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While soaring mountain peaks and steep river gorges provide a natural barrier to much of territory, the fords and passes into Aryn are vigilantly guarded. Aryn wolves are surefooted and hardy creatures, and take full advantage of their homeland's terrain. Arynians often seem to appear and vanish like ghosts, forging hidden trails to hidden places. The area is dotted with cliffs, caves and gulches, many of the latter invisible until and individual is directly over it. The pack's knowledge of these pitfalls enables them to maneuver both prey and intruders into deadly traps or dead ends. 

Old Rowan - Main Den


Nestled in a small clearing between Wispwood and Aspendell, the main den is a deep limestone cave protruding from the mountainside with openings to the north and southeast. A narrow ledge above the entrance makes a good platform for anyone wanting to address the rest of the pack. Sleeping space is shared by all members regardless of rank or task, though there is a smaller cavity within the main chamber where injured or sick wolves can be seen to. The den is relatively high up, providing a clear line of sight for early warning of anyone's approach. A single old rowan tree grows out of the side of the cave mouth, a little under 40 feet tall. 

Winter Den

Much smaller than its summer counterpart, the winter den is a wolf-made burrow nestled on the edge of the Wispwood, within sight of Firewater Flats. It is not large enough for the entire pack, however, due to the nomadic nature of Aryn during the coldest months it's unusual for more than nursing mothers and the old or sick to inhabit this den.


Bullet; Purple Aaron's Gorge - Inspiration / X
Named after the ancient title of Aryn pack, and (according to legend) one of Old Aryn's original founders, Aaron's Gorge is a deep rocky gulch notable for its many waterfalls. Following the gorge beyond the mountains opens to rich grasslands, and provides a direct route to Vale. The water is turbulent here. Even relatively shallow areas tend to be dangerous due to the aggressive currents which pull unwary would-be-crossers down, trapping them under deadfall and stone. It is both extremely beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Bullet; Purple The Barrens - Inspiration
High rocky slopes along the northern border, almost entirely devoid of grass. It supports sparse conifer woods and shallow rivulets. The area is plentiful in goat and sheep, though be wary - cougars lie in ambush here. Foraging bear frequent the area during the summer months, when moths burrow between the rocks along the mountainside.

Bullet; Purple Grazelands - Inspiration
A wide stretch of rolling plain between the Barrens and High Country. It is particularly beautiful in spring and summer, when the wildflowers cover the grassland in bright yellow, orange, and purple blooms. It is named for the many large herds which frequent the area. Elk and bison are especially plentiful.

Bullet; Purple High Country - Inspiration 
Unlike its northern counterpart, the Barrens, Aryn's western High Country is rich woodland interspersed with grassy fields and clear mountain streams. The area is dotted all over with caves and jagged drop offs, oftentimes hidden by shrubbery. 


Bullet; Purple Aspendell - Inspiration / X 
An expansive valley covered in aspen trees. Falcon creek runs through it. This forest is known to be beautiful in every season. Summer finds it green with gentle breezes stirring the supple branches, whereas in autumn the entire forest turns a billowing, fiery yellow-orange. When winter bares the trees, Aspendell is ghostly white woodland; deer wander in small bands, living off its bark and twigs. And in spring the buds sprout and the flowers bloom, blanketing the forest floor in a soft lavender carpet.

Bullet; Purple Pinefell - Inspiration / X
Rolling hills of conifer wood that grows thinner toward the border. Watch out for the moose. They bite.

Bullet; Purple Wispwood - Inspiration / X
Mossy, dense woodland that in many places seems more swamp than forest. Fog collects over the river that cuts through the Wispwood, and some believe the place to be haunted. Fireflies are abundant here, as are snakes, frogs, turtles, and salamanders. 


:new: Bullet; Purple Aveilim Falls Thanks BlackMoonKennels !
"Mourners Falls" is a relatively peaceful multi-tier waterfall that flows into Falcon Creek. It is so named due to its proximity to an Arynian burial site and its classification as "living water" in which wolves may ritually cleanse themselves. 

Bullet; Purple Adamant Peak
A high, jagged mountain taller than all its neighbors. It is considered a holy place where Vicars sometimes make pilgrimage.

Bullet; Purple Bitterwind Summit
A wide mountain range where the snow never melts, even in summer. The area is known for windstorms, and snow can usually be seen billowing off the peaks.

