


  • While big game like elk and buffalo require the cooperation of the whole pack, coursers are uniquely suited to chasing down smaller prey such as quail and rabbit. Keep everyone’s bellies full during this season of scarcity, and make sure there is plenty of food available in small game between major hunts.

  • The den must be properly maintained. Help keep it clean and make it feel like home. Make sure there’s plenty of space for everyone to rest comfortably and dig out extra space if necessary. If you feel particularly creative, try using some feathers, bone, twigs, or stone to decorate with.

  • FALL/WINTER PROMPT: The eagles are hiding high in their rocky crags above High Country. These great golden birds are dangerous, known to target and kill even wolves. Though difficult to reach, their nests hide a rich feast of eggs which agile Courser may be able to reach. Travel in groups of two or three for protection and attempt to breach these hideaways. This will not only sate the pack's hunger, but also help to control the population of a dangerous competitor.


  • We must know our territory inside and out. Explore, either alone or with a packmate. Find streams, caves, hollows -anything and everything, and report back with your discoveries. Be especially on the lookout for plentiful herds, weaknesses in our borders, and holy places where the Vicars might make pilgrimage. Should you encounter other predators, do not engage unless absolutely necessary. Follow them if you can, and find their dens, and report these as well. (Discovered landmarks may even make appearances on the Aryn map! ;D)

  • It is of critical importance that we know about our neighbors. Explore the territory beyond our borders, and seek out the other clans. Vale and Fellfang are friends to the pack, and though our visits need not always be announced, Aryn should treat these packs with utmost respect. Chandor and Heylguard are desirable allies, and you may approach them openly or in secret. Relations with Vektren are tense, bordering violent, requiring Rangers to enter their territory as spies, if at all – so do not get caught! Should you find any likely recruits, attempt to convince them to return with you to Aryn.

  • Rangers of Aryn may further their skills and promote cooperation by training with Vale Outriders and the Highland Guard. Show the packs of the Domain that the Aryn and its allies remain united in their endeavors!

  • WINTER PROMPT: The High Country and Barrens are notorious for heavy winter snows, making them dangerous to wander into blindly. Rangers can help safeguard the pack by maintaining the main trails and identifying places where avalanches or thinning ice are a threat.

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