Bullet; Purple Blackwater Defile - Inspiration
A dark, narrow canyon covered in shadow at all times except for midday, when the sun shines between the rocks. If the Polished Pass is blocked for any reason, Blackwater defile is the next most direct route into Chandor, though it is more treacherous.

Bullet; Purple The Briar Patch Thanks Kikkatar !
Hidden in the Wispwood is a large patch of briar. Comprised of Pennsylvania blackberry shrubs teeming with common greenbrier, the thorny branches and vines form a strange cave the wolves of Aryn tend to use as a temporary shelter or napping place. The only entrance is a tunnel that adults mush crawl through a good two meters to reach the room inside. The room is a half dome about 10 ft wide and tall enough to stand up in. The flowers and berries of both occur around mid to late spring and the berries in autumn attracting many rodents, birds, and sometimes an occasional black bear.

:new: Bullet; Purple Dry Riverbed
After the great earthquake, the river running to Chandor through Polished Pass dried up, leaving a rocky riverbed behind.

Bullet; Purple Falcon Creek - Inspiration 
A thin rocky stream cutting through the mountains and feeding into Aspendell. Raptors favour the area, hence the name.

Bullet; Purple Firewater Flats - Inspiration / X / X
A relatively flat expanse dotted with strangely coloured pools, and holes in the ground that spout scalding water. Snow does not accumulate here in winter, and during especially cold days Aryn wolves might find a pleasant reprieve in the hot springs. Ever since the great quake, the flats have been erratic and unpredictable in it's eruptions and has nearly doubled in size.

:new: Bullet; Purple Gwydion's Grove Inspiration
One of Lady Athena's favourite vistas, Gwydion's grove is a small copse of maple and aspens between High Country and the Grazelands. It is a quiet, peaceful place, in Autumn it has no equal.

Bullet; Purple Lonely Apple Tree Thanks Kikkatar !
In a patch of fertile soil surrounded by steep rocky slopes is the home of a single 25 ft tall apple tree. Its light pink flowers start to come out as soon as warm temperatures start in the spring and its tricolored fruit ripens around early autumn. It's a very pretty and quiet place to spend a peaceful moment. However, it is difficult for deer to reach and the fallen fruit tends to... ferment

:new: Bullet; Purple Lions Claim - Inspiration / X 
A volcanic butte, the only notable landmark to jut out of the Grazelands. It is so named for the great “claw marks” running down the sides of the stone, and the mountain lion which frequently dens in the area and has so far refused to leave despite many attempts to dislodge it.

Bullet; Purple  The Mountain's Nostrils (a.k.a. "The Eyes of the One") Thanks Kikkatar !
Where Aaron's Gorge cuts through the mountains in the east is a path winging next to but far above the river. Part of the path is on Aryn's side and above that path is a mountain cave hidden by juniper bushes. The cave is just large enough for two adult wolves to crouch. The two openings to the cave are symmetrical ovals that gave the place's namesake and contain the juniper bushes' roots. Hidden from prying eyes below, it’s easy to find and enter from above. Formerly Charaka's den, it is now used as a resting place for those on patrol. Some attempt was made to give the place a more elegant name, but "The Nostrils" stuck. 

Bullet; Purple Polished Pass
A barren, wide canyon that until the recent great quake carried a river, shaped so as to appear polished. It is the most direct route to Chandor territory.

Bullet; Purple Rockhollow Tarn - Inspiration
This waterfall and pool are notable for the rock formation circling them. Several natural stone bridges crisscross down the slope, creating a sort of spiral around the outer edge of the falls. At the base, a rocky limestone hollow collects the water and can be used as a makeshift shelter. It drains into a deeper cave in the back, but the entrance is too narrow for anything larger than a rabbit to crawl through.

Bullet; Purple Warden's Watch - Inspiration
A pointed jut of rock that overlooks the valley for miles, and offers a clear line of sight to the Main Den. 

Bullet; Purple Whispering Pass
A long winding trail through the mountains leading into Kausen territory. The wind whistles eerily through the narrow path. There are many branch-offs leading deeper into the mountains, and those who don't know the way might find themselves hopelessly lost.

New landmarks will be added and current ones will be expanded upon as they are discovered and explored! ;D

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